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Charlie Villanueva, Greg Monroe and Jason Maxiell practicing with Pistons before summer league

Keith Langlois of Pistons.com:

Villanueva, along with teammates Greg Monroe and Jason Maxiell, is here only to take part in the four days of practice leading to Monday’s opener

This is good news for the Pistons, who in some ways, are still trying to dig themselves out of the hole of their divided-locker room days. That the veterans are supporting them and working hard themselves sends a great message to Detroit’s young players who are participating in the summer league.


  • Jul 7, 20125:48 pm
    by TANNER


    Good to hear they trying to get on the same page very early, and learning the new guys. I’m happy to hear this. I think we going to suprise the NBA..!!!!!!!!!

  • Jul 7, 20126:35 pm
    by Bugsygod


    Playoffs !

  • Jul 7, 20126:36 pm
    by DasMark


    Nice move. Monroe really showing leadership here! 

    Villanueva does some crap every off season to try and shed his image as a ‘don’t hustle’ lazy player. Every season, he re-enforces the perception that he’s a lazy player.

    • Jul 7, 201210:13 pm
      by rick


      Would you care to enlighten us of when these particular situations occured? Im curious to know when they had enough continuity on the team for Villanueva to be involved in anything. Why do people always have to be negative Nancy when a positive article is posted? I mean dude is in the second year of new coach and ownership give him a break. Stop spewing venom someone else has hashed out for the guy. Dude in my opinion gets a pass for last year based off all the injuries that took place in the NBA and Kuester last year correct me if Im wrong isnt he one of the few who did play while injured? People tend to forget that conveniently in order to make their point. All I am saying do some research then throw him under the bus. To say every year he does this and that without specifically stating when and where is very disengenuous if you ask me. It is obvious you dont care for him but dont make stuff up that noone has heard before.  Now before you start tripping the guy played the year before on a bum ankle and the season last year noone knew if it was gonna even be one so alot of players came in out of shape. How do all the leagues stars and other players get a pass but ours dont. He gets a nominal amount of respect from me simply because he played the previous year when everyone on our team was out and he was injured. So please research before you hate on the man. He will be alright once he plays his natural position and earns a role. Book it!

      • Jul 8, 20124:09 pm
        by DasMark


        Say and believe what you like. Villanueva is a garbage player who got paid and checked out.

  • Jul 7, 20128:27 pm
    by Crispus


    It’s great how fast the Pistons went from a dysfunctional team with walkouts to a unified team with focus. The Dumars blunders that tend to get focused on are the Darko Pick and other shameful roster moves, but the long string of bozo coaches had a big time detrimental impact too. I’m glad the Stones finally have a coaching staff that the players respect, and the infrastructure to improve the young players instead of paying way too much for free agents.

  • Jul 7, 20129:41 pm
    by TANNER


    We are some what like the lions. We finally got a good coach,that got somethiing to prove,and if he put them in the right rotation, and teach them the defense frist. like he say with summer camp, preseason. The offense will fall in place. It will take time but not as long as we think.

  • Jul 7, 201211:10 pm
    by Levi Thieman


    i would like to see more coverage discussing the Roy Hibbert situation. Are the Pacers planning to math the offer from Portland? What would be the consequences of Hibbert and possibly Dwight Howard playing in the Western conference next season? Could the Pistons Utilize their superior front-court depth to possibly make a playoff run? i

    • Jul 8, 20122:09 am
      by MNM


      “i would like to see more coverage discussing the Roy Hibbert situation. Are the Pacers planning to math the offer from Portland?”

      Roy Hibbert has nothing to do with the Pistons…. This is site is called “PistonPowerd”.

  • Jul 7, 201211:26 pm
    by TANNER


    Our front court will be dam good, with andre and the man from Ukanina. We good bro.!!! I dont care about know body else. we are true piston fan on this front.

  • Jul 8, 20122:22 pm
    by dvs33


    Having Moose helping out at the practices is great for dre. I’m really liking the fact that everyone seems to be looking out for him and helping him develop.
    Good to hear Max and CV are supporting the young guys too. The team is actually coming together for the first time in what feels like a looong time. can’t wait for the season to start.

  • Jul 8, 20129:47 pm
    by Bob Hope


    Rick is clueless. Amnesty Charlie V.

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