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‘Committed instruction’ will be good for Andre Drummond

Rob Mahoney, who writes for the New York Times and ESPN’s TrueHoop Network among other places, recently evaluated the Summer League performances of the top 10 picks from this year’s draft for the Court Vision blog. Here is Mahoney on Andre Drummond:

The term “project” has been applied frequently to Drummond, and it’s not hard to see why. The Pistons’ prospect center plays like a player still trying to understand his own body, untangling his limbs and feeling his way into best placement.

Committed instruction will do him a ton of good, and though it’s tough to more fully evaluate Drummond given that the Pistons opted to participate in the more limited (and less talented) Orlando Summer League rather than make the trip out to Las Vegas, there’s still plenty to be excited about.

We’ve practically been conditioned to expect all athletic center prospects to fail, but that doesn’t make Drummond’s potential any less tantalizing, or the idea of pairing him with Greg Monroe in a dream frontcourt any less intoxicating.


  • Jul 26, 20129:49 am
    by domnick


    i do think that Drummond can contribute right now…. i dont think he’s Kwame Brown 2.0…

    • Jul 27, 201211:48 am
      by Esteban


      Nope, he doesn’t have baby hands.

  • Jul 26, 20129:58 am
    by adams


    I think once he gets some coaching, and learns to box out, he will be fine.

    I seem him as AT LEAST a Deandre Jodan in a few years.

  • Jul 26, 201212:25 pm
    by RyanK


    We need to see him in some real games with real teammates who know the system.  Once he gets into a more structured offense/defense, we’ll probably see that he’s won’t contribute much this season.  I just hope Frank can find a way to get him on the floor every night and we’ll see enough out of him to have him minutes increase toward the end of the season.  I would be happy if we get 10 minutes per game this season and 20 minutes next season.

    • Jul 26, 20121:01 pm
      by RussellC


      Just from what I saw in summer league he can contribute defensively 15-20 minutes a game this year and start next year. He seems to learn fast. He just needs to play angry.

    • Jul 26, 20127:51 pm
      by Jodi Jezz


      10mins per game this season?? lol…I think Drummond will be starting by New Years…

  • Jul 29, 20124:37 am
    by Fennis


    Has anyone seen this Drummond workout footage? This guy’s skill set far exceeds what we’ve heard in media reports.

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