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Dennis Rodman is now an author of a children’s book

Dennis Rodman posts write themselves these days with no extra commentary needed, so just read this for yourself:

After going through his latest divorce and having to spend time away from his children as a result, Dennis has now done something many people never thought would ever happen. He’s written a children’s book which he’s dedicating to his children, with the intent to relay a positive message to our countries youth and to his own children. Rodman is moving forward in a postive way and has recently connected with his estranged father as well. Rodman’s Agent, Darren Prince had this to say “We’re not only excited about the project but we believe it’s a step in the right direction for Dennis.” Rodman has teamed up with Author/screenwriter Dustin Warburton and illustrator Dan Monroe with the sole purpose of conveying good lessons to children based on Dennis’s own experiences as a world class athlete while overcoming obstacles as a child.

Yes, my son is definitely getting this book for his next birthday.

Hat tip, SLAM


  • Jul 31, 20128:42 pm
    by Daye and Knight


    Ya I’m keeping my son away from this one…our kids are in trouble if HE’s allowed to make children’s stories lol

  • Jul 31, 201211:50 pm
    by gmehl


    First he brought us ‘Walk on the wild side’ and then he brought us ‘Bad as i wanna be’ and now a children’s book. I love Dennis and all but i think my daughter is never even seeing the cover of that book. Mind you i loved both his books and still have them. I remember reading a funny part in i think ‘Bad as i wanna be’ around the time he was banging Madonna. When they first hooked up and he was about to do her Madonna says to him ‘you have to go down on me before we do anything…i always have that done to me first’. In true Dennis fashion he replies with ‘i ain’t going down there’ as he could only imagine how many guys had been there before. So reiterate that we all have many reasons to be worried about worm writing a children’s book…even if he toned it down a 100 notches.

  • Aug 1, 20121:06 am
    by bugsygod


    I know I’ve seen Jordan before the Pistons drafted me. I don’t know if I’d ever played against him in AAU, but he’s a real good kid. He has a good head on his shoulders. He’s one of those good people you need in your circle to help you become a better player and a person. Just hanging around with Joe and the coaching staff has also been great. I got real close with Jason Hervey, as well – he’s our new player development director. It’s really like a family now. 

    I guess dan & patrick didnt get the memo on this …LOL   guess you will have to look for other “CLUES” of gores “cheapness”…  maybe they only carry 14 players this year instead of 15!  Gores you cheap sum of a b!

    • Aug 1, 20128:15 am
      by bugsygod


      This is from pistons.com andre drummond story yesterday.  This is drummond talking.

    • Aug 1, 20128:58 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      If he is indeed the new director of player development, that hasn’t been officially released by the team yet.

      And guess what, smart guy? When it is announced, we will post on it! Imagine that! A site that you go to because it posts every bit of Pistons news we can find will post Pistons news! And guess what else? We will also say, “Hey, look at that! I’m glad the team was allowed to fill the position! That’s a good sign that Gores is the type of team owner who isn’t going to eliminate staff positions to save money! Previously we didn’t know that because he’s only owned the team for a year.’

      Also, you are the worst, least insightful commenter in the history of the internet. You don’t understand context, you think you’re the smartest guy in the room and that just makes for such a pleasant experience interacting with you down here.

      It doesn’t have to be you vs. us, either. That’s the sad part. You obviously are not going away for whatever reason. You obviously like spending your time interacting on a site whose content you generally hate for whatever reason. Shit man, we’re not unapproachable here. We answer questions, we respond to commenters, we explain why/how we form our opinions, we note when our opinions turn out to be wrong. I have no idea why you feel the need to be a self-righteous ass all the time. I wish you’d quit, but hey, you’re entitled to conduct yourself however you’d like.

      • Aug 1, 20129:33 am
        by bugsygod


        As i have stated before i think this site HAS GREAT PISTONS CONTENT!  Tons of information and you pull from many different sites.  I am CLEARLY not the smartest in the roof.  If you notice when i take exception with your articles etc, is when you guys make conclusions, with out fact or research.  In this argument about Gores and if he is cheap or will spend money.  We can only go by what he is doing as Pistons owner!  In my argument that he is NOT cheap, i mentioned the many improvements he is making to the team.  His CONSISTENT statements that he will be engaged and spend money as long as it provides value.   You and Dan said you were looking for “clues” if he will be cheap owner or not.  I mentioned the palace improvements, the millions spend on the players lockerroom, technology upgrades to the palace and pistons.com.  You said you would rather see him invest in “the team” as the palace upgrades will benefit PS&E as well as the team.  When FA’s look at the owner spending to improve player facilities that IS a way to help the team directly!  This of course will not be the only reason for a potential FA to come to detroit, but it does help.  With you guys access to the detroit newspaper beat writers, official pistons espn blog site, i would think you guys could just pick a phone an ask if they are hiring or replacing positions.
        You keep mentioning that the pistons were downgrading by not replacing this position, but you nor Dan have spoken about the front office adding ken cantenalla from the nba league office.  This is a positon they ADDED to the front office while Scott Perry was still there. Just another example/clue that Gores is spending money on the TEAM directly.
        Lastly the reason it seems its me against you guys is because I AM A DETROIT PISTONS FAN!  You guys write articles CONSISTENLY AGAINST the pistsons.   ex.  EVERYONE said after Anthony Davis the guy we would love to get our hands on would be Drummond, but the first article on pistonspowered after the draft….Pistons get there man Drummond, but he will probably be a bust.  I mean really???  smh.  You write a big article about Knights maturity and how this is so great and shows in everything he does.  I mention a comparison of him to chauncey billups (which many others have made the same) and you spend the rest of the day ripping knight?!  You dont make comparisons but most human beings do, I ask you to compare knight to ANYONE, your response??

        • Aug 1, 20129:52 am
          by Patrick Hayes


          “ If you notice when i take exception with your articles etc, is when you guys make conclusions, with out fact or research.”

          No one made a conclusion about anything. The position remained open and they shuffled the titles/responsibilities of others.

          Do you know what industry Gores made his fortune in? Private equity. I’m certainly no business expert, but do you know what many private equity firms do? They buy things, then they sell off assets or eliminate staff positions in order to increase profits. Do I think Gores bought the Pistons to do that? No. But I (and I assume Dan as well) also wanted to see clear evidence that they were not eliminating a position before making a judgement one way or the other. Gores has little track record as the owner of a pro sports team, and based on his business background, it was definitely a fair question to ask about whether or not they were going to fill that position.

          “ His CONSISTENT statements that he will be engaged and spend money as long as it provides value.”

          I don’t care about statements. I care about actions. This action, hiring a position, tells me more positive things about Gores than the dozens of P.R. statements he’s made.

          “you nor Dan have spoken about the front office adding ken cantenalla from the nba league office.”

          Yeah, we’ve totally never mentioned the team hiring Catanella. Except for the post we wrote about it:


          I await your apology for your false conclusion.

          “Lastly the reason it seems its me against you guys is because I AM A DETROIT PISTONS FAN!”

          So are, I assume, most or all of the readers of this site. But they don’t act like you act in the comments. Even when people disagree with us, they don’t act like you.

          “You guys write articles CONSISTENLY AGAINST the pistsons.”

          The Pistons have been a bad team for three years. Writing that they’ve been a bad team is not ‘against the Pistons.’ It is a fact. If I was sitting here writing how excellent everything is and how great it has been to be a fan of this franchise the last three years and how every bad move the organization has made is totally justifiable, you know what would happen? No one would read this site because I would have no credibility. I express my opinions. I do it in an honest way. I’m not always right, but do you know why people read this site? It’s because Dan and I do our best to be honest in our analysis. That doesn’t mean people always agree with us, that doesn’t mean we’re smarter than anyone else, it just means we’re an independent source that covers the team and offers insight that, I think, some people like to read. And honestly, if you don’t like how we write, if you don’t think we’re fair, you are 100 percent entitled to that opinion. It’s the way you go about expressing that opinion that drives me up a wall. You are rude, you miss the point often and when it is pointed out to you that you missed the point, you only become ruder and more intolerable.

          “I mention a comparison of him to chauncey billups (which many others have made the same) and you spend the rest of the day ripping knight?”
          I wasn’t ripping Knight. I was ripping your opinion.

          “You dont make comparisons but most human beings do, I ask you to compare knight to ANYONE, your response??”

          There is no player I can honestly compare Knight to right now. There is no one his game resembles to me. He often tries to pull off moves that players like Derrick Rose and John Wall make, but he’s not very successful with that b/c he’s nowhere near the athlete those guys are. I wish he’d study bigger, less athletic PGs like Billups, Andre Miller or Deron Williams, because his body type and athletic ability are similar. But game-wise? He doesn’t really play like any of those guys yet. He hasn’t shown an ability to draw contact. He hasn’t shown an ability to be a low turnover PG. He hasn’t shown an ability to run a halfcourt offense or be a high-assist PG yet. That’s not me knocking Knight either. I just don’t think there’s he’s shown much of anything as a pro yet except for an ability to be a good spot up shooter.

          • Aug 1, 201210:02 am
            by bugsygod

            My apolgy on the hiring of cantenalla, i missed that article by you guys.  But my question remains, they added a position right?!?  So even losing Perry they were not “losing” a position from prior years, just maintaining same level, but now with this addition to the front office, they are OVER prior staffing, correct?
            its also funny to because you just made a knight comparison to sturdy bigger less athletic pgs, like billups, miller and deron.  I do the same thing and im crazy.  smh

          • Aug 1, 201210:06 am
            by Patrick Hayes

            Catanella’s official title is ‘Director of Basketball Operations.’ That’s a pretty common position in most front offices, to the best of my knowledge.

            And no, I absolutely did not compare Knight to those guys. Those are the guys he should be watching, but his game is nowhere near similar to them. He doesn’t pass well, he turns it over too much and he doesn’t use his body to draw contact. Those are all things that those three do exceedingly well and things that Knight has not shown a knack for in college for a pro. My point is the exact opposite of what you just said, actually — that despite being a big, less athletic PG, Knight is NOT really comparable to other big, less athletic PGs yet.

          • Aug 1, 201210:47 am
            by Bugsygod

            So who did cantenella replace?

            So you don’t compare knight to those guys, but based on what you see of knight those are the players he should study? Why? Is it because you think if everything goes right with knight those are players he projects to be?

          • Aug 1, 201211:16 am
            by Patrick Hayes

            “ Is it because you think if everything goes right with knight those are players he projects to be?”

            Nope. 100 percent no. I like Knight. I think is ceiling is ‘solid starter’ not ‘All-Star PG.’ I think he should look at those players because they understand how to use their strength and how to make up for a lack of quickness. Those are things Knight desperately needs to learn. Right now, he tries to attack off the dribble like he has the speed of a Rose or Wall type player, and as we all know, he doesn’t. That often leads him into making bad decisions or turning the ball over.

            I think he can learn from the way those players play. I don’t think he’ll ever be as good as those player I mentioned. And again, that’s not an insult to Knight. Those are just really, really good players.

          • Aug 1, 201212:01 pm
            by bugsygod

            Well patrick that was the comparison i was making between knight and billups.  That knight is more of a billups type pg, not rose/westbrook.  If he patterns his game after billups, this is where he would see the most success.  Do i think knight will be as good as billups, as a multiple allstar/possible hall of fame player, no i dont think so.  I have always said i see him as a high level starter on a championship level team.  So this was the comparison i was making, that knights style of play should project to be more of a billups type pg. 

            and you didnt answer the question of who Cantenella replaced?  Because the answer is no one, this was a position added to the team. 

  • Aug 1, 20123:02 am
    by Venice


    It is ideal to leave a roster for any changes that might happen. It will give them flexibility to do a more complex deal. Besides, the Pistons need 16 roster spots because they have signed 14 players and need 2 more for Ben Wallace and Middleton .Please research a bit before talking about things that you don’t know so you won’t look stupid.

    • Aug 1, 20127:55 am
      by Bugsygod


      Look dumbass the rules only allow 15 roster spots! So you can’t have 16 that’s the whole drama right now who goes so they can make room for Wallace an Middleton. Duh! You learn the rules before you comment. An I agree leaving a roster spot open for flexibility. This message was an insider for Dan & Patrick.

      • Aug 1, 20129:09 am
        by Patrick Hayes


        If you want to leave insider messages, send an e-mail. Don’t blast other readers for getting confused by the confusing, poorly-thought-out rants you leave. Unlike you, other people enjoy reading and commenting here and can do so respectfully and pleasantly. Don’t ruin that experience for other people just because you’re disgruntled and looking for an argument every step of the way.

  • Aug 1, 20128:16 am
    by Venice


    Can you please read the statement properly before trying to make a point ?Did I say anything about a team having 16 roster spots ?What Im trying to say is that calling Gores cheap is preposterous. Its not like he doesn’t want to sign someone anymore just because he’s cheap but instead, they are having a hard time looking for a trade so that they can sign both Wallace and Middleton. Please try to understand the statements first before trying to bull headedly answer someone.

    • Aug 1, 20129:08 am
      by Bugsygod


      Again that post was for Dan. YOU did not understand the context. As you see Dan has responded.

    • Aug 1, 20129:10 am
      by Patrick Hayes



      Not worth your time to respond to this guy. He’s taking a point Dan made a few days ago out of context and he’s trying to sarcastically make fun of him. Can’t reason with the unreasonable.

      • Aug 1, 20129:35 am
        by bugsygod


        But Patrick you dont rip this guy for not knowing the rules???  He clearly states they need 16 roster spots in his orginal comment.. hello??!!??  He also makes a argument against your idea of filling every roster spot, to send guys to the d league for development, etc.

        • Aug 1, 20129:56 am
          by Patrick Hayes


          He stated ‘they need 16 roster spots’ meaning that they have 16 players they’d like to have on their roster. He didn’t say meaning that he thinks the league allows them to have 16 spots.

          And as far as filling every roster spot, I’m actually OK with leaving a spot open if it is truly done to have some flexibility to add more players than you send out in a trade or to use it as a spot to audition D-League players on 10-day contracts at some point during the season. The Pistons, however, left a spot open so that they didn’t have to pay a salary. It was cost-saving. Honestly, I’m OK with that too. I understand why a team, especially an expensive team with bad attendance like the Pistons were last year, would look for ways to save some money. I just resent the fact that me making that statement, to you, means I’m calling the owner ‘cheap.’

          • Aug 1, 201210:39 am
            by Bugsygod

            Where was it ever stated this was done as a cost savings?

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