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Discussing why I have a good feeling about Charlie Villanueva this year for the Detroit Free Press

In week two of PistonPowered contributing a Friday column to the Detroit Free Press, I focused on everyone’s favorite player to throw into implausible trade scenarios/amnesty discussions, Charlie Villanueva. To the surprise of many, perhaps, I actually think, should Andre Drummond/Vyacheslav Kravtsov combine to give productive minutes at the center spot, Villanueva’s shooting could give him a role that makes sense on this team for the first time in his Pistons tenure. An excerpt:

Quietly, though, with the events of this offseason, Villanueva actually kind of fits on this roster now, provided he’s in good shape and healthy when the season starts. Greg Monroe is hopefully going to be a fixture as the team’s starting power forward for the next 12 years or so. Ditto for Andre Drummond anchoring the middle as the team’s rim protecting defensive dynamo. Suddenly, the need for Villanueva to be a prototypical power forward or center is non-existent since those two spots in Detroit’s lineup are claimed for the foreseeable future.

Behind Monroe and Drummond, the Pistons have a versatile energy guy who crashes the offensive glass in Jonas Jerebko, a young albeit unproven shot-blocker in Vyacheslav Kravtsov and a beefy rebounder/shot-blocker/dunker/baby eater in Jason Maxiell.

Noticeably absent from that list is ‘stretch four.’

According to Keith Langlois’ observations so far, Villanueva does appear to be in good shape this offseason. The test, as always, for Villanueva is turning a productive offseason into a productive season. Maybe, with reduced expectations, this is the year. But even if it isn’t, the Pistons have no real incentive to amnesty him now or give up an asset just to move his contract like they did with the Gordon trade. Villanueva is (slightly) cheaper, big and, if it still doesn’t work out this year, they can amnesty him next offseason when they’ll have more significant cap space to pursue a better free agent class anyway.



  • Jul 6, 201210:02 am
    by gmehl


    We all want to believe Patrick…we really really do. I think you might of opened a can of worms on this topic cause a lot of fans have their heart set on Joe ending this failed marriage.

    • Jul 6, 201210:13 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      “I think you might of opened a can of worms …”

      Come on now, it’s kind of what I do.

      I don’t disagree with you — the most likely scenario for Villanueva is probably him getting amnestied. He’s had three years to make it work and it hasn’t worked.

      But it doesn’t make sense to amnesty him this year. It also doesn’t make sense to give up an asset now just to get out of his contract now, like the Gordon trade. Keep him around for a year, see if he performs better with lower expectations and an instant offense/shooting role off the bench. If he does, maybe he can be traded for something functional. If he doesn’t, then just amnesty him next offseason when the Pistons have multiple contracts expiring and the free agent class is very good.

      • Jul 6, 20129:26 pm
        by gmehl


        The last time CV had a shot blocking centre (Andrew Bogut) to play beside he actually posted his career best numbers which led Joe to sign him in the first place so hopefully you are right. I just find it hard to see it happening. I was never expecting them to amnesty him this year but rather next as you we have just seen with Elton Brand. Most amnesty candidates are getting amnestied in there last year which makes perfect sense because at the end of the day it’s the GM putting up his hand saying ‘my bad’.

      • Jul 7, 201212:42 pm
        by Geoff


        So we’re playing a 12 man rotation this year? After listing all those options and how CV fits in, I hope the NBA decides to put 6 players on the court or extend games another 12 mins. 

  • Jul 6, 201210:10 am
    by Vic


    Honestly, that’s a pretty good insight. He actually does fit a little better now that we have two real centers that are defensive minded and young. He can space the floor better on offense and he can be compensated for on defense.

    • Jul 6, 201210:14 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      Yeah, I mean, he’s not ideal and he’s certainly paid too much for what he’s likely to produce, but the Pistons will be in bad shape if they don’t find some perimeter shooting from somewhere. Villanueva is one of few guys on the roster who can provide it.

      • Jul 6, 201212:47 pm
        by Todd


        Wouldn’t life be great for all of us to have such low expectations/high salary? Too bad we don’t have marketable abilities like 6’10″ with a 7’2″ wingspan, average jumper, average mobility, great Tweets, etc.

        Boy what I could do with the $8.6 million and expectations as the 8th man on what has statistically been one of the worst teams in the Eastern Conference! I could bring a ton to the team by waving the towel, chest bumping during lineup announcements/timeouts, and I would be the studious guy next to the coach buying in to every idea.

        Too bad, I am 5’10″ with a 5’11″ wingspan and a below average jumper – guess I will have to work for a living! : )

        • Jul 6, 20124:08 pm
          by MNM


          Im calling it right now…. Best comment of the month..and it’s only July 6th.

        • Jul 6, 20125:03 pm
          by Jack


          LOL Great comment, but Patrick does make a good point about waiting till next year to amnesty him.  Financially it makes more sense.  And he is not exactly toxic for the locker room as you your self pointed out, “buying into the coaches every idea.”  But I hope they don’t play him just to jack up 3s.  What ever he gives us offensively will taken away by his shoddy defense.
          Hell I think with your 5’11′ wing span I would rather have you play defence than charlie.

  • Jul 6, 201210:24 am
    by Moe


    I would not amnesty Charlie V right now. I would wait it out. Joe should see how he plays the first 20 games of the season. From there Joe should to decide to release/trade him or let him play the rest of the contracts.

    • Jul 6, 201210:32 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      Well, they can only use the amnesty during the offseason (not sure the exact deadline, but it’s well before the season starts). So if they keep him on the roster, the only option would be trade before the deadline or amnesty him next offseason. If they outright released him, his money would still stay on the salary cap, so there’s no real incentive to do that unless he were willing to negotiate a buyout and take significantly less than he’s owed, and I don’t really see an incentive for Villanueva to do that.

      • Jul 6, 201212:00 pm
        by sebastian


        Yeah, the Amnesty Period is from July 11 – July 18.

  • Jul 6, 201210:38 am
    by The Dude


    it really can’t hurt… I never really thought about this. I’m not even mad.

  • Jul 6, 201210:40 am
    by Leftos


    I read last “Pistons Mailbag”, which is as always done by Keith Langlois, and he said that Drummond will be fighting for minutes off the bench, and that a starter role is not yet in the Pistons’ plans for the foreseeable future, unless he proves to be THAT good.
    Do you think that leaves Kravtsov as the starting C? Or is the team going to go REALLY safe starting the season with Monroe still at the C and Maxiell/Jerebko/CV at the 4?

    • Jul 6, 201210:42 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      I would guess there will be competition for the starting spot next to Monroe and, I would assume, Maxiell will have a leg up since he played adequately as a starter last season, provided he comes in in good shape again. I hope their goal is to get Drummond into that starting role ASAP though.

  • Jul 6, 201210:45 am
    by Quick Darshan


    I actually don’t mind CV off the bench.  If he’s hot, he’s unstoppable.  If he’s not, you can take him out.  And while he’s overpaid, it’s not a crippling contract.

  • Jul 6, 201210:49 am
    by Edgar


    The issue of softness is interesting. Perhaps “making it” to the NBA shows that he has some level of toughness, but once you’ve “made it,” it seems like your level of toughness becomes re-calibrated. In other words, you have to get even tougher if you’re going to prosper. Villanueva seems to be mentally soft in that he’s unwilling to put in the work required to thrive in the NBA. He seems content to have “made it” and to be 6’11” and a talented shooter and to not be fat. I’m not sure that qualifies as toughness. He’s got so much natural talent, but he can’t even get to Ryan Anderson levels. He just seems to embody everything that is not Pistons culture. I realize that it’s not the wisest financial decision, but I’d love for the team to amnesty him for professionalism’s sake. Or for Pete’s sake. Whatever. Just get him off the team.

    • Jul 6, 20125:09 pm
      by Jack


      How’s bout for jack’s sake they wait till next season when it makes more fin sense.

  • Jul 6, 201210:49 am
    by Steve K


    PH makes a good point. In that specific role, CV does make sense. One problem is that CV sees himself as much more than just a stretch-four. When his shot is falling, he can light it up from anywhere on the court. Yet, how many times did that happen last season? When the dude is healthy, he’ll have those breakout games once every 10 or so games. So trot him out there for a few minutes each game. If it happens to be one of those special CV nights, play him 25 minutes. If not, he’s back on the pine after 7-8.

  • Jul 6, 201211:08 am
    by Al


    I honestly dont mind keeping the guy around. We got rid of one of the two bad contracts so lets see how this season unfolds. We need shooters and he can flat out shoot. Now with the new additions if they can rebound and command attention from defenders guys likes Monroe and Knight penetrating to kick out the extra pass to the open man, guys like Daye and CV should be able to stand and wait for the ball and SHOOT! First things first tho, #summer league!

    • Jul 6, 201211:29 am
      by rick


      I don’t get why people forget that in college dude came off the bench and lit it up. I’d rather have him on a team playing a specific role than being scatterbrain and not having a role. Face it Piston’s fan has any one player on this team had a role that they knew was their’s and felt comfortable about. Cmon now Kuester couldnt even set his line up straight, yet and still the jury is out on Charlie V as if he came to Detroit to be the savior , when in fact he is just a piece. I think alot of people are pissed because of the expectations that they put on him instead of looking at him for being the type of player he is, a role player. No reason for him to play the 5 in Detroit but as it is he has manned that spot back and forth the last three years with the first two being teh outlier. His last year in Milwaukee he actually played with guys like Gadzuric and Bogut and lit it up, which led to him getting a deal from Detroit. Can someone tell me what 7footer we had in the paint to open up things shooting wise for Charlie? Now I am not saying he is a savior but he is above avergae based off skill set. Everyone around here tends to forget that Mr Rasheed Wallace was never a fan of banging under the rim when he got his 60 million dollar extension, so why do people give Charlie a bum rap when he has played with the same turmoil as everyone else on Detroit’s team? He is what he is and if anyone thinks he is next coming of Rasheed then I can see why everyone is mad. Unreal expectations.  Considering all the deals I have recently seen signed in the league this offseason, his deal is a relative bargain if you ask me. He could flourish under right coach and team. He could be asset to this team moving forward. If not then he won’t be on the team moving forward. Question for everybody whats the difference between Charlie V and Mehmet Okur?

      • Jul 6, 201211:37 am
        by Steve K


        Sheed actually was banging under the rim. He just rarely did it on the offensive side. But on defense, he and Wallace protected the paint extremely well. The Sheed/CV comparison halts abruptly when you go to the defensive end of the floor. Now, on offense, I’ll agree that they have much in common.

        Still, I do agree with your overall sentiment. They should test him out in a backup role this upcoming season. That’s a much better alternative than paying him to play elsewhere.

      • Jul 6, 20122:14 pm
        by vic


        yeah i agree, the biggest issue in the past few years has definitely been the coaching issue. The Pistons seem to love to put square pegs in round holes. Attempting to play AD at the 4 and depending on CV as a starting caliber big is just nonsense. Jerebko’s not a 4 either.

        I think the coaching has already started to solve this problem, and the increased size on the roster will continue to help recalibrate this team, so guys can have a chance at their version of success.

      • Jul 6, 20124:37 pm
        by MNM


        “yet and still the jury is out on Charlie V as if he came to Detroit to be the savior , when in fact he is just a piece. I think alot of people are pissed because of the expectations that they put on him instead of looking at him for being the type of player he is, a role player.”

        From my point of view, the problem is, I don’t think the majority wanted him here in the 1st place. We knew he was a bench player who in his last 2 stops (Toronto and Millwaukee) when given a chance to start, he lost that position in no time. Joe rushed to sign those 2 guys and spent WAY too much money on those deals. He and Gordon were paid starter money when it was obvious that they were role players off the bench. And Joe wasn’t really bidding against anyone to warrant THAT big of a contract.  Grant it, he’s been a model citizen while he has been here (showing up to new owner press confrence, not complaining to media, being one of the SIX players who DIDN’T participate in the ”player boycott”), but people around here want hard nose atheletes, no matter what sport, who are gonna bust their asses win or lose.. With CV, he’s never played like that, always a little “doughy” and when at the end of the season when he was able to play and was in the best shape he had been in since his 2nd year in the league, plenty of people were pissed that it took this long for his to get to that point.. Then hearing about being cut from his national team because he was apparently out of shape… Assuming he doesn’t get traded, (because it sounds as if the amnesty will not be used..unless it comes out of left field) he will have 1 last chance this year…But it doesn’t really matter much anyway if he proves himself or not, because he’s not a part of the long term plans with this team.

  • Jul 6, 201211:18 am
    by bugsygod


    I just dont see how CV gets any real minutes this year.  With Drummond & Slava, who were not here last year, thats going to take more minutes from the frontcourt positions.  Im pretty sure Max & Jerbko are going to be the primary PF’s, unless Slava/Drummond start at C, then Monroe is PF. So CV is probably looking at being the 6th big because of his limited defensive capabilities and if Ben comes back….maybe inactive list??  I do agree to somehow trot him out to see if he’s gotta going for that day, but just dont see how he gets the mintues.  Would love to see him traded, package him and bynum or daye?  I think with all the big names in FA now finding homes, this will be the time when teams start filling out the rest of the rosters.  Mybe he can spell K. Love in minny for some mintues? 

    • Jul 6, 201212:23 pm
      by The Dude


      I think Slava can start right away, he’ll be 25 by training camp, and has been playing professionally in europe. The thing is, even tho Maxiel has seniority, Slava and Drummond are already better than him offensively as raw as their talent is. Maxiel does dunks, they dunk better. And not to mention how much more advanced they are at defense. Best case scenario: Slava and Drummond splitting the Center position while Monroe starts at PF with Jerebko 2nd and CV 3rd.
      Maxiel got his 5 mill so he’s expendable now, an expiring contract who can bring energy off the bench to some other team, throw in Bynum another expiring contract and aim for a veteran PG (back up to Knight and mentor) off of a team who needs some relief, Maxiel and Bynum coming off the books is about 8.5 mill.
      As for CV I like what many people have said regarding him having an actual role. I’ve changed my mind about amnestying him since it won’t really hurt us this year.

      • Jul 6, 20121:06 pm
        by Pistons87


        Unless you follow Ukrainian basketball how can you see Slava is better then Max? Even saying Drummond is better then Max as an 18 year old is a stretch. Max has proven he can play at an average PF level, some seasons above average if you look at his pre-going to hell years (aka, the going to work years). Let’s not denigrate the dude for not being a star by saying two completely unproven players are better them him before they set foot on a summer league court.

      • Jul 6, 20127:41 pm
        by Bugsygod


        I could see CV beating out Max because of his offense an with Drummon/Slava they fill the Max role, BUT Even in that scenario he’s the 5th big. An if Monroe’s the starting PF.. Jerbko back up, again I just don’t see minutes there for CV. It hurts his trade value as well.

  • Jul 6, 201211:30 am
    by Kevin P


    It was crazy of Joe D to bring Charlie V and Ben Gordon into the fold on the premise that the league was going more offensive.  So, Joe figured he’d would bring in 2 guys who can score but can’t play defense.  Big mistake!  The NBA will always be about defense.  As the saying goes, offense wins games, defense wins championships.  Joe could have easily gotten Brandon Bass that year, but instead Orlando got him.  Now Bass is flourishing in Boston and we’re still stuck with Charlie V.  Joe D really screwed things up that year, pulling the trigger on those two the same day free agency opened up as though he had something special.  Anyway, all of that is water under the bridge and I hope Dummars learned from his mistakes, otherwise he won’t be running the Pistons much longer.  As far as Charlie is concerned:  he better work hard at playing defense or else coach Frank will have him sitting on the bench most of the season.  We’ll have to wait and see.

  • Jul 6, 201212:21 pm
    by L Boogie


    I agree with everyone; I am just concerned with Charlie’s lack of effort on DEFENSE!! all he does is float out to the 3 point line, how go in the post?? his Defense has and will always be my problem. I remember him playing up a storm in Milwaukee before he came here, gets here and POOF!! who the hell is this guy, will the real CV please standup!!

    • Jul 6, 201212:30 pm
      by The Dude


      part of the problem with that transition was Rip was to be traded for a defensive big (Rasheed and McDyess both left), I think it was Boozer at the time, but Mrs. Davidson said no.
      Point being, there was supposed to be a big man who played D while CV could spread the floor, that didn’t happen so we were stuck. The first year with Kuester, CV played with plantar fascitis, not many people knew that. The reason he played is because half the team had sprained ankles so he basically had to play.

      • Jul 7, 20122:51 am
        by gmehl


        If you consider Boozer a ‘defensive big’ then you might want to start watching basketball with you eyes open.

  • Jul 6, 201212:33 pm
    by Corey


    I’ll be surprised if CV is worth anything on the court this year. He has struck me as the quintessential example of a player who has signed a big contract and then quit working hard.  He might be worth something in the last year of his contract, when he’s serious about trying to get the next one. But such players are fools gold, of course.

    But, as has been said, there’s no point to amnestying him this year. It won’t provide any useful cap space, and can still be done next year when it will matter. There’s always a chance he really did have a lingering mystery injury all last year that kept him from doing anything, and will be useful this year. Might as well find out.

    He certainly could be more useful on a team with solid defenders/rebounders/shot-blockers at center, which the Pistons may soon be. My expectation would be that we’ll see Monroe and Maxiel start the season as starters, but that Kravtsov will take over as the starting center at some point. Drummond will start out not playing, but become the backup C at some point during the season.  He may progress similarly to Derek Favors, where he’s not worth much in year 1, but by the end of year 2 he’s starting to show some serious value on the defensive end. Kravtsov will allow him time to grow, and then they’ll switch roles with Drummond becoming the starter and Kravtsov the backup. 

  • Jul 6, 20121:13 pm
    by Pistons87


    Nice work in the Free Press. You make some good points and I can see how he fits. But I think it’s still predicated on him playing next to a defensive big that can make up for him. I think it’s unlikely Drummond is that game changer in year 1, which means CV should see little of the floor. Still I’m with you in not using the amnesty (makes no business sense and very little basketball sense at the moment) and seeing how the season plays out with him on the roster.

  • Jul 6, 20122:40 pm
    by XstreamINsanity


    Does the 76ers announcing that they are going to be amnestying Elton Brand change what happens with CV at all?  First Brand will be available via waivers and we could possibly get him for $3-$5 million if we’re lucky.  I know Brand has played at an all-star caliber player, and he hasn’t had a horrible career, but I know nothing of his character or work habits.  But at first glance, I would think if we could get Brand off waivers, we should amnesty Villanueva and and make Brand the starting PF with Maxiell being the backup.  However, I know the Mavs are looking at Brand, and our ultimate need is a PG, not replacing a current “stable” position with someone else, but I think it’s something that should/could be considered.

  • Jul 6, 20122:54 pm
    by Adam


    I just hope CV actually comes to camp in shape. If so, I totally agree with your points in the Freep article – nice job btw. Getting cut from the Dominican Republic olympic team is saying something.

  • Jul 6, 20123:21 pm
    by Jay


    The love affair is over for Charlie. I would say the same for Ben and Prince. The pistons need to move on. I think the pistons should not bring back Ben as a player. He should transition as a Piston defensive and rebounding coach. They should trade Prince (throw in Charlie if possible) to Boston for Jeff Green and Jared. I think that Boston would do it, because of potential injury issues with those two player. It would be high risk for Detroit, but high payoff if either or both players stay healthy. Prince would move to a contender. He has done his time and deserves it in his final years.  

    • Jul 6, 20124:16 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Some things to point out here:

      - I’m not sure there ever was a ‘love affair’ with Villanueva. Not many people liked the signing then, and if any did, they all but disappeared with the last three years’ body of work. But he is on the roster, does have a skill that they need and it makes no sense to amnesty him right now. It doesn’t hurt a thing to find out if he can provide some bench shooting for them.

      - As for Wallace, what makes you assume he wants to coach? He’s never once said he wants to coach. In fact, the reason he is considering retirement is to be around his family more, so coaching wouldn’t seem to be a solution there. Plus, Wallace is still a capable, NBA rotation caliber big man. Coaching would be a drastic pay cut considering he could help most NBA rotations for10-20 minutes a game.

      - That Boston trade won’t work for a number of reasons — if Boston is indeed signing Green for the 4 years/$40 million being reported, salaries won’t match, first of all. Secondly, why on earth would they give up a young small forward and a power forward with lottery talent who fell to them for Prince? That makes no sense for them.

      • Jul 6, 20124:39 pm
        by MNM


        Your too nice.

      • Jul 6, 20127:07 pm
        by tarsier


        It’s amazing how many people seem to think that the next step in Wallace’s career is to coach.

  • Jul 6, 20123:45 pm
    by Andrew


    In theory, this works.  But it gets tricky trying to come up with a plausible scenario wherein Frank would play CV over Jerebko at backup 4, or a scenario where either player starts.  If Drummond is ready early, he’s the center and Monroe is the 4.  If Drummond isn’t ready early, Monroe is the center, Drummond is the back-up, Maxiell is the PF.  

    It’s even more unlikely Jerebko or CV get regular minutes at a position other than the 4, as they can’t play center and the team is loaded with 3s.  Jerebko is a better athlete, and that lets him do more defensively.  He’s also a consistently high effort player.  Those seem to be traits Frank values more highly than CV’s shooting.

    So even if CV could be useful, in any plausible scenario I can think of, someone is just a little bit more useful for those minutes.  And if you are a backup in the NBA 95% as useful, in any situation, as the guy sitting on the bench next to you (who plays the same position), you don’t get slightly fewer minutes.  You get no minutes – the coach would in each situation be dumb to pick you over your slightly more useful team mate.

  • Jul 6, 20125:20 pm
    by DasMark


    Patrick, I’m not going to lie. I was excited when Joe D snapped up Gordon and Villanueva on the first day teams could talk to free agents, many years ago. Gordon was coming off that Chicago/Boston series where he lit it up, and was an amazingly competitive series in general. 

    Obviously, it didn’t work out. I thought Detroit would move Rip Hamilton, that didn’t happen. Davidson passed away, and Joe’s hands became tied, etc, etc.

    If he can come in, knock down some threes, it would be helpful. If he’s going to play lazy defense, Frank won’t let him touch the court.

  • Jul 6, 20125:57 pm
    by matt


    I agree with hanging on to Charlie V and giving it another season. Amnesty is a tool for the glamour teams. Why pay him to go away? We don’t need cap space right now. No sense in paying someone who isn’t playing. Unless he’s disruptive in the locker room, I’d keep him around, even if he’s the 11th or 12th man.

  • Jul 6, 20126:07 pm
    by dvs


    i think this was a great article.
    Whether or not CV actually works hard and fills that niche is up to him, but the roster as it stands now is the most CV friendly roster we’ve had.
    We finally have defensive size at the C spot. Even though both guys are rookies, they should be able to come off the bench and hussle on the boards and protect the paint behind CV.
    if CV can manage to be consistent with his weight and effort, he should give us a good 10-15 minutes a game.

  • Jul 6, 20127:18 pm
    by MitchEPooh


    I disagree with your assertion that the CV signing was a disaster in “hindsight”. This signing screamed ” Oh No! “. We blew all our cap money on 2 players who did not meet the standard Dumars requirements of either being an exceptional talent or a hard nosed defender. Not just soft, CV is hilarious to watch on defense as he flashes across the lane waving his arms like a lunatic. I agee that amnesty doesn’t make sense at this late stage but please don’t think any team would take him off our hands. He has no value. Leave him at the end of the bench, bring him in when we are down by 30. Keep him away from the young guys. And star-struck reporters! LOL

  • Jul 7, 20127:22 am
    by Eric Musu


    Others may disagree with me, but if the Pistons are to amnesty players it wouldn’t be Villanueva.  His contract only has two year left.

    The problem contracts are Prince whose skills are clearly declining and Stuckey who still is a combo guard and that will never change.  Amensty Prince next offseason.

    Sign James Harden and Josh Smith now the Pistons have something to work with.  The hardest thing will be telling Stucke to come off the bench.

    Start Brandon Knight, James Harden, Josh Smith, Greg Monroe, and Andre Drummond next year.

    • Jul 7, 201212:38 pm
      by Talan


      You can only amnesty contracts given out before the new CBA. You can’t amnesty Prince. Also, we’re not getting James Harden and Josh Smith. We don’t have the money for two max deal FA’s. Maybe one, but we just got our above the rim frontcourt player in Drummond and we have Stuckey as our two guard. 
      Before I propose certain trades and signings, I think about if it would make any sense for the other party. Why would Harden give up money on a contending team to join the Pistons where we already have a starting caliber two guard on the roster?

      As for Josh Smith, I love him but apparently he is happy with the new roster moves in Atlanta.

    • Jul 7, 20124:53 pm
      by Tyler


      A couple things to point out here.
      1. CV will be amnestied next year. He hasn’t even performed to what he is half ways capable of. Most fans are tired of him and well you have to take his cap number off after next year when their are great FA’s to be had again.
      2. James Harden won’t come to Detroit, and if he did he’s not a shooting guard. He backed up Westbrook most of the season(until there addition of Derek Fisher). He also doesn’t have the size to play the shooting guard consistently.
      3. Josh Smith plays a position of which we don’t need, and yes he would make a good acquisition, but still we have a player in Monroe who will be better than Josh Smith. We need to make a move next off season in FA but neither of those will come here or really fill a need that we have.

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