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Pistons might pass on Andre Drummond, favoring Myers Leonard and John Henson among workout group

Chad Ford of ESPN:

Right now sources say Leonard and Henson are the two leading candidates in the group. Sullinger has slid on the Pistons’ draft board since the team saw his draft combine physical. Mississippi State’s Arnett Moultrie is also in the running for the No. 9 pick, however he’s more of a long-shot. He worked out earlier with the Pistons.

The winner of the workout could very well be the ninth pick if UConn big man Andre Drummond doesn’t fall to them.

The Pistons are hoping Drummond does fall and there are scenarios where they could get their wish.

Even after all that, there’s no guarantee that the Pistons would draft him. They too have questions about his maturity and toughness. UConn’ head coach Jim Calhoun’s comment to Andy Katz on Thursday that "Three or four years down the road you’ll see Andre’s incredible potential" scares them to death.

Three to four years of development time is an eternity for a NBA lottery pick. After several years of mediocrity, the Pistons really want to make a push for the playoffs now.

There might be good reasons to pass on Andre Drummond at No. 9, but making a playoff push next season is not one of them. I want the Pistons’ players and coaches thinking playoffs, but Joe Dumars should be thinking long term – especially in the draft. The draft is, by far, the easiest way to add an upper-echelon player. Filling in the roster with role players to make the team slightly better can be done through free agency and trades.

I really hope this is a smokescreen to deter teams from trading up ahead of the Pistons and drafting Drummond.


  • Jun 22, 20121:11 pm
    by Reaction


    Couldn’t agree more. I would be very very upset if the Pistons passed on Drummond in favor of Henson or Leonard.

  • Jun 22, 20121:15 pm
    by Ray


    i dont know if to be excited or pissed out… let me explain…Pissed because if we need a draft a player with star potential…why are we talking about meyer leonard and Henson?

    excited because in the last 2 drafts …no one expected us to draft Monroe or Knight…so maybe we are seriously looking at perry jones and terrance Jones at 9 …which makes the most since for this team. We have NO ATHLETES!

  • Jun 22, 20121:22 pm
    by sop


    The Piston’s front office wouldn’t want to come off giddy about Drummond if they’re hoping he’d slide to them. It’s pretty obvious they just don’t other teams to see how excited they at the chance he could slide.

  • Jun 22, 20121:26 pm
    by Mark


    The Pistons should be thinking about championships long term, not how do we build an 8th seed next year?

    Thats ridiculous because Drummond will still only be 22-23 yrs old in 3-4 yrs, and Knight and Monroe will just be entering their prime, and the 3some could be ready to contend for championships for the following 7-8 yrs.

    Also, ALL draft picks take 4-5 yrs usually until you see them realize their potential. Thats why every players prime isn’t until they are like 25 yrs old.

    Sounds like a smokescreen, and a good one, as GS is supposedly looking to win now, and if we can sway their opinion into thinking Drummond will take 4 yrs to contribute, then it could cause the to pass.

  • Jun 22, 20121:29 pm
    by Desolation Row


    Barring a career turnaround from CV31 that pushes him into poor-man’s-Dirk-Nowitzki territory (unlikely), there really isn’t any scenario I can envision in which the Pistons would be a contender before CV and BG’s contracts come off the books. Right around the time we’d expect to see Andre Drummond starting to meet his potential. Question really is: would you rather make the playoffs over the next few years and doom yourself to the mediocrity treadmill or do you take a less developed player with a higher potential ceiling and risk not making the playoffs (thereby entering the lottery and potentially add better draft picks to the core)?

    I think it could boil down to this: does Dumars believe he can keep Monroe after his contract is up even if the Pistons don’t make the playoffs by then?

    • Jun 22, 20122:26 pm
      by Jeremy


      Your second question really depends on what motivates Monroe. If its money, then Monroe will be a Piston for a very long time due to the Pistons’ ability to offer him an extra year per the CBA. If its winning a ring, team leadership is going to have to show that they are making efforts to get there. I personally think this team is closer to the playoffs than many others out there think. The preverbial “fat” (CV, BG, Tay) does need to be trimmed before this team can move forward. We all know that Joe D extremely over values his guys and looks for the most in return in a trade, but sometimes you need to take a loss to better your situation. A prime example of this is that deal Washington and New Orleans made. You can’t tell me that Washington wouldn’t have taken BG, CV, and Tay for Lewis – it works financially and the main goal would have been to turn around and buy Lewis out. Okafor and Ariza weren’t all that much more productive than the trio I mentioned sending over.

      Irregardless, as long as they aren’t taking someone that we all know they are really reaching on at #9, I will be good.

  • Jun 22, 20122:17 pm
    by Daye and Knight


    Could be bluffing on our part. What I don’t understand is why Golden State would take Drummond if they already have Tyler, Bogut, Biedrins (spell check) and Lee? They would be better off with PJIII or Waiters and maybe Ross. Can’t see a logical scenario where the Warriors would even need Drummond, especially of they want to win right away. If Drummond falls past Portland, I think it’s likely he falls to us, and even then I wouldn’t be that shocked if Dumars screwed that up and took Henson…as you can tell I lost faith in Dumars lol

    • Jun 22, 20124:01 pm
      by Marvin Jones


      I don’t know why everyone thinks that Drummond has all this “potential” and Leonard has none. Leonard is 7’1 and 245 lbs, runs like a deer, has a mid range game and some post moves. There is no question about his work ethic or his motor, why can’t he be out center of the future. He has just as much of a chance if not more to reach his ceiling than Drummond.

      • Jun 22, 20124:08 pm
        by Patrick Hayes


        “… runs like a deer”

        On four legs?

        • Jun 22, 20127:16 pm
          by Marvin Jones


          Only on two, the point being he gets up and down the floor with ease

          • Jun 22, 20128:28 pm
            by frankie d

            leonard just reminds me too much of a workout warrior.,
            when i saw him on the videos from the combine, he looked extremely impressive.  a great body on a big kid with athletic ability. 
            i just wonder why he never really dominated in college.   i saw 3 or 4 illinois games and he never really showed much.  he looked like a decent college player, but with his size and skills i expected to see him do something that made me notice him.  most times, you really didn’t even notice him on the floor and i’d end up having to look for his number to make sure he was still out there. 
            who knows…maybe it was a case of the coach not really knowing how to use him.  but i’d be wary about a player like him.  
            he may end up being the same way in the pros…a guy who looks like tarzan and plays like jane.   and if he plays the same way in the nba, he will not be worth a lottery pick.   if i’m going to gamble on a guy, i’d gamble on a guy like royce white, who always looked his best against the best competition.  white is a guy you couldn’t take your eyes off of, when he was on the floor.

  • Jun 22, 20122:20 pm
    by Mark


    I am like the idea of Drummond sliding also but everyone needs to keep in mind there is no guarantee that he will ever reach his potential.  Everyone posting talks about “when he reaches his potential in 4-5 years”…but what if he never gets it.  This is a real possibility I think with this guy.  He’s 6 ft 11, 270 pounds, has 7 ft 6 inch arms, can run like a guard and has a 34 inch vert but right now he is a terrible basketball player.  He’s awful.
    This video basically shows Drummond dunking a few times and the rest of it is him being bad at basketball.  It highlites weaknesses, and there are a lot of them.  Some of these highlights are hilarious.
    Despite all this, if he’s there at 9 then I think we should take him.  But there’s a reason that he might slip to us after being touted as a top 3 pick a few months ago.  Thats all I am saying.

    • Jun 22, 20123:52 pm
      by Tom Y.


      Agreed, I also don’t get why people seem to think that ‘project’ guys will just need a year or two more to get there. Many never get there and Drummond certainly seems like he could be one of those.
      I’m still not sure I’d pass on him at 9, but irrationally, I’m kinda hoping we’re not faced with that choice.

  • Jun 22, 20122:25 pm
    by djunak


    My biggest concern is can Detroit develope a young big like Drummond? They have a history of failing to do so. Last year Maklin looked like he showed real promise but they barried him on the bench. The player earns time is a good idea if you realize that a rookie is not going to best Big Ben. If a player is putting in the time and playing hard in practice he should get time on the court when the team is headed to the lottery and the player in front of him is retiring.

  • Jun 22, 20124:48 pm
    by Travis


    Monroe developed well. So I think we can develop our bigs.

    • Jun 22, 20129:18 pm
      by djunak


      Monroe was highly skilled big man when Detroit got him, he needed work but nothing compared Drummond.

  • Jun 22, 20125:10 pm
    by vic


    We can make the playoff next year with or without a draft pick – just on the already seen improvement of the team based on coaching, Stuckey, and Monroe’s improvement, and Jerebko getting healthy. 
    Draft for championship contention 3 years from now – don’t draft for minor incremental improvements, especially not in round 1.

    Get Drummond or Leonard.
    If not them, get Henson because theres a slight chance he could be a Rodman type of defender/rebounder if he gets stronger.

    • Jun 22, 20128:28 pm
      by Kerghan


      Someone thinking logically.
      Drummond or Leonard then Henson and the rest.
      The core is already set.

  • Jun 22, 20127:16 pm
    by MrBlockedShot


    As far as I’m concerned, I see a lot of “ifs” here and there: “if Drummond reaches his potential”, “if PJIII improves his motor”, “if Henson gets stronger”…so what about Moultrie and Leonard? As far as I can remember there aren’t many (not to say none) ifs for them (the same case applies to Zeller). So why don’t you get the guy that seems most consistent and ready to play NBA level instead of a risky promise? What’s the downside of that especially if you’re building a core of solid players for the years to come? For example, Zeller might never get to the potential of Gasol, Love or Howard, but could very likely be the likes of Noah or Hibbert. Should you be able to envision that wouldn’t you get him right now?? Just for you to consider…

    • Jun 22, 20127:49 pm
      by tarsier


      Because a solid player won’t elevate Detroit to contention. A star would. If you want to be the Hawks and be a first or second round team every year, stock up on solid. If you want a shot at winning it all, you gotta take a risk. Sometimes the risk is elsewhere but usually in the draft.

      Risky picks included Garnett, Nowitzki, and Wade along with a ton of busts. I’d rather a shot at one of those guys than a nice safe Okafor or some such.

  • Jun 22, 20127:39 pm
    by Corey


    Drummond scares me for the 29% free throw shooting. You can’t even put a guy on the floor who shoots them that badly.

    • Jun 22, 20127:53 pm
      by tarsier


      That number will improve. I’m sure he will be a terrible free throw shooter for his whole career, but probably more in the Shaq/Dwight/Ben range of terrible. Which is totally acceptable if he is anywhere near their range of overall impact too.

      • Jun 22, 201210:01 pm
        by starlight0997


        Eh, actually there are three tiers. Dwight Howard is actually close to 60% for the career, then there’s Shaq and Reggie Evans at barely over 50%, and last Ben Wallace is a 40% FT shooter. Could Drummond actually end up worse? Not saying he can’t improve, but…

        • Jun 22, 201210:28 pm
          by tarsier


          Howard is about 60% for his career. And he was actually significantly better before his deltoids got so big as two impede his two-handed shot. But he was around 50% this year. But the real reason I include all three of those despite different free throw percentages is because difficulty hitting free throws had a similar effect on all three of their games. In spite of Wallace struggling the most with it, it actually impacted him the least because he didn’t live at the line like the other two.

  • Jun 22, 20128:41 pm
    by Bugsygod


    Would love for them to draft Drummond! If he turns into deandre Jordan I would be happy. His ceiling is D Howard! Keep sliding. Keep sliding!

  • Jun 22, 201210:00 pm
    by gmehl


    If i had a dollar for all the if’s in the comments above then i would be rich. I think ‘if’ we have the choice between Drummond, Leonard and Henson then you would go with them in that order. All three have their strengths and all three have their weaknesses so whomever we choose we just have to make sure that we get the best fit for the team. Whether that be for the short term or the long term is debatable but i am guessing Joe would go with the short term cause his a$$ is more than likely on the line this coming season. My personally think Drummond and Leonard are pretty close with Henson being a last resort choice. If we never experienced the weight issues we had with Daye then i wouldn’t be surprised if Joe would consider taking Henson over the other 2.

  • Jun 23, 20124:19 am
    by Kris


    Drummond scares me to death. He looked lost in the fog all the time. To me he just seems like a guy who has a chance to go pros and make some money but he has no passion, desire for the game. Say what you want about Henson, but he plays good defense. And by good I mean, he knows where and how to position himself. He said thet he does not really like 3 on 3 scrimmages because 5 on 5 is where he can really show his value. I think that is true. And talent wise Sullinger is ahead of all of those mentioned. I do not know how about his back, but he was far from breaking down in college, while guy like Drummond never really break in.

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