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Ben Gordon doesn’t appear pleased with Pistons-Bobcats trade

Trey Kerby of The Basketball Jones:

But if you’re Ben Gordon, apparently, you’re not happy. At least judging by these five pictures, which are the only ones available in the extensive Getty Images database. He’s not all those Clippers being traded to the Hornets, but he’s also not Johnny Smiles O’Face. But look at this guy, not getting super smiley about being a Bobcat, despite the fact Charlotte has won three more games than Detroit since Gordon left the Bulls because Detroit was a situation “where winning is the number one priority.” You’d think he’d be pumped to go to a team that wins more, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Wonder if it has to do with those seven wins last season.

Don’t worry, Ben. I didn’t like the trade, either.


  • Jul 4, 20123:27 pm
    by 1298ty


    Wow, what a great trade..

  • Jul 4, 20123:38 pm
    by MNM


    He’s answering questions at a press confrence..what the hell IS he suppose to look like?

  • Jul 4, 20124:02 pm
    by bugsygod


    Great Great Trade!  20mil in Cap space next summer, an i hear Rudy Gay will be made available so Memphis doesnt have to pay luxury tax! 

    • Jul 4, 20125:14 pm
      by MrCarter


      Do you see us maybe packaging Maggette and other for him?

  • Jul 4, 20125:39 pm
    by Mark


    Funny. He’s got to be pissed seeing how much the Pistons have improved in just a week since he’s been gone. Not sure what’s up with him, but the guy just always seem aggravated about something and never seems happy.

  • Jul 4, 20126:16 pm
    by bvpiston


    I truly feel bad for BG. He was never put in a situation to succeed here. It’s too bad, because I feel he was a stand-up guy. Maybe a little over payed, but a really nice dude. However, I love this trade, LOVE IT. I want to think we’re a playoff team next season or the season after, so that first round pick isn’t a deal-breaker for me, since it wouldn’t bring in proven talent. We’ll see how things turn out for our Pistons though.

    • Jul 4, 20127:08 pm
      by Shane


      I don’t think this season we are a playoff team. Drummond needs at least a year to develop and we could very well do worse this coming season than last since Brooklyn is going up and its hard to believe New Orleans will as well.

      • Jul 4, 20127:10 pm
        by Shane


        Wizards are also a very appealing team now that they have a lineup of Wall, Beal, Ariza, Nene, and Okafor. Same with the Kings and GSW (if Bogut is healthy). Toronto has improved a bit too this offseason with Valaciunas coming.

        • Jul 5, 20126:37 am
          by bvpiston


          True, a lot of teams are getting better in the East. I’m basing my assumption on the fact that we finished the season really well. The team should only grow from there. We haven’t lost anyone that wasn’t replaceable, and added a few young guys and Maggette. Team chemistry should at least be the same to start the season. The core from last season, Stuck, Moose and BK7 will be better this season. So I expect an improved team from last season that hopefully gets us in that 8th spot. Now, if other teams really improve significantly and send us in the lottery, so be it, but I want to see a better record than last season. Which I will.

    • Jul 4, 20127:49 pm
      by Tyrone


      I to feel bad for BG, He is a good person and for the most part he didn’t complain during these last few seasons, but the NBA is a business and the Pistons are about wining again with this new ownership.  

      I hope that BG plays well and when he becomes a free agent he can choose his landing spot.  The Bobcats are trying to get high charter players to turn around there loosing culture and I think that BG is a fit for now.

  • Jul 4, 20128:50 pm
    by DVS


    i feel bad for BG as a person, but as a player i’m so happy he’s off the team.
    he should get a lot of minutes in Charlotte, so i think he’ll enjoy it there to a certain extent.

  • Jul 4, 20129:46 pm
    by gmehl


    I find it hard to believe that anyone can feel bad for someone that earn’t over $12M annually from us and returned only a small % of that with his performance on the court. Yeah he is a stand up guy that doesn’t get into any trouble off court but either does CV.

  • Jul 4, 20129:51 pm
    by gordbrown


    One thing about sending him to Charlotte. He won’t be coming back to haunt the Pistons in that situation anytime soon. He could score 40 points and the Pistons can still beat Charlotte as they are currently constituted. Plus he is the type of player who needs the other players around him to succeed (strong picks and getting the ball in his spot, not be double teamed all the time).

  • Jul 4, 201211:14 pm
    by Corey


    Everyone keep saying great trade, but who is going to do the scoring for the Pistons. If I was Joe, I would have kept BG and ran some of the Offense thru him, Stuck and Monroe. With this trade the only real scorers the Pistons have is Stuck and Monroe and both of them do not show up every night to play. I wish CV would get his game together, because I dont see Jonas putting up big numbers.

    • Jul 4, 201211:36 pm
      by Shane


      Knight. He had 10+ 20 point games last season as a rookie. Most since Grant Hill I believe.

    • Jul 5, 201212:35 am
      by Talan


      BG was the focus of the offense off the bench. Plenty of plays were ran for him. He was average, not worth his salary on this team. Improvement in Knight, Monroe, and the addition of Maggette should cover the loss of his scoring. I have no idea what the minutes distribution and lineup will be this coming year but i’m not convinced losing BG hurts our team. Best of luck to him in Charlotte, he’ll have plenty of opportunities to chuck the ball on a bad team. I hope he averages 20+

  • Jul 5, 201212:36 am
    by gmehl


    @Corey “With this trade the only real scorers the Pistons have is Stuck and Monroe and both of them do not show up every night to play”

    Ben Gordon only showed up to play for about 10 games the whole time he was with the pistons. I am glad he is gone and it will not take much to replace his mediocre output. The guy averaged something like 12ppg so if everyone can up there output by 1ppg he will not be missed. You would expect that slack to be mainly covered by Monroe, Knight, and Stuckey.

  • Jul 5, 20121:20 am
    by JOHN


    Now that’s great. just amnesty clause chirle v and there will be   enough cap space. now the best moves is to sign Chauncey Bulips and Ray Allen.  both could give alot of help to Brandon knight and Rodney stucky.  
    Starting Line up:  
    PG – Chauncey Bulips
    SG – Ray Allen
    SF -T Prince  
    PF – Greg Monroe

  • Jul 5, 20125:44 am
    by DG


    Too bad really.  If he didn’t want to be traded he should have gotten a no trade clause in his contract.  I’m getting tired of players feeling like they can dictate their teams actions and still get paid $12 million/year.  It’s not up to the Pistons to coddle him.

    As far as the Pistons are concerned, I’m just glad that they appear to be able to make personnel moves again.  They have a lot of mistakes to correct.  Hopefully this is just the first of many to come.  They have a lot of expiring contracts this year: Maxiell, Maggette.  At the least they should have a lot coming off the books for next years free agency.  Especially if they decide to amnesty CV.

    Hopefully they’ve learned from the last time they spent a lot of money on free agents and can do better than Gordon and CV.  They have built a nice young core to build around with Knight, Stuckey, Monroe and Drummond.

  • Jul 5, 20126:25 am
    by Venice


    again john .very unrealistic .please stop dreaming .

  • Jul 5, 20126:49 am
    by Derek


    Unless there’s unbelieveable sparks of inexpressible brilliance in summer league, training camp, and preseason I doubt there will be much change in the starters from last year.  So for at least the first 20 games or so the starting line-up will probably be:

    PG – Brandon Knight (got the position on lock)
    SG – Rodney Stuckey (got the position on lock)
    SF – Tayshaun Prince
    PF – Jason Maxiell (may go to being the first big off the bench if Drummond progresses ahead of schedule)
    C  – Greg Monroe (may shift to the PF if Drummond progresses ahead of schedule)

    PROJECTED ROTATION PLAYERS: Kyle Singler, Kim English,  Ben Wallace, Andre Drummond, Corey Magette
    OUT OF THE ROTATION PRACTICE PLAYERS: Will Bynum, Austin Daye, Charlie Villaneuva, Vernon Macklin, Khris Middleton

  • Jul 5, 20126:50 am
    by MattM26


    We were going to be at least an 8 seed without The draft people…. We started the season rough i get it but we had no off season and once we got the system down we were a 500 team… U do realize we were still in the hunt untill about the last week for the 8 seed last year and we started 4 and 20 LOL! 500 basketball in the east will get u a 6 seed! Pistons are back in the playoffs this year u mark my words!

  • Jul 5, 20127:10 am
    by Derek


    I forgot to consider  Vyacheslav Kravtsov.  I’m not sure where he factors into the mix.  He may be a training partner for Drummond, someone to toughen the kid up.  If he is a rotation player, I can’t see him playing more than 8 to 10 minutes a game.

    As for the playoffs, I think we are really close.  We may even be there this season.  The core had time to go through and learn Frank’s system in a compressed season.  Now we’ve got summer league and a training camp with an improved Brandon Knight, a refreshed Rodney Stuckey, and a Greg Monroe ready to be dominate.

    Maggette’s aggressiveness
    Body’s work ethic
    Mad Max’s baby eating
    English’s maturity
    Drummond’s potential
    Singler’s international experience
    Macklin’s hunger

    and we’ve got an interesting mix filled with possibility!!

  • Jul 5, 201210:59 am
    by Kevin P


    Dumb!  Listen, thats just Ben Gordon.  He didn’t smile much when he got that HUGE contract from the Pistons.  Ben will be under less pressure playing for a loser, and may even play the way we know he can play.

  • Jul 5, 201211:18 am
    by Derek


    I was a fan of BG’s game back during his UCONN days and have followed him since he has been in the league.  Dude appears to be a low key even tempered cat.  During his prolific scoring days in Chicago he still had a pensive look on his face.

    While in Detroit that didn’t change and in Charlotte it isn’t going to change.  He didn’t produce for us and I believe the franchise and the player are both to blame for that.  Joe went out and got two former college teammates in the summer of 2009.  Both had potential to fill up the score board.  One had a gym rat work ethic.  The other…no comment. 

    The Piston brought in BG as the right man at the right time.  He had just lit up the playoffs with a series of shooting clinics against the Celtics.  He was what we needed.  So the Pistons brought him in and paid him starter’s money. 

    The problem was they did it with Rip in the way.  This is Rip a year removed from the AI/Rip starting controversy.

    To avoid a return to foolishness, they brought BG off the bench yet in the midst of a toxic environment.  BG struggled.  BG had a series of injuries.  BG never put it together.  He ended up being the right man (many will disagree) at the wrong time.

    Now I wish BG much success with Bobcats (except when they play us), even if he doesn’t put on a happy face.

  • Jul 5, 201211:49 am
    by XstreamINsanity


    I agree with everyone who said that Ben Gordon always looks like that.  Even when he’s smiling and laughing it seems underwhelming.  I just hope that if he averages 20-25 PPG on the Bobcats that people realize it wasn’t JUST the environment in Detroit that hurt his production a little, but HE’S PLAYING FOR THE BOBCATS.  Next, you’ll see Darko Milicic playing for the Bobcats and getting 15/10 everynight and people will blame Joe for trading him.  lol.

  • Jul 7, 20127:17 am
    by Eric Musu


    Who cares if Ben Gordon is upset, he has robbed the Pistons since he got to Detroit, he can do the same thing in Charlotte until they realize he stinks.

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