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Pistons flew to New York to watch Andre Drummond work out Tuesday

Chad Ford of ESPN:

Sources say that the Pistons flew to NY to see Andre Drummond workout on Tuesday evening just in case he slides to 9.

I think the Pistons would likely take Drummond at 9 if he slides to them tonight.


  • Jun 28, 201212:26 pm
    by DG


    This would be a huge blessing for the Pistons.  He has the talent to help the Pistons back into contention in a couple of years — not just make the playoffs this year.  In the mean time he could provide blocked shots and rebounds.  He wouldn’t be relied upon to score outside of Monroe alley oops for slams and putbacks.  Talk about excitement back in the Palace! 

    Unfortunately, I would be willing to bet the only way they could get him would be to move up.  There are too many teams trying to trade up, chief among them Houston.

  • Jun 28, 201212:30 pm
    by DG


    Oh and bring back Ben to show him the right way to play — INTENSITY! 

    Also, please amnesty CV.  We don’t need to screw up a pick like that by showing him the wrong way to play and still collect money.

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