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Pistons having trouble separating key bigs, plan big workout

Chad Ford of ESPN:

The Pistons do need a center or a super athletic power forward. They have a huge workout on Monday in Detroit with Jared Sullinger, Tyler Zeller, Meyers Leonard, John Henson, Terrence Jones and Perry Jones. I know the Pistons are having trouble getting separation in that group (as are a lot of teams). The workout could be key to which guy they end up drafting.

If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t previously linked to reports of who has worked out for the Pistons. I don’t think those reports matter much. Teams don’t publicize all their workouts, and they often draft players they don’t work out.

But I think this workout matters. I’d guess there’s a strong chance the best player in this workout becomes the Pistons’ pick at No. 9.


  • Jun 20, 201212:45 pm
    by Mark


    Thats why they need to trade up and take Drummond.  Make the decision easy on themselves. When you have this close of a group of talent, its too risky that you could pick the wrong, because while they haven’t separated themselves yet, they will eventually in the NBA. So there’s no way of knowing right now who those players are, and 1 workout is going to tell them either.

    Its actually more of a risk to play russian roulette with this group of bigs at 9, than it is to trade up and draft Drummond. Because some of these are probably going to bust, but they all look the same right, so how do determine which to choose? Whereas Drummond, if he busts he busts, but you at least know you took the best rated prospect.

    • Jun 20, 201212:53 pm
      by MrHappyMushroom


      I’m of the opposite mind; look to trade down to pick up a couple of picks in the Top 20 or so.  Two of these guys would likely be available by then.  Take those two and the odds of one of them panning out might be a little better.

      • Jun 20, 20127:23 pm
        by tarsier


        Also realize that all the other teams know what the draft looks like too. So getting two for one by trading down may not be as easy as you imply. And trading up may be tougher than some seem to think.

        But moving in either direction would be smart if the right deal comes along, obviously.

      • Jun 22, 20126:19 am
        by d_ronii


        This isn’t the NFL,

  • Jun 20, 201212:59 pm
    by Gurman


    Some how get Houstons picks. We could get Moultrie and Leonard/Zeller/Henson/Jones who will all be there

  • Jun 20, 20121:11 pm
    by MrCarter


    At this point I still think we should trade down and see if we can grab Houstons #14 and #16 picks. Henson and Leonard are good but I think we can move down to get one of them and someone else too.

  • Jun 20, 20121:15 pm
    by djunak


    Draft Meyers Leonard at 9 trade for Houstons 16th and draft Moultre

  • Jun 20, 20121:20 pm
    by John


    Agreed, need Drummond, and when Oden comes back, take him, and revive his career

  • Jun 20, 20122:24 pm
    by Vic


    They cOuld sell tickets to that workout, I’d go

  • Jun 20, 20122:48 pm
    by John


    if they held it in Orlando Fl, i’d go.

  • Jun 20, 20123:35 pm
    by WannaBeGM


    I see a very simple solution to all this:
    Trade the 9 pick and Daye to Houston for the 14 and 16 pick. Houston should accept w/o hesitation since, outside of Scola, they really lack talent at the 3 and 4. Throw in 1 of the 2nd round picks if need be.
    With the 14 pick take either a)Leonard, or b)Zeller. 1 of the 2 will be available, if not both.
    Then with the 16 pick take either a)T Jones, b)P Jones, or c)Henson. At least 1 of the 3 will be available, more likely 2 of them. Prince can still play at close the same level he ever has right now but I’m not sure how much longer he will be able to, given his 32 yr old body has a lot of miles on it. Any of those guys can play both the 3 and 4, so that gives the pistons security in case Leonard or Zeller is a bust or slow developer and they need to keep Monroe at center. Then Joe D needs to convince Big Ben to stick around one more season to help whoever they draft to develop, just like he did for Monroe. He won’t allow them to slack at all.
    Could you imagine that lineup in a couple years?
    Knight at PG
    Stuckey at SG
    T Jones/P Jones/Henson at SF, (Prince for defensive, JJ for additional depth)
    Monroe at PF, (JJ of the bench)
    Leonard/Zeller at C.
    Looks like a dynasty in the making to me. It would be impossible to guard them offensively, they would be way too big for any team to match up.  This doesn’t even take into consideration the estimated 40-50 million in cap room they’ll have opening up in the next couple seasons with JMax’s, Gordon’s, Charlie V’s, Big Ben’s, and Byum’s contracts all expiring, as well as all the money they still owe Rip will be paid
    Now how easy was that plan to come up with? Make it happen Joe D!

  • Jun 20, 20124:38 pm
    by Mike


    I think the Pistons will take the best available at #9.  Just like last year when Knight fell to us I think someone will fall to #9.  What if Harrison Barnes fell?  What if Kidd-Gilcrist fell?  I think there is not a lot of separation in these bigs and then throw in Fab Melo and O’Quinn.  Joe might try to get someone later in the first round by trading back in.

    • Jun 22, 20129:08 pm
      by Zack


      O quinn and melo are very different choices than a hesnon, pj, etc. theyre all potential starters and possibly all stars. Melo and Oquinn are both role playing deffensive centers, and not very talented ones at that. Unless it was the early second and one of then had fallen i wouldnt consider picking them

  • Jun 20, 20127:15 pm
    by DG


    I think the Pistons need to keep this pick and work it out.  If one of the top 6: Davis, Beal, Gilchrist, Barnes, Drummond or Robinson drops then the pick gets easier.  Otherwise I think they need to decide who makes the best Piston (compliments Monroe and/or fits the personality of the team they are trying to create).  If they move down then they allow other organizations to make that choice for them by possibly taking the player that would work best for them.

    I have a suspicion that Joe already knows who he wants.  It’s up to these guys working out to show him something he doesn’t already know about them Monday.  Those are the guys working for his pick.  those are the one’s more likely to work hard as a Piston, too.

    • Jun 20, 20127:34 pm
      by Coach_Ackley


      DG – I couldn’t have said it any better about who Joe D already knows who he wants and wants to see which player wants it more…

  • Jun 20, 20128:15 pm
    by Mark


    I would love Drummond to fall and I think theres a slim chance he might.  Personally I’d love to see Monroe slide over to the 4 at some point.  I guess if Leonard holds his own out of all these guys I’d take him for the same reason he has a good amount of upside also.  Bottom line is I would probably drive myself insane if I were the GM trying to choose the best prospect out of this group.

  • Jun 20, 201210:31 pm
    by Giles mills


    Henson is already overweight

  • Jun 20, 201211:18 pm
    by Jay


    I posted this previously but it warrants a look in this thread. I have to agree with Mark^^^ for the reasons that follow.

    My guess is that the results of the workout likely won’t determine who the Pistons draft, at least not from a who’s the best at the work out standpoint. Zeller is probably going to “win” the workout because of his size, experience, and polish.
    I think that everyone but Henson will have trouble guarding PJIII because he is a perimeter player and none of them are quick enough to stay with him.
    The length of Henson, Leonard, PJIII, and Zeller will just confirm that Sullinger not only cant score over length, but that he’s not worth a 1st Rd pick with his injury issues.
    I think the key things the Pistons will be looking at is how much Henson gets pushed around by the other players. If he can’t handle the size and strength of the other guys at the workout, he likely cant handle NBA 4?s.
    At the same time they will be looking to see just how athletic Zeller is, particularly on defense, if he can show he’s able to protect the rim and alter shots he could drastically improve his chances of being chosen.
    I think the biggest thing the Pistons will be watching is how Meyers Leonard fares. I think that if he shows that he’s every bit as good defensively as Henson, shows offensive potential, and convinces the coaches that the concerns about his maturity are overrated I think he could secure the Pistons choice at #9. I think Monroe is ideally suited for the 4 spot at the NBA level and providing him with a running mate who is the biggest guy in the draft, was good for 13pts, 8rbs, and 2blks a game in the 2nd best conference in the country last year (and pretty much Handled Sullinger in 2 meetings) and hasn’t even scratched the surface of his potential is the way the Pistons should go. At worst I think Leonard winds up as a Robin Lopez or Jokim Noah who provides defense and energy. At best I think he could be an Andrew Bynum type stud.

  • Jun 21, 20125:15 am
    by Lorenzo


    My gawdd….again with these ridiculous trade scenarios, just stop. And to all of you that keep throwing Daye in trade scenarios….the kid would barely fetch a second rounder….aka he is worthless in the eyes of GMs…ala he is not an “asset” or “trading chip”…you have to be worth something first to be used as a make weight.

  • Jun 21, 20122:04 pm
    by Ted


    Lorenzo, thank you for some common sense. Wow some of these replies have been BAD. WannabeGM you are just that; you’re insights would make you a horrible GM – worse than David Khan. If the perfect trade comes, trade down. There is no clear cut #3 or #4 or #5 or even a clear cut top 10. Davis and Robinson should go 1-2 and after that its any GM’s guess, therefore trading up will not get you a franchise changer. Because of the depth, if you trade down, you’re still getting good players. In fact, I would try to trade down due to the depth of this draft.

    Detroit has a good pick at #9 and can get a very good player. This workout should help separate the ‘Who’s Who’ from the ‘Who’s Not’. I like it. In fact, I love it. Watch Terrence Jones abuse everyone…

  • Jun 21, 20122:39 pm
    by Desolation Row


    Sullinger may drop due to his recent health issues. I say we take the best available player, regardless of position, at 9 and then see where he falls. If it’s to a team with another player that could immediately help the Pistons they’d be willing to part with along with Sullinger for the #9 pick, we trade. 

    Also, we should have tanked this season.

  • Jun 21, 20125:43 pm
    by Jeremy


    I have a dream scenario. Supposedly the Kings are shopping Tyreke Evans. I would trade Stuckey, the #9 pick, and a second round pick for Evans and the #5 pick. With that pick we could get Drummond. And lets face it, Stuckey is pretty inconsistent, Evans is a bigger, more productive version of him. I like the idea of a core of Knight, Evans, Monroe, and Drummond for years to come. Unfortunately, Dumars will never part ways with Stuckey because he has a man crush on him.

    • Jun 22, 20129:14 pm
      by Zack


      nice dream, the second rounder and nine would probly not get you the five and that would be saying stuckey is an equal to tyreke which is just a joke.

  • Jun 22, 20122:11 pm
    by Bay


    If Barnes falls, we need to take him.

  • Jun 22, 201210:11 pm
    by Mel Crosby


    tyreke is on decline ( game not much better than stuck) rather keep stuck.
    Plus stuck schoolz tyreke everytime they play each other

  • Jun 23, 201210:47 am
    by Craig


    I would love to see the pistons trade up and draft Drummond. Ya the kid obviously needs to work on his game but the kid is only 18. He’s just a baby, in a few years this kid will be a player no one will want to face on the court. Honestly i love this team but it’s just getting stale Joe needs to make a big move this year not only in the draft but in free agency. If he don’t get it done this year, Tom gores needs to step in and say your fired Joe.

  • Jun 23, 20123:56 pm
    by darrel


    at least joe is learning from his mistakes and bringing guys in to workout, back when he drafted darko; carmello never was brought into workout

  • Jun 26, 201211:50 pm
    by Porter


    Am I the only person who isn’t in love with Henson??? Too many times gms get burned for drafting players based on potential. Henson potential isn’t eye popping!

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