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PistonPowered Growing Pains

If you spent much time on the site in the past couple of weeks, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that we’ve been experiencing a few technical issues here. Thanks to an abundance of loyal readers (that’s you), we’d completely outgrown our old hosting package, causing poor performance and the occasional site outage.

And we can’t thank you enough.

Over the last several hours, we’ve moved our site to a faster server that should allow us to handle higher traffic volumes with fewer difficulties. This process required that we transfer all of our content to a new machine and inform "the internet" of our move so that www.pistonpowered.com takes all of you to Dan and Patrick’s witty and insightful (and sometimes snarky) basketball analysis that you’ve grown to love. Unfortunately, since the World Wide Web is really exactly what it sounds like, it takes time for that information to be updated everywhere. If you saw any strange error messages on our site sometime since Wednesday evening, it was because your corner of the internet wasn’t yet notified of our move. (I’d encourage you to read up on DNS and the internet here for a more technical explanation, if you’re into that sort of thing.)

This upgrade should keep us running smoothly for a while, but if you’re able to view this post and you see anything else on the site that seems out of the ordinary, drop us a line so we can investigate.

We’re committed to providing you with the best news and analysis around on the Detroit Pistons, and we feel that this is yet another step in that direction. Hopefully you can overlook some of our recent issues and stick around for all our coverage of the 2012 NBA Draft and beyond. I mean, come on; we just spent money on you guys! The least you could do is hang out for a while longer, right? Is that so much to ask? So pull up a chair and prepare your best arguments for Dan and Patrick in the comments section, because we’re not going anywhere. And bring some friends, too. We’re looking forward to having this problem again sometime very soon.


  • Jun 28, 20121:34 am
    by Ahmed


    No Problem

    • Jun 28, 20121:37 am
      by Ahmed


      I really love this website, I check it every 2 hours. Thank you guys :)

  • Jun 28, 20123:56 am
    by Mark


    thanks for the upgrade. I had noticed problems of slow loading in the past, but the content was so good I just overlooked it. Nice to have best of both worlds now. :)

  • Jun 28, 20126:01 am
    by Mike


    Thanks, this is one of the best sites.

  • Jun 28, 20127:46 am
    by koz


    You’re doing great. Keep a it up. And thanks for all the time you guys are putting into this draft.

  • Jun 28, 20128:17 am
    by gerdz10


    Thanks for keeping this site running smoothly.

  • Jun 28, 20129:52 am
    by apa8ren9


    Thanks, I love this site.  Great job guys.

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