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Poll: Which player belongs No. 2 on the Pistons’ draft board?

Read this before voting

1. Anthony Davis


  • Jun 19, 20121:29 am
    by Trent AUS



    Is there a serious chance Joe D could actually show some aggression in this draft and use our no. 9 pick and other less valuable assets to move up to between 4-7 to try and guarantee Drummond? I have as many question marks on this guy as anybody does but we have a great young core that could get this guys head straight. A full pre-season under coach Frank for Moose, Stuck and Knight added with serious talent (Drummond) would be guarantee my season ticket. The franchise is committed to addressing attendance problems, a guy like Drummond does that. He has star potential, not saying he will be but he has that potential. 

    I honestly think Joe needs to look at Big Ben. If we are serious about a big in the first round and let this guy retire, who becomes the mentor? Max? CV? Young bigs need guidance and leadership by guys that have walked the walk. No rookie would dear not listen to Ben for fear of what would happen on the practice floor. This guy is a saint for our city, bring him back at a minimum, convince him he can contribute and we will be a much, MUCH better team and franchise. (I say this without respecting his legacy of going out on his terms which deserves as much respect as any). 

    In summary, be aggressive to get Drummond (1st ’12 + protected 1st ’13 and daye/max/bynum etc etc), retain Ben for lack of current leaders, admit defeat on CV31 or BG, add cheap athletes (weems, 2nd rounders) 

    BUILT: EXCITE: UNITE Detroit 2012-13 

    2012-13 Roster

    PG- Knight
    SG- Stuck
    SF- Prince (start of season at least) #respect
    PF- Monroe (shows high-low potential – see LeMarcus Aldridge 
    C – Drummond (highlights; if not anything else

    2-Ben G
    3-vet FA PG/Will
    4-Max/Vernon M
    5 – Big Ben
    6- Singler (as a big 2 small 3) #underrated handle
    7 -2nd rounders (or if Joe D is Joe fill with Austin, CV31 and any other heartless player that will take an undeserved pay check)

    *Euro or D-League potential 2nd rounder

    It is so easy to be a GM, why aren’t I one? Seriously?!



  • Jun 19, 20127:45 am
    by sop


    This one is tough call for the Pistons as T-Rob doesn’t really fit perfectly next to Monroe since he doesn’t block shots and can’t shoot from outside or switch to play some Center. Drummond on the other hand is so high of a risk to be a bust that it seems foolish to put him 2. The Pistons don’t have to make this decision.

  • Jun 19, 20128:46 am
    by tarsier


    Nice three way race we got here between the three guys I gave serious consideration to voting for.

  • Jun 19, 201210:28 am
    by Mark


    Pairing MKG with our other gym rats like Knight, Stuck and Monroe would be great.  Can guard multiple positions.  He’ll work to get the most out of his ability.  It would be nice to trade up but unfortunately thats not Dumars style.  Not sure we have the assets to do it, I think it would take more than Stuckey or Knight plus the 9

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