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Poll: Which player belongs No. 4 on the Pistons’ draft board?

Read this before voting

1. Anthony Davis

2. Thomas Robinson

3. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist


  • Jun 20, 20122:37 pm
    by DG


    I think Barnes will be a better pro than he was a system player at North Carolina.  The Pistons could use somebody that can hit outside shots to open things up for Stuckey and Knight to penetrate, too.  Drummond was my next choice, but I think Barnes is less likely to bust than he is.  He will be a 20+ scorer in the league with a high basketball IQ that plays defense.  That looks like an all star to me.  That would put the Pistons in the position to move Prince in a year. 

    I’d be hoping that Kyle O’Quinn makes it to where the Pistons draft in the second round as I think he will be a draft steal for somebody.  Ezeli could be another option as a big that does the dirty work (defense and rebounds).

  • Jun 20, 20123:12 pm
    by WannaBeGM


    I see a very simple solution to all this:
    Trade the 9 pick and Daye to Houston for the 14 and 16 pick. Houston should accept w/o hesitation since, outside of Scola, they really lack talent at the 3 and 4.
    With the 14 pick take either a)Leonard, or b)Zeller. 1 of the 2 will be available, if not both.
    Then with the 16 pick take either a)T Jones, b)P Jones, or c)Henson. At least 1 of the 3 will be available, more likely 2 of them. Prince can still play at close the same level he ever has right now but I’m not sure how much longer he will be able to, given his 32 yr old body has a lot of miles on it. Any of those guys can play both the 3 and 4, so that gives the pistons security in case Leonard or Zeller is a bust or slow developer and they need to keep Monroe at center. Then Joe D needs to convince Big Ben to stick around one more season to help whoever they draft to develop, just like he did for Monroe. He won’t allow them to slack at all.
    Could you imagine that lineup in a couple years?
    Knight at PG
    Stuckey at SG
    T Jones/P Jones/Henson at SF, (Prince for defensive, JJ for additional depth)
    Monroe at PF, (JJ of the bench)
    Leonard/Zeller at C.
    Looks like a dynasty in the making to me. It would be impossible to guard them offensively, they would be way too big for any team to match up.  This doesn’t even take into consideration the estimated 40-50 million in cap room they’ll have opening up in the next couple seasons with JMax’s, Gordon’s, Charlie V’s, Big Ben’s, and Byum’s contracts all expiring, as well as all the money they still owe Rip will be paid
    Now how easy was that plan to come up with? Make it happen Joe D!

    • Jun 20, 20127:17 pm
      by tarsier


      Henson probably wouldn’t make much of an SF. If PJIII is available even at 14, there were a number of crazy GMs, much less 16. There is no guarantee Houston would jump at the offer, but it could be worth presenting to them as it’s pretty fair. Getting PJIII at 14 would be a major steal. Leonard, Moultrie, or Henson wouldn’t be bad either. Unless all of those are off the board, I wouldn’t go for Zeller or Terrence Jones. But if Dumars could get two of those four guys for the ninth pick and Daye, I’d be impressed.

  • Jun 20, 20123:36 pm
    by MyTimeIsNow


    Are you guys retarded??? Why would the Cavs picks Andre Drummond, when they desperately need a shooting guard. Bradley Beal or Harrison Barnes will be a perfect fit for Cleveland.

    • Jun 20, 20124:45 pm
      by tom


      Read before you post.

      • Jun 20, 20126:40 pm
        by MyTimeIsNow


        either way it goes, I feel that Harrison Barnes and Bradely Beal are more skilled, but the the potential for Drummond is phenomenal

  • Jun 20, 20124:11 pm
    by MrCarter


    Looks like Beal is going to the Wiz at #3 now(after the recent trade).

  • Jun 20, 20129:21 pm
    by Jeremy


    I went Barnes, but my assumption is that he will be gone before we are picking and Drummond will fall into Joe D’s lap. I think Barnes is the athletic, dynamic, and shooting SF that this team needs to spark some energy out of that spot.
    I think the New Orleans – Washington Trade will switch things up a bit. As of this moment, this is how I see the top 10 playing out:
    1) New Orleans: Davis
    2) Charlotte: Robinson
    3) Washington: Beal
    4) Cleveland: Kidd-Gilchrist
    5) Sacramento: Barnes
    6) Portland: Lillard
    7) Golden State: Austin Rivers (First big reach of the draft)
    8) Toronto: Waiters
    9) Detroit: Drummond
    10) New Orleans: Perry Jones III

  • Jun 20, 201211:54 pm
    by WannaBeGM


    @ tarsier:
    If Houston doesn’t bite at Daye and the 9 pick, throw in 1 or both of the second round picks we have. Detroit doesn’t need another Dajuan Summers or Veron Macklin, who cares if we have to give up a future D-league/summer league player to get 2 of those 5 guys named, who all have potential to be future stars. Joe D could easily make it happen if he tried and was willing to do some reasonable negotiating. I don’t see why it won’t happen, but it probably won’t, its too easy

    • Jun 21, 20126:08 am
      by tarsier


      If it seems like it’s obviously a good way to go for Detroit, then it is probably not something Houston would take. In fair deals, both sides are usually uncertain if it was smart. Especially in a case like this where the needs of the two teams aren’t incredibly different.

  • Jun 21, 20122:30 am
    by Max


    Hey, I’m not sure what the proper way to vote is because I have now voted for Drummond for both the 3rd and 4th pick and will never get to pick Michael Kidd-Gilchrist because he is now off the board.  I’m going with the notion that once the majority rules and someone is slated that you should then pick the same player if he didn’t win the poll on the previous pick.

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