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ESPN: The Pistons have the ninth best emerging ‘big three’ in the league

Bradford Doolittle, writing for ESPN.com, has an article today ranking the best ‘future big threes’ in the NBA, looking ahead to 2016. He has the Pistons trio of Greg Monroe-Brandon Knight-Andre Drummond ninth on that list:

9. Detroit Pistons (24.9 Big 3 WAR)
Projected core: Greg Monroe (15.3) | Andre DrummondBrandon Knight

This assumes that our optimistic rookie projection pans out for Drummond and that Monroe continues his development into a franchise player, but it sure looks as if the Pistons are positioned to take a leap in the next few years.

It’s really interesting to read if you have Insider. If not, the teams ranked ahead of Detroit are Oklahoma City (Durant, Harden, Westbrook), L.A. Clippers (Paul, Griffin, Jordan), New Orleans (Davis, Anderson, Gordon), Miami (James, Wade, Bosh), Minnesota (Love, Rubio, Pekovic), Atlanta (Smith, Horford, Lou Williams), Utah (Millsap, Jefferson, Favors) and Indiana (George, Hibbert, Granger).


  • Jul 13, 20121:40 pm
    by Mark


    Who’s Anderson on NOH? Don’t tell me its Ryan Anderson and he qualifies as a Big 3? LOL

    Also lol’ing at ATL, IND, and UTAH having Big 3′s.

    • Jul 13, 20121:51 pm
      by Max


      The Anderson inclusion is funny.  Davis will be a great player but no one is going to double team him, or anyone on the Hornets, which will make Anderson much less effective than he was in Orl.  I’ve been wrong before but I think Anderson’s productivity the past two seasons was due to Orl’s system.

    • Jul 13, 201210:58 pm
      by Mike Payne


      “Don’t tell me its Ryan Anderson and he qualifies as a Big 3? LOL”
      One could make the case that Ryan Anderson was one of the ten most productive big men in 2011-12 if the audience wasn’t full of muppet-humping republicans.

      • Jul 14, 20121:13 am
        by jake


        you don’t honestly believe that anderson is going to be nearly as effective without dwight howard do you…

  • Jul 13, 20121:46 pm
    by Max


    It’s kind of a major insult to Stuck who I think will have his best year ever and finally get some positive pub which he hasn’t seen since he was a rookie in the playoffs.   It would have happened last year if he hadn’t gotten hurt but he was building momentum and playing like a superstar for about a month long stretch last season when he was at his healthiest.

    • Jul 13, 20124:31 pm
      by Tangen


      I’ve thought it odd at the lack of Stuckey talk since the draft. It’s been all Monroe, Knight, and Daye for the non-rookies.  Seems like Stuckey was getting a lot of positive talk before the draft.

      • Jul 15, 201211:39 am
        by James Jones


        For a SG Stuckey is severely lacking a high quality jump shot IMO.  I’ll be surprised if Stuckey is still around after his contract expires.

  • Jul 13, 20121:48 pm
    by Jodi Jezz


    LOL, lol at the Hornets and T’Wolves big three…Those team will never be relevant…Ryan Anderson is a rotation player at best!

    • Jul 13, 20122:00 pm
      by Brendon


      T-Wolves need one more star and they could be dangerous in the future, especially if Love averages 26ppg and 13 rbs/g and Rubio continues to develop they could be a good team with one more piece

  • Jul 13, 20121:56 pm
    by jacob


    Utah’s big 3 all pf/c???

    • Jul 13, 20122:51 pm
      by Mark


      Millsap is a garbage man at best, Favors best season avg is 9 pts and 7 rebs, and by ’16 Jefferson will be 31 in his 12th season and past his prime.

      The UTAH inclusion makes no sense whatsoever. And if ATL didn’t have a Big 3 with Horford, Smith, and Joe Johnson, why would they now have one after downgrading Johnson for Lou Williams? LOL

      IMO, the only teams that may have a legit Big 3 in 2016 based on current rosters are OKC, MIA, LAC, DET, and SAC (Cousins, Robinson, Evans)

      All these other teams simply don’t have 3 players capable of being stars. Love and Rubio qualify, but Pekovic is not going to be a star, and neither will Granger or George on IND.

      This list is wack.

      • Jul 13, 20128:10 pm
        by tarsier


        In today’s NBA, 31 is usually on the tail end of prime, not yet past prime. Millsap is a fantastic player. So he’s undersized? He works so hard and plays so well that he makes up for it. He’s not going to ever be an alpha dog for a great team. But he could be one of the league’s best second fiddles. It is way too soon to tell how Favors will turn out. He belongs in the same camp as Drummond and Bynum–guys taken for potential but who will need a few years before determining how much of said potential they can realize.

        If Granger doesn’t qualify as a star, how do Knight, Evans, and whoever the third guy in LAC is?

        Obviously most teams won’t have a three proper stars. But the article is just comparing who are being predicted to be the three best players on any given team.

        To be honest, referring to OKC’s “big three” is a real insult to Ibaka. At this point, he contributes at least as much as Harden and not much less than Westbrook. In fact, they should probably have a big 5 if you also include Harden’s beard–which was somehow drawing several fouls in the playoffs when Harden himself was untouched.

  • Jul 13, 20122:05 pm
    by Glenn


    Reminder: This is for the 2016 season.  He’s projecting improvement, meeting potential, etc…

  • Jul 13, 20122:38 pm
    by Vic


    You could add whichever team is smart enough to keep/get all the assets Houston is trying to stupidly give up for Dwight Howard.

    JLamb at the 2, Royce White/Terrence Jones switching playing the 3/4 on offense/defense respectively. Omer at 5 and Machado/Lin at the 1.
    In 4 years that’s a serious team for the smarter management between Houston/Orlando.
    In any other year Lamb, white and Tjones are 3 top 10 picks.

    • Jul 13, 20122:50 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Well, you could also make the case that Dwight and any random two slightly above average players you sign with the mid-level is a top 10 or maybe top five big three.

      • Jul 13, 20122:54 pm
        by Mark


        Dwight’s great but I don’t think any one player can have that much impact, to make a big 3 out of 2 mid-level players. Dwight, Lewis, and Turkoglu weren’t a big 3.

        • Jul 13, 20123:01 pm
          by Patrick Hayes


          That big three led the Magic to the NBA Finals.

          I generally agree, in most cases, one guy won’t have that big an impact. But if you have Dwight or LeBron or maybe Chris Paul (bigger injury risk, but he dragged an awful NOLA team to the playoffs), it doesn’t much matter what you have around them. Your team will be good.

      • Jul 13, 20123:18 pm
        by vic


        I guess our definitions of big 3 is a little different. 

        my definition is 3 separate players who are each rated top 10 at their position on 1 team at the same time.

        Dwight is great, Lebron is great, they both got to the finals with avg teammates… but that doesn’t mean they always had big 3s. 

        I think we have a better chance at having a big 3 of Monroe Drummond and Stuckey, becuase the pg crop is so talented right now. If Stuckey improves shooting like he’s shown in flashes, he could possibly be a top 10 SG. 
        So if BK develops in quantum leaps we could have a big 4 and really sneak up on everyone.

  • Jul 13, 20122:59 pm
    by Dwight Meredith


    Parker ginibili duncan

  • Jul 13, 20123:10 pm
    by Byron


    He really just used his projection system to come up with 2016 WARP for every player, sorted by team, grabbed the top three from each team, sorted those by total WARP, and wrote little paragraphs framing each one. He didn’t comb over each team finding three superstar players. He’s pretty obviously being forced to use stats for something kinda stupid by ESPN.

  • Jul 13, 20123:54 pm
    by DG


    Stuckey already has the 6th highest PER (17.62) of SGs.  Monroe has the 4th highest PER of any PF (22.09) last season.  Of course ESPN has them listed as PG and C.  If either Drummond or Knight develop as hoped it’s big three or even 4 if both develop.  Can the Pistons keep them together?  Stuckey’s already pretty reasonably signed.

    • Jul 13, 20124:13 pm
      by vic


      Therein lies the beauty of drafting Drummond. Basketball is a game of matchups. Putting square pegs in square holes is half the battle.

      We saw how much Stuckey improved going from a frustrated PG to a motivated SG. Imagine how Monroe improves going from guarding 5s to guarding 4s.

      • Jul 13, 20125:16 pm
        by Matt


        Imagine how Monroe improves going from guarding 5s to guarding 4s.

        I think there will be more improvement because the 4s will have to try to guard him. Assuming that Monroe continues to improve offensively, he’ll start commanding more double-teams, which will allow him to use his passing ability even more. It also makes it imperative that the Pistons actually have at least one bonafide 3-point shooter, to make other teams pay for double-teaming him.

  • Jul 13, 20125:39 pm
    by sop


    Hhhm and what if Detroit picks up Al Jefferson or Josh Smith in free agency next summer…
    Btw if Ryan Anderson, Pekovic, Lou Williams, DeAndre Jordan and a number of others are part of a big emerging big 3 then Stuckey gives Detroit a big 4. There really isn’t very much difference between Stuckey and Monte Ellis when you factor in pace.

  • Jul 13, 20126:57 pm
    by Desolation Row


    Dude, they left out Charlie Villanueva — this is an outrage!!

  • Jul 13, 20127:20 pm
    by Bugsygod


    Isn’t this based on Advance Stats? Like what Dan wrote about today? I think these types of stats only tell a portion of the story. It doesn’t consider desire,heart, new players in the league, coaching changes, trades, etc. But it is a piece of the pie, that shows if everything goes Perfect…this is the outcome.

  • Jul 13, 201210:54 pm
    by Mike Payne


    Every time the media equates Brandon Knight (and now Andre Drummond) with Greg Monroe, I gore myself with a rusty spoon.  How can that be a big three when only one of those players has done any got damn thing in the NBA that is remotely above average?
    All sports writers need their contracts amnestied.

    • Jul 14, 201211:35 am
      by Daye and Knight


      It’s FUTURE big 3…FUTURE as in 2016. It’s an assumption that Knight and Drummond become good enough players paired with Monroe to make us a playoff team by that time. Besides this, what other media out there says that we have a big three? I certainly haven’t seen any suggesting we have a big three NOW future wise I seen maybe a few but none suggesting we have one NOW

  • Jul 13, 201210:59 pm
    by ryan


    Great comments by tarsier and Desolation Row.

    I also think that Rodney Stuckey is getting sort of lost in the media shuffle. I expect that he’ll change that once the season starts and hopefully in a good way. He’s always wanting to run so I wonder if we will this year? We seem to have the athletes for it for the first time in a long time.

  • Jul 14, 20125:55 am
    by @GPMasters


    Everything these days is so much more positive around us… Almost makes the past three years less painful…

  • Jul 15, 20121:55 pm
    by TANNER


    they have not forgot stuckey, he still in the mix. they just talking all the new guys thats showing some promise. We know what stuckey can do,not that he playing his true postion with a full season with kight we will see some good things. Kim is a good sg also back court is good.

  • Jul 15, 20121:58 pm
    by TANNER


    sorry meant to said now that he playing his true postion. lol..!!!

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