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Former Piston Lindsey Hunter to interview for Orlando Magic job?

Josh Robbins, Brian Schmitz and Megan Walsh of the Orlando Sentinel:

Add two more names to the list of candidates for the Orlando Magic’s head-coaching vacancy.

The Magic are expected to interview Utah Jazz assistant coach Jeff Hornacek and Phoenix Suns player development coach Lindsey Hunter soon.

The Magic are interviewing at least six known candidates for the job, so Hunter might be a longshot, but he spent the last several years of his playing career with Detroit and Chicago as a sort of unofficial assistant coach and was always well thought of in that role. It would be cool to see him get a head coaching opportunity.

Hat tip Kurt Helin of Pro Basketball Talk


  • Jul 10, 201212:18 pm
    by XstreamINsanity


    I agree.  I would love to see Lindsey as a coach.  Two players I always thought would make great coaches are Lindsey and Eric Snow.  Oh, and I guess I can add Derek Fisher to that list as well.  :)

  • Jul 10, 201212:43 pm
    by Alejandro


    Good luck Lindsey! Him and his family use to come into a restuarant i worked at in Plymouth, MI back when he was with the Pistons. Real nice guy.

  • Jul 10, 20125:19 pm
    by Max


    Hunter is my favorite player of all time.

  • Jul 10, 20128:26 pm
    by Mark


    I heard Lindsey was intereviewing, but had no idea he as currently working as PHX player development. I’m guessing the Grant Hill-Alvin Gentry connection got him the job there.

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