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Greg Monroe bolsters faux alternate U.S. Olympic men’s basketball team

Bradford Doolittle of Basketball Prospectus crunched the numbers and found a team of Americans that, when healthy, would approximately equal the actual U.S. Olympic men’s basketball team. Obviously, Greg Monroe made that alternate team:

A codicil to that is the glaring omission of Greg Monroe, especially given the glut of injuries to American big men. Bynum would be a no-brainer, but he opted to sit out international competition. That was probably a wise choice given his history of knee trouble. However, Monroe was willing and able to compete but didn’t even land a spot on the Select Team. Meanwhile, rookie Anthony Davis is on Team USA without having logged a single NBA minute. Being that Monroe already projects as one of the rising stars in the NBA and he’s voiced displeasure for his Team USA snub, this may turn out to be a good omen for Pistons fans. He’ll be on a mission.


  • Jul 27, 20125:06 pm
    by GarageTalk


    Not even making it to the Select Team is a shame…Monroe is the perfect type of guy to have around some of these premadonnas…Seems like the NBA force feeds the fans who they believe the hype should be around, Monroe just doesn’t create a buzz…Not saying he should have made the team but missing out on the ST puts him behind the eight all for even making it in the future…As a Piston fan I hope this does light a fire in Moose, pushes him even more to bring his game to an elite level…He has proven to me that he had the drive and basketball IQ to be a stand out in the league…I honestly believe people think the guy is a slow, lazy player purely based on his facial expressions and his laid back demeanor lol…I will say I’m surprised at how quick he has risen but stats don’t lie, the guy has serious game and a great attitude…

  • Jul 28, 20128:25 am
    by DasMark


    Tayshaun Prince made the last Olympic Team, so I can’t say they just put the all stars on it.

    But, there is a lack of size, and Monroe has certainly been overlooked. He isn’t good enough to make the team, but the Select Team omission was glaring, considering they players that were picked.

  • Jul 30, 201212:45 am
    by Samuel Small


    Who Cares. He won’t get hurt, it lights a fire under him that he hopefully takes with him into the season. He’s good for three years, he is one of the Stars on the 2016 team. Don’t think these Olympic games will not have an effect on those who are playing now.

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