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Trade reactions: Pistons fans excited a trade happened, mixed on what they actually gave up and get back

I love when a trade goes down these days … it makes Twitter much more fun. Anyway, as we mentioned earlier, the Pistons traded Ben Gordon and a future first round pick to Charlotte for what’s left of Corey Maggette tonight. But what’s next? Which small forward, Maggette or Tayshaun Prince, will out-iso the other? Will the Pistons sign Chris Kaman and work on their reunion of the 2005 L.A. Clippers? What’s Sam Cassell up to these days?

Anyway, as I always do, I scanned Twitter for some quick feedback on this news and compiled some below. Feel free to continue adding your own takes and comments below.


  • Jun 26, 201211:49 pm
    by Travis


    Maggette is an expiring contract, which is GOLD in the NBA today. We”l trade Maggette for a first rounder sometime during the season, and the trade will end up looking like this:

    Ben Gordon plus protected 1st rounder    -FOR-    1st round pick plus 15 million in cap room   

    Sounds fair to me.

    • Jun 26, 201211:58 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      I think you’re overstating the value of an expiring contract. Yes, they can be helpful in facilitating trades for teams that want to cut costs and ditch long-term contracts.

      But who, besides Joe Dumars, would give up a first round pick just to get an expiring deal?

      I mean, theoretically, Detroit could do what Charlotte just did — take back salary in return for an expiring as long as the other team is willing to throw in a first rounder. But if the Pistons just made a trade specifically to cut long-term salary, why would they give up Maggette’s contract in a subsequent trade to take on more long-term salary? It doesn’t make sense.

      • Jun 27, 20121:02 am
        by inigo montoya


        I am undecided about the trade, have to think about it some more.

        Given what happened last year with Kaman’s expiring contract (no takers) and Diaw’s expiring contract (again no-takers, the Bobcats just bought him out), it does not seem like lately that expiring contracts are worth a lot.

        This is similar to the Richard Jefferson – Stephen Jackson trade.  Only the Spurs gave up the 30th pick this year (probably a good draft) to get out of paying Jefferson $11 million in 2013-2014 whereas, let say for talking purposes, Pistons give up the 16th pick next year (probably not so good draft) to save $13 million in 2013-2014.

      • Jun 27, 20123:43 am
        by Max


        I’m not sure if I hate the trade yet, but my first reaction is at least to dislike it.  That said, the trade doesn’t have to be about saving salary if they trade for the long term salary they want.   For example, and this a pie in the sky; let’s say Utah’s young big men come on like gangbusters this season and they decide to trade Jefferson.  Maybe then the Pistons could work a trade including Prince (I never want him to be traded but would love Jefferson) and Maggette for Jefferson and a throw in.

  • Jun 27, 201212:02 am
    by Gurman


    wait so the pistons only give up the pick if its a lottery pick?

  • Jun 27, 201212:03 am
    by Gurman


    oh they keep it if its a lottery pick.

  • Jun 27, 201212:05 am
    by RationalSportsFan


    Trader Joe at it yet again.

  • Jun 27, 201212:05 am
    by Apple3


    ” lottery-protected in 2013, top-eight protected in 2014, top-one protected in 2015 and unprotected in 2016.”

    still don’t get it, did they give up four first round picks?

    • Jun 27, 201212:57 am
      by Nate


      The bobcats get our first round pick next year as long as we aren’t in the lottery. If we are then we keep the pick and they get our one from the next year as long as we aren’t in the top 8. If we are, we keep it and they’d get the one from the year after as long as we don’t get the number one pick. If we do, they get the pick after regardless of where it’ll be.

  • Jun 27, 201212:20 am
    by Dandresden


    I’m not too concerned about the pick, the protections are good I’m assuming that this won’t be the final move, just going to withhold judgement for now. I think this is a pretty even deal for both teams.

  • Jun 27, 201212:44 am
    by Erges


    Joe DumbAss strikes again

  • Jun 27, 201212:50 am
    by ~N~


    one good point on MLive was the importance of this freeing up space to resign Monroe to a multi-year contract next summer.  –Getting rid of Gordon now helps us keep Monroe easier.  I’m all for that :)
    @ Apple 3: no that means they gave up just one pick.  It has some restrictions though (i.e. If the pistons draft in the lottery next year, they keep their lottery pick. and the traded pick moves to 2014)

  • Jun 27, 20121:04 am
    by MrCarter


    Not a smart move. When your a struggling team like we are you need all the picks you can get. Last I checked, we havent made the playoffs for 3 years. Even if we do make it next year I still dont see us anywhere near championship material. Besides, BG only had 2 years left. If we had just held on to him for one more year, HE’D be the expiring contract. Not a good trade hope Joe has something big up his sleeve.

    • Jun 27, 20121:56 am
      by Mark


      A mid-1st round pick is the equivalent of a role player. Do we really have room for more young role players anyways?

      What’s getting overlooked is that I don’t think the Pistons want anymore young players after this draft. I think they might actually have been trying to get rid of that pick, in anticipation of not wanting another guaranteed 1st round salary for a role player that likely would never see the floor with all the other young players they already have.

      Knight, Monroe, Jerebko, Daye, Singler, Macklin, the 9th pick, the 39th pick. Thats 8 players right there. A rotation usually only consists of 8-9 players. Add in Stuckey and Tay, and few other vets they are likely to add to the mix, and there might not even be enough PT for all the young guys they currently have, let alone another young guy added in ’13.

      So if you are the Pistons why would you want a guaranteed contract of like $2-3 mil/yr on the books for the next few years, for a player thats not going to play on a team thats going to be in need of vets, not more young players?

      Getting rid of that pick was actually a blessing in disguise, and getting CHA to take BG with it, its a win-win for the Pistons, imo.

      • Jun 27, 20121:59 am
        by Mark


        oh yeah, and there’s talk we might acquire another 1st round pick this year for Sullinger, which would essentially replace the pick next year, and add even another young player to the roster.

        After this draft we are goig to be maxed in young players. We are better off without that pick next year. If it were a top lotto pick, thats a different story. But we don’t need more young avg role players.

        • Jun 27, 20123:49 am
          by Max


          Wow, Mark.   I was hating on the trade but you just helped me a lot.
          Hope it is true regarding Sullinger.  Adding two bigs in the draft or just drafting the best player with the 9th pick and then picking Sullinger could work out great for the team.  Who would the ‘Stones be giving up to get the pick though?

  • Jun 27, 20125:58 am
    by Guus


    Mike is making quite a bit of sense: IF we make the playoffs next year (not saying we are…), we lost the pick, but only mid first, that we wouldn’t necessarily need very badly. If somehow we end up in the Lottery again, we don’t lose it: we join the crapshoot for 1st overall, see what happens, try and take a decent player. If we do, that player might make us better, we lose it the year after, when it would definitely be a mid first rounder.
    So we didn’t give up that much, and now have a little capspace, for instance to sign Monroe to a longterm deal (see ~N~ above)
    I’m still not sure if I like it, but it beats inactivity.
    And hey, it takes a bit of a swallow to fix the ’09 mistake, whether it is in riding it out or giving up something… At least with this move, Joe D admits to the mistake of ’09, and is trying to fix it.

  • Jun 27, 201210:36 am
    by Ben is the name


    WHO ACTUALLY THINKS THIS IS A GREAT MOVE???? WHY???  you give Ben Gordon for Maggette and his expiring contact, okay but then you give up a draft pick??? I AGREE, another JOE DUMB ASS DUMARS move and DETROIT PISTONS ORGANIZATION  b/c SOMEONE OR EVERYONE pretty much had to be DUMB to agree with it anyway.. DRAFT PICKS are very valuable and Houston just used our old pick to acquire the 18th pick in this years draft with quite a few players that we could use to put us back on a speedy recovery NOW!!!

    • Jun 27, 20122:32 pm
      by apa8ren9


      It’s not a great move.  It’s a good move that starts your franchise on the way to recovery from the mistakes of the past, helps put your financial sheet in order (to some degree) and give you a bit more flexibility down the road.  The posters here have been very vocal about the problems we have.   You cant expect one move to wipe out years of bad management (or no management).  Its just the first step to clear out the mess and start building this back in.  Im excited about this because it needs to happen.  We are rebuilding arent we?

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