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Corey Maggette plans to attack the basket for the Pistons

Stephen Brotherston of Hoops World caught up with Corey Maggette in Las Vegas during the Summer League and Maggette discussed how he fits with the current Pistons roster:

“I talked to (Coach Frank),” said Maggette. “We had a great conversation. It is more about just giving my all on the court, attacking the basket as usual, being a veteran leader to the younger guys that we have on the team, defensively playing hard. Like every coach, he wants you to go out there and give 100 percent and stay healthy. I think that number one with Lawrence is playing 82 games with this team because if I am not out on the floor, I can’t help.

“Overall, just play hard. Just to give them what they need. That’s the biggest thing now. Coming in, this is my fourteenth year and (I will) definitely (be providing) veteran leadership for the young guys on my team with Brandon Knight, Greg Monroe and (Andre) Drummond coming in. Just try to be a veteran leader and try to help the guys out.”

To be honest, my eyes glazed over at the ‘veteran leadership’ part. The ‘leader’ and ‘mentor’ buzz words are being thrown around an insane amount in current Pistons coverage. What excited me, though, is Maggette discussing attacking the basket. For much of his career, Maggette was a valuable player to his teams because he fearlessly attacked the basket then, once inside, he was strong and athletic enough to go up and finish or to absorb contact. But, as happens sometimes with guys who take the beating Maggette has during his 14-year (wow … does that make me feel old) career, injuries have limited his effectiveness some in that regard. If he’s healthy and aggressive, he and Rodney Stuckey will be a really intriguing and potentially valuable combination on the wings because of their ability to draw all kinds of contact inside.


  • Jul 23, 201210:17 am
    by Venice


    hope he can resign nxt year for a vet minimum .PLEASE TRADE PRINCE!

  • Jul 23, 201210:43 am
    by sop


    at least it’s a contract year for him so he’ll probably play fairly hard.

  • Jul 23, 201210:46 am
    by Al


    If they keep him for this season it will make for an intriguing number of senarios for this team. Him and Stuckey on the floor at some point with Knight and Monroe maybe AD could as well could make it hard for opponents. I hope that they just gel together well in training camp which could make things easier for them as a group. I wonder who moves where before the start of the season b/c as everone knows the Pistons are loaded as far as roster spots go. Cant lie, there are endless possibilities for this team this season both bad and good. As a fan of the Pistons for years I finally have an excitement of the coming season ahead. Kim English seems like he has already been on the team and his energy has already been felt by many which in itself is good for the team in general. Open shots and defense is something that this team could use and it may add value to guys like Monroe and Stuckey who seem to get overlooked while playing at a high level lately while making good passes on a team who had trouble knocking down quality shots. If this teams submits to a defensive mentality, eveything else will fall in place for all the gifted scorers we have..

    • Jul 23, 20123:58 pm
      by labatts


      I’m with you on this.  I am more excited about seeing this young team than I have been in a while.

    • Jul 24, 20129:07 am
      by GarageTalk


      The possibilities of these lineups are truly endless…A guy like CM could be a great fit here in Detroit, I like that he has the size to attack a bit…Looking at the team now I’m really liking what I see, starting to see the development of possibly a good team in the near future…takes me back to the Rebracca and Jon Barry days, guys that are working hard, a lot were given up on or passed on…guys like Singler, English and Jerebko have the chance to be that next core of players that you live because of the their hustle, winning by purely wanting it more…

      Joe is starting to string together a nice group of HIGH Basketball IQ guys with a next mix of youth and some leadership…it’s hard not to get a bit excited when you start picking up guys you can actually root for…We have a few pieces that need to be shipped out, obvious one is CV, add Bynum to that mix as well…I hope a guy like Daye can wake up, hate to see a first round pick go to waste…I’m going to give him this year, he has been on a roller coaster ride of a career…regardless I agree with your post fully and will be a lot more interested in this coming season!

  • Jul 23, 201212:40 pm
    by RyanK


    I hope they trade his expiring contract for a first round pick or a quality player that’s on give away.  Either that or just buy him out.  It’s cheaper to buy him out than to pay him the entire season while he contributes to the logjam at 3.  Tay, Daye, Jonas, Singler, Maggette, Middleton…how many small forwards to we have minutes for on this team?

    Buy out Maggette.
    Send Middleton overseas for a year.
    Keep Tay around until we’re comfortable with Singler/Daye covering the spot.  Then trade him.
    Play Jonas at 4 backing up Monroe and/or Maxiell unless we are playing big.


    • Jul 24, 20126:56 am
      by tarsier


      He probably won’t be traded. if he were, it would probably be similar to the deal that brought him in: a worse contract attached to a pick.

  • Jul 23, 201211:21 pm
    by DVS


    I wasn’t exactly excited when we got Maggette (i was happy to see BG go though), but when you picture him with the second unit, it’s not all that bad.
    He’ll basically replace stuckey’s driving when he rests and with English, Daye, CV and even Jonas out there they should get more space to shoot.
    It’ll be interesting to see how Frank uses him. hopefully he can give us useful minutes without hogging the ball too much. He will give the bench more punch which will help.

  • Jul 24, 20122:41 am
    by TANNER


    If you a true piston fan relaxs, cause this season will be the best in a long time.our team is stronger then every.So seat back and enjoy the ride.

  • Jul 24, 20128:59 am
    by Venice


    If we can just trade Prince, everything will be in place .

  • Jul 24, 201212:56 pm
    by Thomas


    I want us to trade Prince and tank this year so we get another good draft pick. Then get someone good in the draft maybe Macadoo from UNC. Then maybe next summer go after a big time free agent (Maybe Monta Ellis he is an UFA next summer). Core of our players would be Knight, Monroe, Drummond, Ellis, Macadoo. Not bad at all

  • Jul 24, 20125:47 pm
    by Venice


    nah . I wouldnt want DP to tank. It will destroy their winning attitude and besides, If we sign Ellis, we wont have money to keep Monroe and Knight.

  • Jul 25, 20121:36 am
    by TANNER


    stop the talk about trading tay,we need his leadership.you don’t  let go all your vet,plus he can still play good D, and offense

  • Jul 25, 20125:47 am
    by Venice


    The last time I checked, we got 2 SF veterans .and other 4 young SFs .How the hell can you split the PT to those players ?Its better to trade Prince .We still have Maggette and he can bring leadership with lesser money. That way, we can develop our young SFs and hopefully Daye can find his stroke again.

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