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Joe Dumars was going to drive to John Hammond’s house if the Bucks took Kim English

Andre Drummond is surely the Pistons’ draft pick who there will be the most interest in, myself included. But I’m also pretty intrigued by Kim English, simply because the Pistons desperately need reliable perimeter shooting and English’s shooting numbers in college were phenomenal. And, judging by this account by MLive’s David Mayo of the lengths Joe Dumars was willing to go to get him, the Pistons were more than intrigued by English:

Dumars said the Pistons got exactly the players they wanted in the draft but said he grew anxious after selecting Middleton at No. 39. He said he knew what the 40th through 43rd picks would be, before the Pistons picked again at No. 44, with one exception – Milwaukee, at No. 42, was an X-factor, so Dumars called up Bucks general manager John Hammond, his former assistant GM in Detroit.

“I said, ‘Who are you taking?’ ” Dumars recounted. “He said, ‘Who are you waiting on?’ I said, ‘Don’t play with me John, who are you taking?’ He said, ‘We’re taking Doron Lamb.’ I said, ‘Cool.’ He said, ‘Who are you taking?’ I said, ‘We’re taking Kim English. If y’all call out Kim English, I’m getting on (Interstate) 75, because it’s on.’ ”

I would love to be in a war room on draft night. Sounds amazing. As for English, Perry Farrell of the Detroit Free Press has a story showing English had a pretty good feel before the draft that he’d be Detroit-bound. But, I suspect, all draft picks say that. This comment from English was even more exciting to me:

“I’m going to be a sponge,” English said. “I’m going to put 10 of last year’s games on my iPad so I can start learning Coach (Lawrence) Frank’s system. I’m big on film. You don’t know your game or your team until you watch them on film. I’m really ready to get started.”

English is such a gym rat that he slept in the gym during parts of his freshman year so he wouldn’t have to walk back and forth from his dorm.

Based on his college production and the things English talks about, it’s pretty easy to feel like he might be another second round steal for the Pistons.



  • Jul 2, 201210:39 am
    by bugsygod


    Kim English is Afflalo 2.0.   By the end of the year next season, people will be saying “damn, where did the pistons get all this young talent?”  Joe D is going to Work!  Love it!

    • Jul 3, 20122:25 am
      by gmehl


      You might want to read the Patrick’s article on player comparisons to good players. Maybe he can just be Kim English 1.0 the guy that shot 45% 3pts his rookie year.

  • Jul 2, 201210:45 am
    by France


    I already love this kid. He seems confident and apparently he has some Piston knowledge. Could be a steal.

  • Jul 2, 201210:47 am
    by Jay d.


    I cant wait to see the summer league!!!

  • Jul 2, 201211:20 am
    by vic


    I”m going up 75 to see Joe D if he picks up another Small Forward. It’s On!

  • Jul 2, 201211:24 am
    by apa8ren9


    I watched the video press conferences and Im as impressed as you can be by answers to questions by the media.  I like this guy and I loved him at Missouri.  That was the only college team I saw multiple times.  He can shoot.  I think he will stick.  Good bye Daye!

  • Jul 2, 20123:23 pm
    by Alejandro


    I like what he did senior year and agree with everyone about this kid. Only concern about being a great shooter…if you look at his stats over the 4 years, his %’s his senior year were way way way above the first 3. Does that concern you that he can maintain that high % shooting? Here’s a link to ESPN:http://espn.go.com/mens-college-basketball/player/_/id/41075/kim-english


    • Jul 2, 20127:43 pm
      by Talan


      I live in St Louis and follow the Mizzou Tigers. English always had the potential to be the best player on the court, just didn’t put it together until the last year. This was due to the full court pressure defense of Mike Anderson. When Frank Haith became coach his senior year you see how he blossomed. You can’t shake this kids confidence. His demeanor on the court is infectious! I am so happy the pistons picked him up. 

      Offensively, he said he patterns his game after Ray Allen and Rip Hamilton.
      “Whatever team picks me,” he said, “they’re going to get a really good shooting guard for the next 12 years. So I don’t care where I go, wherever I go I’m gonna stick.”

  • Jul 2, 20127:46 pm
    by tarsier


    I can’t help but think that Lamb was the better pick of the two. But English is intriguing. It’s just too bad Joe didn’t take Lamb at 39. Odds are Hammond still wouldn’t have grabbed English.

  • Jul 3, 20121:29 pm
    by Sam Bowie


    JoD could’ve driven up 75 and they both could’ve shared a laugh about all the fans who thought Hammond was the mastermind of the 2004 team as they see Hammond overpaying John Salmons, Drew Gooden and eventually Brandon Jennings

    • Jul 3, 20125:55 pm
      by tarsier


      Who thought Hammond was the mastermind of the 2004 team?

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