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Kyle Singler receives three-year guaranteed contract

Mark Deeks of ShamSports:

Kyle Singler got three years and $3,135,000, all guaranteed with no options.

Above all, it’s great that the Pistons signed Kyle Singler to a three-year contract. That will give them Bird rights for Singler when his contract expires, making it much easier to re-sign him.

Maybe the Pistons didn’t need to offer so much money above the minimum they could have offered ($2,120,092), and maybe they didn’t need to guarantee all three years. But those are small concessions for what could be a big advantage – Bird rights – if Singler excels.

For Singler, this contract is a clear win. He gained valuable experience last season, and he gained to leverage to earn more money than he could’ve gotten had he signed last summer.


  • Jul 16, 20129:20 am
    by MNM


    I just want to know why Toronto is getting a future 2nd round pick for James Johnson, and the Pistons continue to do nothing…

    • Jul 16, 201210:58 am
      by vic


      I also want to know why the lakers need a small forward to compete for a championship, and we can’t get them Tayshaun (who is from LA).

    • Jul 16, 20128:46 pm
      by Geoff


      MLE??? We spent too much spare me. We’re not going to need Bird Rights to resign this guy. 

      Almost impossible. It allows us to use Bird Rights and also have the MLE, but if Singlers good, do we really need another UFA that year?

      The MLE would have sufficed. No chance Singler is going to get over a 5 year 40 million contract, which is about the MLE. That is big money.  He’s not a great athlete or a good defender. This guy would have to have Larry bird offensive game for us to spend over the MLE on him and get value. 

  • Jul 16, 20129:29 am
    by @GPMasters


    Dan / Patrick

    What would Kyle have been entitled to had he signed last season ($ / yrs) ?


    • Jul 16, 20129:33 am
      by Vince


      Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t a rookie contract for a second rounder usually around 750K one year + team option for year two? Either way, waaaaaaaaay less then what Singler signed for.

      • Jul 16, 201212:52 pm
        by Bryan


        I think that’s pretty close judging by Dan’s comment on what his minimum salary would be.  I think this is a good thing.  The Pistons need to take some chances right now and this is low risk chance for a guy who has been good at every level he’s played at.  Besides, they probably won’t decide to just cut bait with him after only 1 year, so if they do after 2 and he’s terrible, they’re only on the hook for another year.  Also, if they just cut him or buy him out, they’re only on the hook for the 1 or 2 million he’d be owed otherwise, right?

  • Jul 16, 20129:31 am
    by Vince


    Any word on what Slava’s contract is worth? He officially signed with the team yesterday or the day before but no contract details have been released except for it being a multi-year deal. Any news???

    • Jul 16, 20129:45 am
      by Tony J


      All that I know is that he signed for 2 years. Not sure how much money he is getting but I’m guessing its not more than $3 mil

      • Jul 16, 201210:07 am
        by Reaction


        I think I read an article that said 3 mil for like 2 years

        • Jul 16, 201212:53 pm
          by Bryan


          Which means no Bird Rights….

  • Jul 16, 20129:40 am
    by @GPMasters


    Interested in Slava’s $ / yrs as well…

    So did Singler deciding not to sign last year allow him to escape the contract restrictions usually attached to second round picks? Pretty much what I was trying to ask in post #2 there.


  • Jul 16, 20129:53 am
    by RyanK


    I don’t think there are any rules with second round player’s contracts. Singler likely received more money because he’s shown the ability to play at what some people think is a starter’s level in the NBA and he probably had an offer in Europe to play for more than the minimum.

    This really isn’t that bad of a deal by NBA standards. If he can give us a some good minutes, that will free us up to trade Maggette, Daye, or Prince.

  • Jul 16, 201210:03 am
    by ryan


    Seems like a fair deal to me and one that will either allow us to keep him or trade him.

  • Jul 16, 201210:39 am
    by Alejandro


    I think Macklin got about $450,000 last year. Good signing, I liked what I saw from Singler in the summer league.

    On a side note…I was in Novi Saturday at Fountain Walk. I saw Lindsey Hunter @ the Powerhouse Gym with his son. He was working on him with individual drills. Good to see him…still looked to be in good shape.

  • Jul 16, 201210:39 am
    by DG


    If he plays at all this contract is a steal by NBA standards.  He probably used going back to Spain as leverage to get a guaranteed deal.  He was probably paid more in Spain.  He looked like he’s ready to contribute off the bench in summer leagues. 

    The Pistons have definitely paid more for guys that contributed nothing (CV, Daye, Bynum most of last year — not necessarily by their choice).

  • Jul 16, 201210:45 am
    by Oracle


    How is this a clear win for Singler?  He played a year overseas at what I have to assume was a reduced salary from the NBA minimum.  He then gets locked into a multiyear deal at about a million per.

    Had he stayed in the NBA and proven valuable last year, the pistons would have picked up his player option for this year at about half of this years salary, but then he would be an unrestricted free agent capable of signing as large a contract as he wants. 

    Two years of NBA experience and about million dollars in his pocket, and a UFA, compared to one year overseas, one year in the NBA, about a million dollars in his pocket, but locked in for two more years at a million each.

    • Jul 16, 201210:54 am
      by neutes


      how is it not a win? he’s a second round pick with zero NBA experience and he just got 3 years guaranteed. No second round pick gets a guaranteed contract.

      • Jul 16, 201212:24 pm
        by Oracle


        Except the ones who are signed by the team. English just did.

    • Jul 16, 20126:47 pm
      by RationalSportsFan


      Singler made more in Spain last year than he would have in his rookie season in the NBA.  Now he gets three fully guaranteed years.  The most important contract in a player’s career is his first multi-million dollar guaranteed deal.  At that point, you are set for life.
      Also, what if the Stones buried him on the bench like Macklin?  Would he be getting big money as a UFA then?

  • Jul 16, 201210:47 am
    by Corey


    This is a great contract for the pistons. Three years guaranteed for somethig around the veteran minimum salary. That’s a steal for a young rotation player. It’s true that second round picks don’t usually get 3 years or guaranteed money. But he’s already proven hr can play professional-level basketball in Spain, an if he didn’t get guaranteed money he’d probably go back there.

    Honestly, I consider this a huge steal for the pistons- if they only signed him for two years, they’d probably have to pay him several million to resign him for a third year.

  • Jul 16, 20121:56 pm
    by bugsygod


    Good job JOE D!  Another 2nd rd steal!

    • Jul 16, 20123:09 pm
      by CNA5


      I’m not bashing you by asking this.  This is a legitimate question I’m just curious to know.
      What makes you think Kyle Singler is anything other than the 10th or 11th man on Detroit’s bench?  What makes you think that he’ll get anything more than sporadic playing time because of injuries/foul trouble/garbage time?
      Don’t get me wrong- I absolutely love how optimistic you are, bugsygod, about the Pistons.
      He still has all the knocks he had leaving Duke.
      - Too small to guard 4s and too slow to guard 3s
      - Below average athleticism at the 3
      - Shown little ability to get his own shot.
      - Good three point shot, decent footwork in the post, and good passer.  But, doesn’t handle the ball particularly well to play point forward.
      What’s your best case optimistic view of Kyle Singler?  What will he be?  What does he do exceptionally well to earn minutes?  How is he going to beat out Prince and Maggette and Jerebko for minutes at the 3?  And, even if we leave Maggette out, how does he earn minutes at the 3 over Kim English and his jump shot?
      Again, I’m not picking on you.  Just curious as to why some fans are so optimistic about Singler.

      • Jul 16, 20124:48 pm
        by bugsygod


        No 1.
         he has proven a starting capable player in the 2nd strongest professional league in the world in Spain.  The euroleague has produced MANY capable NBA players, so i think that league can transfer to the NBA.  sn. not many american players start as rookies over there so the team, coaching staff & players must have felt really good about this guy for the amount of playing time he got.
        no. 2,
         you mention his size, well he is 6’9 220 so plenty of size to guard SF’s and the coaching staff mentioned during summer league they think he can guard some 4′s in small ball scenarios.
        no. 3,
         You mention the negatives coming out of duke, Well he has played pro ball and has shown better than expected athletics, the ability to get his own shot and defend his position. He also shot above 40% from 3 in Europe.
        no. 4,
         his role RIGHT NOW is the 3rd sf on the depth chart behind prince & maggette.  Jerebko is playing PF and English SG, so neither of those guys factor in at sf only in a pinch and not now with the crowd there.  Going forward maggette wont be here next year, prince should be and i would like him to be.  I think ultimately Singlers role is backup SF and spot mintues at PF.  Im not sure if he can be a high quality starter, but it is a possibility.  
        no. 5
         I watched Summer League and recorded every game and watched each 2-3 times(im a wanna be scout and nerd).  Watching Singler play he is very smooth, makes the right play 98% of the time, has a good shooting stroke, poise and size for the position.  I do expect some more trades before the start of the season at the overstocked SF&PF positions.  Daye, Max, CV and possibly Tay could be moved which would create more playing time.  
        no. 6.
          The nba is not all stars up n down the lineup, you have to have reliable role players and i think Singler at the least can do that.  Look at the Heat win, Lebron was great, but battier, mike miller & chalmers were huge for them making shots and defending.       Love the Young talent we are developing #NBA PLAYOFFS OR BUST!

  • Jul 16, 20122:16 pm
    by Kamal


    I don’t see what the big whoop is about Singler. I watched him last week and wasn’t impressed. Daye was clearly better than him and Daye hasn’t done well against real NBA comp.  Why is everyone so stoked about his signing?  Is it because he’s not Prince and Daye?

    • Jul 16, 20123:20 pm
      by RyanK


      Well, he did a lot of good things in summer league and even had some reporters wondering if he could start for the Pistons in the upcoming season.  He’s a lot better defender than Daye and is a much more willing passer.  Daye is a 7 footer who can dribble and – until last year – shoot the ball.  If Daye isn’t making shots he’s doing absolutely nothing to benefit the team.
      At least Singler can play some defense, score in a variety of ways, and is not a human version of a black hole…with Daye, CV, and Bynum, once you throw the ball to them it never reappears any place except clanking off the rim.

      • Jul 16, 20123:58 pm
        by Kamal


        I don’t think Daye is a black hole.  In fact, I say once he starts trying to create for others, most of Daye’s flaws appear.  

        As for Singler, he was playing against guys who will be playing for the Mad Ants in the fall.  Of course he looked decent on defense.  Hell, Daye looked effective.  Durant, Pierce, Granger, James, Anthony, Gay, Iguodala, Deng, Batum, etc. weren’t there.  

        I just don’t see what all the excitement for Singler is all about.  Like I said, at best he was the 4th best player on our Summer League team.  I give Drummond a pass because of his age and experience.  Singler’s done 4 years of college and a year of pro ball.  He didn’t dazzle me.  In fact, I don’t see where he’s needed on this team.

        • Jul 16, 20124:10 pm
          by CNA5


          Good point.  Daye often gets thrown off because he gets tentative shooting.  He would probably be much better off if he did shoot the ball more when he’d get it.  Most of the times he’d get the ball with an opportunity to knock down a mostly open jump shot.
          I really think it’s all confidence.  He’s confident going up against players he knows he’s better than in summer ball.  He has to have that same belief in 4 months or else he’s going to find himself on the end of the bench.

          • Jul 17, 20122:05 am
            by gmehl

            If he doesn’t get it in 4 months he might be living on a park bench

  • Jul 16, 20123:31 pm
    by Desolation Row


    Just caught up on all the Linsanity around the Knicks. Comparing that to us, I’m relieved to be a Pistons fan for the first time in years. This offseason seems to have gone as well as I could have hoped, and if Singler pans out then I look at this signing as that free mint awesome restaurants give away on your way out after an epic meal.

    The Pistons just make more sense now.

  • Jul 16, 20125:02 pm
    by Mark


    I wonder if we’ll see more 2nd rounders opt to go overseas for a year. It clearly made a HUGE difference in salary. He would’ve made what $750k non-guaranteed had he signed last year? Now he’s got $10 mil guaranteed. Great deal for Singler, and it worked out great for the Pistons too, as they now get an NBA ready SF who at $3 mil/yr is still a great discount.

    I have little doubt that had he came over last year, with no training camp/preseason, shortened season, less PT behind Prince, etc he would be as good today as he is now after going overseas.

  • Jul 16, 20125:44 pm
    by @GPMasters


    $10m? Er… I thought it was 3 years totalling $3.3m … as $1.1m per year

  • Jul 16, 20125:48 pm
    by Vic


    The Pistons not only will make the playoffs this year but they will be either 56 or seven seed. Look at the standings from last year. New York lost Jeremy Lynn, Philadelphia lost Lou Williams they’re leading scorer, Chicago Bulls lost Derrick Rose, Orlando already lost Howard if not physically then they lost him as a member of the team.

    Meanwhile the Pistons have gotten bigger and stronger craft sauce looks like a beast, Drummond is going to get better and better. We were already a 500 team at the end of last season.
    The only other teams on the east that have gotten significantly better I believe, are the Milwaukee bucks the Toronto raptors and of course the Brooklyn nets.
    Barring an injury to Stuckey or Monroe we’ll definitely move up

  • Jul 16, 20125:55 pm
    by Venice


    No Mark, Its only $3 mil .not $10 .So It should be around $1 mil per year.

    • Jul 16, 20126:49 pm
      by Mark


      cool, even better for us.

  • Jul 16, 20126:07 pm
    by @GPMasters


    lol, Craft Sauce

  • Jul 16, 20127:51 pm
    by Jodi Jezz


    I hope you meant 3yrs for 3million…Hopefully Singler isn’t getting 3mil a year, the guy is a rotation player at best…

  • Jul 16, 20128:27 pm
    by MarkS


    If anything I think this deal might suggest Joe Dumars isn’t done making moves this summer.  I don’t think he would sign Singler to a 3 yr guaranteed contract to play very limited min behind Tayshaun, Maggette, and Daye.

  • Jul 16, 20128:51 pm
    by Geoff


    He’s a 24 year old who scored 10 ppg in Spain. And we’re talking Bird Rights? There’s something called an MLE. I’m 99.999999% sure Singler will not play himself above a max MLE deal.

    And we’re stacked at SF. Seems like we are reaching pretty bad with this contract. But still, its not a ton of money, I just the the justification in this blog is a major reach.. and so was the deal. 

  • Jul 18, 20124:12 am
    by Cliff


    would it be crazy to think that we can possibly trade for derrick williams? i’m not familiar with their financial situation, but i do think we can trade tayshaun or maggette’s expiring deal (or even together) for him (+ some other stuff to make the trade work obvs)

  • Jul 18, 201211:05 am
    by Jim Cooper


    Which is it 1.1 mil per year or 3.3 per year?

    • Jul 18, 201211:10 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      It is a 3-year contract for $3,135,000 total, so works out to just over $1 million per year.

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