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Austin Daye dominates Pistons’ second summer-league win

A few player-by-player observations from the Pistons’ 79-74 win over the Magic on Tuesday:

Austin Daye

  • Incredible spot-up shooting
  • Made couple confident jumpers off dribble, including one while being fouled
  • Used length to contest shot helpside
  • Took charge
  • Held his ground to prevent man from backing him down
  • Made 3-pointer on quick catch and shoot with no hesitation
  • Made another 3-pointer on a pick-and-pop with Brandon Knight
  • Skied for putback to end first half
  • Already established himself as quality summer-league player, so performance matters only as far as it builds confidence for regular season

Andre Drummond

  • Disappeared for long stretches
  • Good kickout pass from post
  • Shoved Kyle O’Quinn after a play
  • Went up for dunk from a little too far from basket with defender between him and basket, ended up throwing ball past rim
  • Fooled multiple times by O’Quinn pump fakes
  • One powerful dunk

Kyle Singler

  • Confident decision maker with ball in his hands offensively, whether shooting or passing – for better or worse
  • More long 2-pointers. Stop this please
  • Did I mention turnaround jumpers yesterday in Singler’s vast array of offensive moves? Add it

Brandon Knight

  • Strong take for basket on fastbreak
  • Nice pass from perimeter to cutting Yancy Gates
  • Drove, not as aggressively as Monday, and threw pass away
  • Made long pull-up 2-point jumper
  • Thwarted on drive, but rather than retreating back to perimeter, curled around in the paint and drew a foul
  • Got into 1-on-1 battle with Maalik Wayns in second, which didn’t pay off and included double technical
  • Forced a couple 3-pointers
  • Drove more aggressively in second half

Kim English

  • Putting the ball on the floor more often than appears suits him
  • Grabbed rebound, tried to go coast-to-coast, charged
  • Made catch-and-shoot mid-range jumper
  • Missed 3-pointers from top, wing and corner
  • Dribbled out of 3-pointer in long 2-pointer, which he missed
  • Charged
  • Nice baseline drive for and-1

Khris Middleton

  • Spun into a jumper that he airballed
  • Made spot-up 3-pointer
  • Charged

Vernon Macklin

  • Didn’t move the needle as far as deserving a roster spot
  • One-handed putback while being fouled
  • Scored on lefty hook in paint
  • Shaky in protecting the rim
  • Rebounded well

Yancy Gates

  • Played with more confidence than Monday
  • Nice cut for basket on nice pass from Brandon Knight
  • Stretched the defense by making a couple jumpers
  • Putback after offensively rebounding  a free throw
  • Turnaround hook shot on postup

Casper Ware

  • Quick release on 3-pointer
  • Pesky defense


  • Jul 11, 20123:18 am
    by Worm


    InB4 people say you think Drummond sucks! There was like a two quarter stretch where he didn’t get a single touch on offense. I know my man isn’t exactly Hakeem down there… but wouldn’t you think you’d occasionally give the young guy the ball?

  • Jul 11, 20123:52 am
    by gmehl


    Dan i know you don’t like guys shooting for three’s with their foot on the line but if those extra couple of inches meant that the shot is made or missed then so be it. Of coarse having the foot behind the line is the best outcome but i’d much rather a 2pt then nothing at all. I have the same issue a lot when i play on Tuesday night’s and it just comes down to my range being right on the 3pt line.

    • Jul 11, 20124:33 am
      by Zeiram


      That may be true for you but you can expect NBA-shooters to have 3p range especially if they shoot long jumpers. Just efficiency wise there is no greater sin than having your foot on the line or just inside of it. The gain in fg% can never be big enough to balance the potential for 1point more you just gave up.
      It´s not like they should step out from mid range 2p shoots, they should just stop those silly long 2s which basically have the same fg% as 3s anyway.

  • Jul 11, 20125:43 am
    by @GPMasters


    The long two, the “worst shot in basketball” as has been said many times…

    As for the game, was pleased to get the W, especially in their own gym! Performance wise, Drummond is bound to have these ups and downs. Maybe today he’ll have another decent game like Monday.

    Pleased for Daye – let’s hope he spends the rest of the week further regaining his stroke, dude looked automatic on some of those shots. I want to see him do well, good kid

    • Jul 11, 201210:03 am
      by MB


      They say Drummond is raw it’s his second summer league game. People need to give him a chance before we say sucks. He also has not worked with L Frank and veteran centers to help him grow.

      I too want to see Daye do well because he seems like a nice guy, but he never gets the chance to play so it’s dumb by the pistons they have waisted a draft pick by not giving Daye playing time there is no substitute for experience (playing time). Also he has shown he can play aka heat game where he had like 30

      • Jul 11, 201210:08 am
        by Steve K


        Daye has received a number of chances.
        But I will agree that they’ve forced him into positions that don’t suit him. If the job of a coach is to put a player in a position to succeed, then coaches have failed Daye repeatedly. The more I watch the kid, the more I’m convinced he’s a 3. But thanks to the immovable object that is Tayshaun Prince, the Pistons’ brass try to fit the square peg into the round hole.

      • Jul 11, 201210:10 am
        by Steve K


        Daye has received a number of chances. But I will agree that they’ve forced him into positions that don’t suit him. If the job of a coach is to put a player in a position to succeed, then coaches have failed Daye repeatedly. The more I watch the kid, the more I’m convinced he’s a 3. But thanks to the immovable object that is Tayshaun Prince, the Pistons’ brass try to fit the square peg into the round hole.

        • Jul 11, 201212:23 pm
          by Todd


          For some time we have simply stated that “Fill in the blank” player has only not thrived because of the coaches, playing time, teammates, etc. At some point in time, players play – or they aren’t good enough players. Daye seems to be at best a summer-league/D-league all-star. A guy who has enough size and ability to be able to thrive against weaker competition. However, when the players are bigger and the speed of the game faster, he simply seems overwhelmed. I want to jump for joy that he played so well yesterday, but I have cautioned myself that he has done this before and has shown no long-term development.

  • Jul 11, 20126:50 am
    by Marcus


    These are the type of performances that make it so maddening to follow Austin Daye. There is clearly talent there, but I know that I’ve been fooled by his potential too often before to believe that this will translate to the regular season. Hopefully he’ll have a few more dominant performances like this to boost his trade value.
    Lets make sure we don’t freak about about Drummond though. He just lived up to his scouting report yet again in this game, only this time it was the negative aspects. He had little to no impact on this game what so ever, and seemed to conciously shy away from the action. I won’t speculate on why, I just know what I saw. Unforunatley I think this is going to happen more often that we would like as he matures as a player and a man.

    As far as Single goes…. I couldn’t be happier with this guy. His shot wasn’t falling and he was clearly frustrated by it throughout the majority of the game. Despite that his energy and confidence never decreased, and he found a way to make contributions on the other end of the court.

  • Jul 11, 20127:30 am
    by Bugsygod


    Looked to me that Drummond was thrown off by the physical play of oquinn. It seemed oquinn got in his head an Drummond stopped playing ball an was more looking at goin at it with oquinn. Not concerned by this at all as Drummond is 18 an oquinn 23. Think he got a lil down on hisself. It will be better when he’s on the big team to have Monroe max big Ben to help in those situations. I just know its gonna be great watchin this kid grow into a beast!
    Daye is clearly being showcased for a trade. The best time n way to build his draft stock is where he plays the best Summer league. It’s too bad he can’t carry this play to the regular season. He has soo much talent but not the mental strength to fight thru tough hard times am continue to play well. If he keeps this up we may can get a late 1st pick for him. Boston? Chicago? Mavs?clips? Also it seems he’s stopped smacking his hands together after every bad play! Progress
    Singler, I don’t know what there plans are for him but he’s got to play! That guy is jus a very good bball player! Knows his role, sneaky athletic, shoots it well am looks like he can stay with his man. Another 2nd rd steal!
    English is a pit bull. He can shoot defend an not afraid to take it inside. He will be stuckeys backup and will be another steal in the second rd. Look for him on some all rookie teams.
    Middleton jus seems lost out there. Like he’s trying to figure out what he’s supposed to be doing instead of just playin the game. I do like his size an stroke. He just needs more confidence in his game.
    I love the improvements Knight has made. The added strength to cut down on the turnovers. It was a few times in this game where he would have lost the ball last year. But by being stronger can see his handle is better an finishing better. Back to back games of 6 assists as well. I was thinkn he could get to averaging six in the regular season but I’m now thinkn 7-8assists with more established players inthe league. Also I am really starting to see the Billups comparisons. Big strong smart pg that can shoot. May never be a Nash Paul rondo lead the league on assists guy. But borderline all star !

  • Jul 11, 20128:50 am
    by Steve K


    Yeah, this game didn’t reveal too much, for better or worse.

    We’ve all seen this Daye before, especially in the preseason/summer leagues. It was especially painful seeing O’quinn dominate Drummond, knowing the Pistons had their shot at O’quinn and passed… twice!

    Unlike the first game, there was very little that separated the Pistons’ draft picks from the free agent invitees. In fact, Gates was probably the lone bright spot. I still like English and his tenacity. He seems like a good fit with Knight. And I do like Drummond’s aggressiveness. He has good instincts for the ball on defense, and he’s displayed a higher basketball IQ than I was led to believe. On offense, he was a non-factor.

    Two games and two duds for Middleton. Not playing with Knight may be hindering him slightly. Still, he’s got to show more… way more… to warrant a spot on the team. With so many wings ahead of him, I’m not optimistic.

    • Jul 11, 20129:12 am
      by DG


      As far as Drummond vs O’Quinn is concerned, don’t worry.  The more Drummond gets exposed to these head games, the more he’ll learn how to turn around and use them himself.  He is 5 years younger than O’Quinn.  Drummond just needs to learn how to channel that anger into playing more aggressively.  He will. 

      I’m still glad we have English.  I like what I’m seeing from him.  He’ll prove more of what the Pistons needed, especially with Gordon gone.

      Singlers going to be a good Piston.  I was upset that they drafted him last year.  But I’ve also forgotten the players I wanted them to draft instead.  That tells you they haven’t done anything, yet, either.

      • Jul 11, 20129:50 am
        by Vic


        I haven’t forgotten Isaiah Thomas!
        Kahwi Leonard and Isaiah would have been great.

        But. I agree on not worrying about oquinn dominated Dre.
        Dre is only 18 he will learn how to take things serious and prepare pretty soon. Oh Quinn had it in for him anyway http://espn.go.com/nba/story/_/id/8154996/2012-summer-league-nicholson-oquinn-look-tug-superman-cape

        The only big technical thing the Drummond needs to improve upon us his footwork. When he gets the rest of his footwork down pat like his step back jumper, he’ll be ok.

      • Jul 11, 201210:11 am
        by Steve K


        Very true. That 5 year age difference is significant. And the Pistons drafted the guy that has the higher ceiling. Drummond’s not going to impress too much early. But he has the physical attributes to blossom. That much I understand. Watching him hit some jumpers in game 1 was a welcome surprise. As long as he works hard, I won’t complain. So far so good.

  • Jul 11, 201210:01 am
    by HockeyCenter15


    I know it’s summer league but I am happy with Daye’s performance. The two things I want to see out of him in this summer league is that he developed into a role for the team either as a stretch four or a guy who can do something defensively and see him be aggressive. I think he was aggressive today. I don’t think he will be more than a rotation at this point but his performance today shows that when motivated can be worthy of being in an NBA rotation. With what he makes, I think that is well worth it.

  • Jul 11, 201211:12 am
    by Steve W


    I think I like the way that knight and stuckey’s game will complement each other in the season, those two will be able to break down most defenses except for solid defenses with two big men like bynum gasol or grizz etc.

    I don’t think drummond and monroe are a good fit, something to watch this season, they are just so different personality-wise, I think the game is moving to fast for drummond right now, he seems a step slow, like he doesn’t recognize defenses quick enough, but I think big ben will give him some pointers if we sign him back, and drummond will fill out,  I think he could be better then Chandler, and we need to keep monroe, so that should be interesting

    Alot of these guys are going to get cut… sad to say, but really we have already got our squad in knight stuckey monroe and drummond.  guys that look like they might make the cut: drummond, singler, english, beyond that, I don’t know if we have room for all of these guys, but I wish them the best

  • Jul 11, 20121:25 pm
    by frankie d


    drummond’s struggles was not unexpected.  
    and o quinn showed why it was just grade a dumb for the pistons to have passed on him.
    o quinn is a smart, tough,  physical player whose game is tailor made for the nba.  even though he is a rookie, it was clear that he schooled drummond.  you could even see him toying with drummond while they were on the free throw line, next to each other.
    it is easy to see why teams passed on him – he is obviously not the most gifted athlete – but it is still curious that so many teams continually downgrade guys like o quinn despite the fact that guys like o quinn come into the league all the time and do well. 
    a guy like o quinn would have filled out the team’s front line well, for the next decade.  if the russian turns out to be a player, it won’t matter, as much, though teams can never have too many bigs.  but  it remains to be seen what that guy has to offer.

  • Jul 12, 201212:57 am
    by Kevin P


    I say trade Austin Daye.  After a great summer league last season, he comes back playing like a scrub.  But Joe D is determined to give him one more try.  Daye simply is not aggressive enough, strong enough, smart enough to play this game.  And when things aren’t going well for him, his body language is that of a pouting child.

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