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Kim English ahead of Andre Drummond in summer-league rookie rankings

Mike Prada of SB Nation ranked NBA rookies for their summer-league performance, and Kim English made the “chance to be useful” category, which ranks ahead of Andre Drummond’s “developing” category:

24. Kim English, Pistons

Didn’t get as many opportunities to showcase his game as I would have liked, but he was lights out from three-point range and did a nice job playing off his teammates. There will be some games where he makes a very small impact because his teammates don’t find him, but when they did, he generally seemed to make the right play. I don’t foresee him having too many issues adjusting to the longer three-point line.

26. Andre Drummond, Pistons

Drummond started his week in Orlando slowly, getting shoved around inside by O’Quinn in a game against the Magic, but he came on nicely by the end of the week. Given how raw he is, the types of performances he put up in games against the Thunder and Celtics were very encouraging. Drummond altered plenty of shots in the Celtics game in particular and did a really nice job holding Sullinger down. He still has a long way to go, but the Pistons have to be happy he at least showed some flashes.

That seems fair to me. I’d rather have Drummond on my team considering his massive potential, but English is the better player today.

And as expected, Khris Middleton ranked near the bottom of the list:

46. Khris Middleton, Pistons: Take away his 5-5 performance against the Celtics, and he shot 7-26 from the field and 2-11 from three-point range. Not good for someone known for his shooting.


  • Jul 24, 20121:04 pm
    by tarsier


    I’m still super annoyed with Dumars for not taking Lamb. This article didn’t help any.

    • Jul 24, 20124:00 pm
      by Jodi Jezz


      ??? You would have taken Lamb over Drummond?

      • Jul 24, 20124:45 pm
        by Patrick Hayes


        He’s talking about Doron Lamb in the second round, not taking Jeremy Lamb in the lottery.

        • Jul 24, 20126:40 pm
          by tarsier


          Yeah, exactly what Patrick said. I was super annoyed by the Middleton pick when Doron Lamb was on the board.

          • Jul 25, 201212:22 pm
            by Jodi Jezz

            Oh yeah, I agree…When I was watching the draft I promised everybody in my house we were going to take Doron Lamb in the 2nd…

  • Jul 24, 20121:56 pm
    by Calvin


    LOL It’s been like 2 weeks!!! Give him a SECOND to get it?

  • Jul 24, 20122:53 pm
    by tim


    how many games did they play?  5 right?  Why in the world would you remove 20% of your sample size, unless you wanted to purposefully skew the numbers?  so, he actually shot 7/16 from 3pt range?  and 12/31 overall.  still, I dont expect him to make the squad, but I cant stand it when people purposefully manipulate statistics like this.

    • Jul 24, 20122:57 pm
      by DoctorDaveT



    • Jul 24, 20126:44 pm
      by tarsier


      It’s true, 5 games is way too small a sample to do that with. But the idea is that if his play was pretty consistent except for one outlier game, how he played consistently is what you can most reasonably expect of him. But with just 5 data points, you can’t really identify outliers yet.

  • Jul 24, 20124:32 pm
    by dvs


    Summer league means nothing. Look how Daye performs in SL compared to the regular season.
    let’s see how Drummond goes after training camp and a few more actual games

    • Jul 24, 20125:28 pm
      by Crispus


      I think it means something for a team that’s as young and has as many new faces as ours.

      • Jul 25, 201210:25 am
        by DVS


        I agree that Summer league is important for team building and development.
        I meant that you can’t judge a players future based on his summer league play.

  • Jul 24, 20129:54 pm
    by GarageTalk


    I think Kim English has the chops to play a very nice roll in the NBA…he has got the body of a solid 2 guard, he seems like a nice perimeter defender and he can shoot the rock…Pistons fans already seem very high on him and I believe for good reason, he had a good college career, showed leadership and the ability to fufill a role on a team…this guy has come in and done everything right so far, from the way he speaks to the way he is motivated to prove himself to the organization(downloading the las 10 pistons to his iPod to go over tape, telling Joe he will take Drummond under his wing, saying he is flat out ready to go to work)…this guy has Piston written all over him, so did Afflalo but looked what happened right…

  • Jul 25, 201210:02 am
    by Craig


    Dont see Middelton making the team

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