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‘Good chance’ Ben Wallace returns to Pistons next season

Joe Dumars suggested earlier this summer that he’d give Ben Wallace as much time as he wanted to consider whether or not he’d come back for another season. Tonight, Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News tweeted this:

Now obviously, I’m extremely excited by that news, albeit a bit biased. The Pistons could certainly use the defense, toughness and leadership Wallace is still capable of playing in short increments in their rotation. But the obvious problem it creates is the Pistons currently have no open spot on the roster for him, so this obviously means at least one player currently on the roster will not be by the time the season stars, perhaps making summer league performances even more important for a handful of players.


  • Jul 9, 20129:58 pm
    by labatts


    Perhaps they’ll cut Prince.

  • Jul 9, 201210:08 pm
    by John V


    Good luck Middleton.

  • Jul 9, 201210:15 pm
    by leonelreo


    I hope they don’t cut Singler or Macklin. I hate seeing drafts picks being cut without a real chance.
    I´ve watched Singler a lot in Spain last season and I like him. Apart from some foolish fouls, he does every single thing well.
    Cut Daye. 3 years later, he’s still a Summerleague player.

    • Jul 9, 201210:18 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Singler was their most impressive player today, so I’d guess he’s a lock for the roster. Macklin, on the other hand, isn’t on the roster. He’s a free agent. He’s playing with Detroit’s summer league team, but he’s free to sign with anyone at the moment. I’d guess he’s likely gone, considering, if you count Wallace, they now have 16 players with only 15 roster spots allowed.

      • Jul 10, 20128:32 am
        by CNA5


        I don’t think I’d call Singler a lock.  At the end of the day, he’s still a player making the league minimum.  He will struggle on a daily basis in the league to create his own shot.

        Middleton and English were long shots to begin with- simply because they are second round picks.  English’s jump shot could get him on the team.

        1.  Prince
        2.  Jerebko
        3.  Stuckey
        4.  Drummond
        5.  Monroe
        6.  Maxiell
        7.  Wallace
        8.  Knight
        9.  Maggette
        10.  Villanueva

        11.  Bynum — not entirely convinced he won’t ask out to search for a multi-year deal
        12.  Daye — Unless the train goes completely off the tracks, Joe’s going to hope he plays into some value.

        More likely than not:
        13.  Kratsov

        Survival of the fittest:
        Singler, English, Macklin, Middleton

  • Jul 9, 201210:36 pm
    by Vince


    Trade Daye for a second rounder if we’re lucky, otherwise waive him, he can waste space on someone else’s bench. Maybe a tad quick to judge, but I was never big on Middleton, if he continues to play like he has then I guess we could waive him. Patrick or Dan, do we know if the Pistons have offered the Rookies their contracts yet? If they haven’t it leaves the roster at 12 (including Daye), If they get rid of Daye and feel Middleton might not pan out they don’t need to offer him a contract… or do they? I must admit I’m confused about the Pistons’ contractual obligation towards rookies.

    If they got rid of Daye, re-signed Wallace and didn’t put forward a contract for Khris then I guess the roster would stand at 14 (?). I honestly hope V-Mack picks his game up, I still think he could be a decent rotation piece.

    • Jul 9, 201210:47 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      They have not signed any of their rookies yet. They obviously will sign Drummond. The second round guys they don’t have to offer contracts to if they chose not to for whatever reason.

    • Jul 9, 201210:54 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Added info from Dan Feldman: the Pistons have to offer a contract by September 6. If they have not offered one by then, they lose the rights to the player in question.

      • Jul 9, 201211:02 pm
        by Vince


        Ah, alrighty then, makes sense. Thanks!

      • Jul 10, 20124:20 am
        by Marcus


        What about relegating players to the D-league, how does that effect roster spots? It seems that Middleton might be best served by a year in the D-league while he continues to recover from his knee injury.

        • Jul 10, 20129:10 am
          by Patrick Hayes


          Yes, if the Pistons wanted to keep Middleton’s rights and still play him in the D-League all season, they’d have to sign him and he’d count as one of the 15 roster spots.

    • Jul 10, 201212:23 am
      by Aaron


      Its easy to say trade Daye for a 2nd round pick but then you have to find someone willing to make the trade.  Its easier said than done

      • Jul 10, 201212:57 am
        by Vince


        “Trade Daye for a second rounder if we’re lucky

  • Jul 9, 201210:51 pm
    by MNM


    If Detroit makes any trades at this point, it would most likely have to be for draft picks and cash to make room for Ben, right? Which I am all for by the way, just like Im all for getting in the lottery 1 more time to have a chance at a highly rated SF or SG to go with Knight.. I would think Daye would be an obvious choice, but maybe too obvious.. I mean, they have had plenty of reasons and time to get rid of him for 3 years and they choose to stick with him.. Would they find a suitor for CV, even with that contract..? Or would they bite the bullet and amnesty him this summer? 
    Maxiell with the 1 year left could be on the block too.. They have stuck with him for 6-7 years now (?).. The Pistons have been known, sometimes unfortionately (at least under old ownership), to be too loyal to some and would they let him play out his contract or dangle him in a trade scenario? Will Bynum..They have 4 guards on the roster at this point and I don’t see them going with just 3..that’s not likely..  I’d be stunned if they moved J.J. .. Middleton, they rated highly and I don’t see the team just cutting him now even though they have PLENTY of back-up SF…This pretty much puts in stone V-Macks fait with the team if Ben actually comes back, which isn’t set in stone either.. Currently just rumors.. But the possibilities of player movement excite me.

    • Jul 9, 201211:07 pm
      by Vince


      If Ben does come back, its pretty much a certainty that Vernon Macklin will never put on a Pistons jersey ever again. The 4 and the 5 would be manned by Monroe, Dre, Kravtsov, Maxiell, Wallace, Villanueva and I guess JJ could get some minutes at PF. 

      In regards to a trade, Bynum, Daye and Maxiell are the most likely to be on the block. Bynum and Maxiell could fetch a decent return, Daye on the other hand… don’t know why anyone would trade for him.

      • Jul 9, 201211:40 pm
        by MNM


        Crazier things have happend… But if Ben does indeed come back, they are either cutting someone, which they don’t usually do, or they gotta get draft picks in a trade.. Of course, this all falls under the “No shit, sherlock” catagory.

  • Jul 9, 201211:29 pm
    by tim*



  • Jul 9, 201211:50 pm
    by Mark


    Just send Middleton overseas for a year. I’d like too see Bynum shipped as well and give that spot to Macklin, who actually has some longterm value, whereas Bynum is going to contribute nothing next year and then be gone afterwards.

    Bigs with Macklins size who can rebound can have trade value down the road. Better to keep them than let go for nothing, just to keep a 3rd string 30 yr old PG.

  • Jul 9, 201211:52 pm
    by domnick


    2 problems we need to solve… not just by making 15 players.. but we need to cut ties from useless players… overloaded Lineup.. overloaded forwards…

    bring Big Ben Back… and trade CV now!

  • Jul 10, 201212:21 am
    by Talan


    Macklin is gone. I like him, but with the signing of Krav maga, drafting Drummond, Maxiell opting in, and Big Ben coming back we are strangely full in the frontcourt. I don’t see him getting picked up by another team either given his limited upside and lack of playing time to evaluate him. We can pick him up from the d-league in March after we trade Maxiell to a contender. 

    We should send Middleton overseas. Does he have to agree to something like that or can we just send him and still maintain his rights? Dude has to see that he is a project and is the low man on our long totem pole of SF’s. He won’t ever see meaningful minutes this year. If we send him to the D-league for the year, does he still count on our roster? 

    • Jul 10, 201212:32 am
      by Aaron


      If a player is in the D-league no they dont count as a roster spot.  If Middleton were to play over seas we still would have his NBA rights

  • Jul 10, 201212:30 am
    by Aaron


    Im sure Joe would take what ever offer came in for CV,  therefore if he could trade him he’d be gone but somebody has to want him.  They could Amnesty him although they still have to pay him but his cap # and roster space are opened up.

  • Jul 10, 20122:20 am
    by Mark


    Why oh why didn’t Dumars draft Kyle O’Quinn? Can anyone shed any light on this.

    • Jul 10, 20123:26 am
      by Worm


      I’d wager that he thought Middleton/English were better players/fits for the organization? Just a guess though.

  • Jul 10, 20124:02 am
    by Andrew


    Bringing back Wallace would be a very good idea. I can’t think of many other players that would be a perfect mentor for Drummond. I mean up until this gun thing this last summer, Wallace is a hardworker, that stays out of trouble. A defensive beast, with not to much Offense, and he is shorter (for his position) so if he can teach Drummond how to handle the Defense in the NBA and actually help the young man who has easily more size, and athletic ability….that could just make Drummond an animal. :)

  • Jul 10, 20126:22 am
    by DasMark


    Nice to hear he’s returning. But, it squeezes the roster harder. 

    Better turn it on, Middleton.

  • Jul 10, 20127:13 am
    by Prince


    Look all they have to do is amnesty Charlie V and that opens up a spot for Ben.

  • Jul 10, 20127:36 am
    by Derek


    Macklin is the odd man out.  The only way he gets an offer on the team is if he utterly dominates summer league.  Mack is 25, the age players are entering their prime and he seems to be what he will be.  Maxiell opting in made unlikely to make the team.

    Middleton is probably going to end up overseas for a year.

    Daye will spend much of the season out of the rotation or inactive or on the trade block.  I can’t see him beating Singler for minutes.  Singler looks like he is ready to give positive minutes in different facets of the game; whereas Daye is only going to give you positive minutes if his jumper is dropping.

  • Jul 10, 20127:46 am
    by Corey


    Middleton will probably spend the year in Europe, opening up a spot.

    They didn’t draft O-Quinn because of Drummond and Kravtsov, I would think. Too many young big men and not enough minutes. Of course, this issue apples to Middleton and SF’s as well, making me wonder why they didn’t draft a young PG instead. Must not have thought there was one left with a real shot at playing in the NBA.

  • Jul 10, 20128:55 am
    by Ballboar


    I thoght the same as I viewed our roster & evaluated Byrum’s past season.  why they didn’t go for a PG in the draft

  • Jul 10, 20129:04 am
    by ray


    Hahahah…..fans are so in the moment…..

    English has one good game…and Middleton has a quite game and all of a sudden Middelton goes overseas….Middleton can also play SG he will find mins

    And Daye looks really good, even his body language why trade a guy for a 2nd rd pick that likely you will have to develop all over again?

    I don’t think Been wallace is come back, I think his body is done and he knows it ….. If he want to help mentor Drummond that’s what practice and training time is for ….

    Dumars is doing the right thing by giving been time and not slamming the door in his face, but coming back after a farewell tour is lame, and some will tell been this and the longer he plays the less he will be appreciated for what he did in his prime

  • Jul 10, 20129:37 am
    by Corey


    I think Middleton will go oversees because of the #’s game, not his first summer league game. The SF depth chart looks like: Prince, Maggette, Singler, Jerebko, Daye, Middleton. I don’t know the order, but as a new 2nd round pick I suspect that Middleton is last. The 6th string SF will not see minutes, so better if he plays in Europe and comes back next year when at least a couple of those guys are gone.

  • Jul 10, 201210:42 am
    by John V


    As long as English keeps shooting the lights out, he will stick around. We need a shooter with Gordon gone. Macklin is not included in the 15 that the pistons already have. He is off the roster and if he was signed and Ben came back that would make 17. So Macklin is gone, done deal. That means one more has to go. With the glut of SF/wing players we have, Middleton seems to be the odd man out. He is going to have to prove his worth over the next few days and outplay Daye or English.

  • Jul 10, 201211:15 am
    by frankie d


    bringing ben back is great.  it is the right thing to do.
    now, management – the coach primarily – has to handle the situation correctly.
    his primary job has to be as mentor/emergency big man, to be used in limited games and minutes.
    his main job should be working with drummond before, during and after games.  
    and maybe getting onto the court 20 times during the course of the year, against some of the old war horses, like tim duncan, that the refs will allow him to rough up.
    drummond and the other young guys have to play.  and the coach will have to resist the understandable impulse to throw ben out there for 17-20 minutes a game, every night.   
    even at his advanced age, ben is still good enough, with enough tricks, to competently handle a regular rotation.  that may be great for ben and it may help somewhat in the short term, but it will represent more of the same short term thinking that has helped put the team in its current hole. 
    i’m not optimistic.  
    everything i saw of frank last season indicated that his first impulse will always be to go with the vet who won’t make the kind of aggravating mistakes that young players invariably make.
    this is where joe d will have to  lay down the law and dictate that the team will not go through another year of prioritizing short term vet fixes over developing younger players. 
    considering the past, i’m not optimistic of that happening either, but one can only hope. 
    great to see ben back for an encore, and it could work out to be a fantastic opportunity for drummond – having a good mentor can be the most important part of any young professional’s development – but it has to be handled the right way or this year could be another frustrating, wasted year for drummond and the pistons.

  • Jul 10, 201211:55 am
    by Steve K


    With regard to English, I’d say he’s closer to a lock than not. The team needs his outside shooting, and they’re not deep at the guard position (shockingly).

    It’s crazy that a lottery team might have to shed a worthwhile player. The problem is that they have a lot of potentially-good players but very few actually-good players.

    • Jul 10, 20121:39 pm
      by frankie d


      no…the problem is that the team has been locked into a syndrome of treading water.
      they have accumulated a fair amount of younger talent, but they have lapsed into playing retread vets that are just good enough to keep the team from totally collapsing.  and the talent has been concentrated in a couple of areas, 2s and 3s.
      the team has actually churned through a fair number of nba-level rotation players in the last few years, and this year they have accumulated even more talent, but management – joe d and various coaches – has always reverted to playing vets just good enough to keep the record from being a total disaster. 
      this year the talent is a bit better, but the pattern is the same.

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