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Poll: Which player belongs No. 1 on the Pistons’ draft board?

How this works


  • Jun 18, 201212:49 pm
    by labatts


    I voted for Tu Holloway because he is a grown man who doesn’t get disrespected.

  • Jun 18, 201212:52 pm
    by Jason


    I hope they take Arnett or Henson with the first pick. I saw Meyers Leonard play in college. He was pitiful- def a project and it will kill Dumars job.  I also hope we aim to get Miles Plumlee in one of our other second round picks. We can use athletic bigs.

  • Jun 18, 201212:58 pm
    by Nicholas


    Anthony Davis is the obvous choice! LOL but very unathletic
    doubt Meyers Leonard is a reach at this stage.

    He has really impressed scouts n executives in the Combine, and Chad Ford said every executive in NBA has ranked Leonardhigher than Zeller now, mainly becuase of his age/upside/athleticism/size.

    Bucks will take Leonard if he falls to 12th(they desperately need a C n Leonard is probably the BPA in that range), n i think thats his floor.

    Leonard’s floor can go from 6th(Portland, id Drummond is taken from 2nd-5th) to 12th. So, Leonard is in our range. Thats not a reach at all

    Trading down to 14th, i doubt Meyers Leonard will be there.

    Prefer Meyers Leonard to Henson now, Henson’s frame reminds me too much of Daye’s or Brandan Wright’s. He is the best “fit”, but he’ll struggle as a pro. In 3-4 years, Henson may be out of the league if he cant gain weight.

    Dont pick for need, pick for the best prospect who is more likely to be a better pro in 3-4 years.

    Henson….just too many quesiton marks involved. He was measured 216lb at almost 22 years old n athletic testings results were unimpressive


  • Jun 18, 20121:06 pm
    by Corey


    Henson is the classic project. At 216 lbs he cannot be a starting NBA power forward. He’s a career backup unless he becomes a strong 230. And if he’s already almost 22 it may take years, if ever.

    Moultrie or Leonard are the ones I am hoping for.

  • Jun 18, 20121:22 pm
    by frankie d


    davis is the obvious choice.
    seems like lots of pistons’ fans are finally coming to their senses regarding henson.  
    for a guy who is supposed to be freakishly athletic, going into the combine and having the some of the worst verticals at the combine is a killer.  he’s probably going to be an nba player, but you can get guys like him in the second round.

    • Jun 21, 20126:46 pm
      by HardyHar


      Henson injured his ankle just before the combine. That’s why his numbers were low. I’m pretty sure he has a 35-36″ vert, not a 30″ as tested.

  • Jun 18, 20121:32 pm
    by Daye and Knight


    Number 1 as far as the players projected to fall at 9? Otherwise this is an easy decision…Eric motha f*ckin Griffin will be a STUD!!!!!!! Hornets need to give him a serious look at 1 IMO.

    just who is Eric Griffin?????????

    You’ll soon find out…likely before I do lol


  • Jun 18, 20122:33 pm
    by Dan Feldman


    If you’re not voting for Anthony Davis and you’re not making a joke, that means you didn’t read the instructions.


    This has nothing to do with the No. 9 pick in the draft and whom you think will be available. Every draft pick is on the board. Who do you want?

    In a couple hours, you’ll answer the same question with Anthony Davis excluded.

  • Jun 18, 20124:07 pm
    by john


    Dan, you should exclude the average top five from the major mock drafts then let us vote…

  • Jun 18, 20124:18 pm
    by vic


    Anthony Davis is the guy of course.

    My board is going to be a little shorter, because I think its best to build a team long term championship contention, not just taking the best guy to win a couple of extra games next year. Theres only certain guys I’d want for the Pistons:

    1. Anthony Davis 
    2. Andre Drummond
    3. Thomas Robinson
    4. Meyers Leonard
    5. John Henson
    6. Jared Sullinger
    7. PJ3
    8. Kendall Marshall
    9. Fab Melo
    10. Andrew Nicholson
    11. Scott Machado
    12. Kyle Oquinn
    13. Jae Crowder
    14. Doron Lamb
    15. Jesse Sanders
    16. Quincy Acy
    17. Travis Hyman
    18. Darius Johnson Odom

  • Jun 18, 20124:25 pm
    by Mark


    Davis should just be omitted. I voted Drummond. I didn’t see the previous post explaining everything. But even so, since theirs no chance of Davis not being the #1 pick, he’s basically removed from the whole draft process imo.

    Like in the NFL when the #1 team makes the deal with the guy they want the night before. Its almost like that player isn’t in the draft anymore and everything shifts to #2.

    After Davis, I like Drummond the best, then Barnes, then I’m torn on all the rest. Fortunately Drummond and Barnes are the 2 most likely to drop, of the top 6 guys.

    I love that teams value Beal, Robinson, and MKG higher. I don’t see anything special in any of them.

  • Jun 18, 20125:39 pm
    by Tiko


    whats the point of this? the obvious choice is Davis

  • Jun 18, 20128:02 pm
    by tarsier


    The fact that Davis has collected under 50% of the vote means that your PP audience is either nuts, didn’t read, or has terrible reading comprehension.

  • Jun 18, 20128:30 pm
    by acr


  • Jun 18, 20128:36 pm
    by Mark


    I couldnt help but dream what Davis would add to the Pistons before the lotto.  We would be a playoff team next season.  And then Magic had to predict the Pistons winning the lotto.  Based on absolutely nothing, but this still made it worse when the results became final.  He is going to be a stud.  Comparing him to Camby is an insult.  On the brightside we can still come out of here with a good player.  I agree with everything Nicolas said in his post above.  

    After watching Ibaka play a huge role this year on OKC I thought Henson could fill this role for us, but he’s no Ibaka.  Theres no doubt we need a shot blocking presence but if we are looking for a guy to start for us at some point down the road I think we’re looking at the wrong player.  I think Leonard can fill the same role and the upside is too much to pass up.  And its not as if he accomplished nothing last year at illinois.  Had good game against the younger zeller, sullinger, trevor mbakwe.  Hes raw, no doubt about it but I’ll take a true 7 footer with his athletism/upside any day over the other bigs that will be available at 9.

    • Jun 19, 201211:46 am
      by rick


      How can you have a good game against someone who did not play because of injury? Sorry, but this kid did not play against Mbakwe. Maybe Ralph Samson’s kid, but not Mbakwe. Joe is not about to mortgage his future on the hope that Leonard will be good. By the time that happens, Joe could be without a job.

  • Jun 18, 20128:43 pm
    by Mark


    Pat and Dan, plenty of mocks out there at this point and its at least somewhat apparent who will be available once Detroit is on the clock at 9.  Who are you hoping we take (realistically) with our 1st rounder based on the information that is out there right now?   (Lamb, Drummond maybe but probably not, Sullinger, Moultrie, Zeller, Leonard, Henson, P Jones, K Marshall, Lillard…)

  • Jun 18, 20128:47 pm
    by Bygdygod


    I like this! The rest will catch on, but um when is the next time we can vote?

  • Jun 18, 20128:51 pm
    by Mark


    1 more thing about Leonard.  If Drummond can be hyped so much prior to this draft, based on upside apparently and not much else considering what he showed last year on UConn, why would Leonard be such a terrible pick?  Athletically they arnt much different and in terms of toughness and bball IQ to me it isnt close.  Drummond looked absolutely clueless last year.  But his arms are really really long.  Thats about the only difference I can see between the 2.  If there is something else I’m missing here let me know.  Ok, I’m done posting now.

    • Jun 18, 201210:36 pm
      by Dano


      Leonard has the basketball IQ of a frog.

      Drummond shocked a lot of people with his poor showing at UCONN, and I think the general sentiment is he might not have been a “college player,” or necessarily a good fit for that program.

  • Jun 18, 201210:32 pm
    by Dano


    I kind of think Anthony Davis has a high chance of being one of the biggest draft let downs in recent memory (although not a bust).

  • Jun 18, 201211:28 pm
    by Mark


    How does Drummond get the “probably a better in the nba than college” label while Leonard has the BB IQ of a frog?  If you want to talk about Drummond not being a good fit in UConn then you should talk about how the Illini guards chucked all year long and mention what a joke the Illini program was last year.  I wasn’t trying to give the impression that Leonard was a polished NBA prospect by any means compared to Drummond.  I’d love Det to take Drummond if he falls to them.  My point was that these guys are both projects with huge upside and its my opinion that they arnt that much different from each other physically, statisically, both have similar question marks.  I just dont understand why Drummond is more hyped and a surefire early lotto pick.  Thats all I am saying.

    • Jun 19, 201211:28 am
      by CNA5


      To be fair, Mark, neither Leonard nor Drummond was in the best situation to evolve their games.  Let’s be honest here- both programs were a bit of a mess.  Both programs also tend to neglect post play as an important part of their offense.
      The biggest reason Drummond is viewed as the better talent is really upside.  He has an above average NBA body for the center position and teams think they can teach him the rest easier than Leonard bulking up or having that timing necessary to block and challenge shots.
      - Drummond has a larger frame and wingspan than Leonard.  Drummond’s NBA weight will likely be 270-285.  Many view Leonard playing closer to 250.  That means you’re picking between having one of the larger centers in the game versus one that’s middle of the pack.
      - Drummond is a shot blocker.  Leonard can block shots.  There’s a difference.  Drummond (along with a surprising number of players in this draft- like Henson and Davis).  With rules being swung so far in favor of perimeter attackers, it’s advantageous to have a presence to block and/or alter shots at the rim.  Leonard might be average in this regard on the next level.  Drummond has the potential to be great at it.
      I think Drummond’s raw size packaged with his athleticism is what has teams salivating.  But, we’ll see during the draft.  *shrugs*

  • Jun 19, 201212:07 am
    by Gurprem


    Lets be honest, white players have a lower ceiling than black players. The most that Leonard and Zeller can be are Tyler Hansborough types. Hustle players off of the bench.

    • Jun 21, 20126:52 pm
      by HardyHar


      I would possibly say lwhite dudes may have ower ATHLETIC ceilings. IQ ceilings are a whole other thing altogether. I mean Nash wasn’t expected to be a multiple NBA MVP. Or how about Kevin Love… Most white dudes that make the league are really intelligent and know how to play a role, something the Pistons could use. Laimbeer was one of the least gifted in the agility department but he still wreaked havoc on teams every night.

      Besides, Monroe (the Pistons new cornerstone) is one of the least athletic dudes in the league. Being explosive is one tiny part of the game IMO.

  • Jun 19, 201212:09 am
    by PalacePrince


    Good point. That being said, id take moultrie over leonard all day.

  • Jun 19, 201212:12 am
    by Need4Sheed


    Would you guys take Henson over Zeller/Leonard? Thats a tough call. I don’t get good vibes from Henson. I think sticking with what u said gurprem, id stay away from seller. But Henson or Leonard is a tossup

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