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Vernon Macklin doesn’t receive qualifying offer from Pistons

Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press:

No qualifying offer for PF Vernon Macklin, thus he becomes an unrestricted free agent. Still on #Pistons summer league team.

#Pistons are really high on Vernon, but it’s a numbers game with roster likely at 14 and team can still use MLE. Still can sign him, tho.

This is the right move.

If the Pistons had extended Macklin a qualifying offer – $962,195 – he would have been a restricted free agent, meaning the Pistons could match any offer he receives from another team. The downside is that Detroit would have been committed to giving Macklin that one-year, $962,195 contract if that’s what Macklin wanted.

I can’t imagine other teams hold interest in Macklin, so that right to match offers was probably worthless. I also think Macklin would have accepted the qualifying offer immediately.

Now, if the Pistons want to bring back Macklin, they can offer him just a minimum contract – $762,195. And if the Pistons decide Macklin is no longer worthy of a roster spot, they can let him walk without penalty.


  • Jun 29, 201210:13 am
    by apa8ren9


    This doesnt surprise me.  Since they kept all of their draft picks and didnt make any trades (yet) they have too many guys.  Let them battle it out through summer league and the players will eliminate themselves.   You also have training camp in Oct. to sift through the bottom half of your roster.  They will get the competition they want and have those second rounders (and Austin Day) give everything to make the team.  The best man will survive.

  • Jun 29, 201210:45 am
    by ryan


    I hope Vernon makes the team.

    • Jun 29, 201211:32 am
      by Shane


      I would actually like a team like: BK7, Monroe, Stuckey, Drummond, Prince, Jerebko, Macklin, Singler, English, and the other second rounder(i think our draft picks have real potential) Maybe throw in 3 others. Try to trade Maggette, Daye, and Maxiell since they are expiring contracts for picks in next years draft.  Amnesty CV so other other players get more playing time. Let Big Bad Ben retire and possibly return as a defensive coach for Drummond.

      • Jun 29, 201211:56 am
        by Shane


        I think we will need one last lottery to draft a sf perhaps strike gold (highly unlikely) and get Shabazz Muhammad

  • Jun 29, 20121:02 pm
    by Vic


    Hope Macklin makes at they drop one of our 7 or 8 small forwards

  • Jun 29, 20121:23 pm
    by Haan


    Seems a bit short-sighted but if money really is that tight it might make sense.  For some reason the Pistons never seemed that high on the guy he when he appeared to have earned a look with his D-league rebounding.

  • Jun 29, 20122:05 pm
    by Todd



    I understand the perspective that you and the Pistons bring up – the need for roster flexibility and financial flexibility, but doesn’t the salary offset in Gordon for Maggette more than make up for the restricted contract that Macklin would have received?

    Are the basketball folks that comfortable with our bigs that they don’t want to invest an extra $200k in Macklin to be sure they keep him? From what we saw last year between his short stints in Detroit and Ft. Wayne, he appears to at least be a serviceable big that would be willing to work hard and could help push Drummond (particularly if Ben retires). I don’t in any way pretend that Macklin is the answer at the 4/5, but he seems workable and cheap – if they need the roster spot down the road couldn’t they simply try and package him in a move?

    One man’s trash, is another man’s treasure – just hoping this doesn’t come to fruition with us losing Macklin.

  • Jun 29, 20123:01 pm
    by Alan


    I don’t fully understand this because Detroit needs bigs.  I don’t see Drummond earning many minutes this season so perhaps Dumars is waiting to see the shakeout after July 1st (read: Mavs amnesty Haywood to make for big FA signing).

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