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Not everyone loves the Andre Drummond pick

Andre Drummond has flaws, some of them highlighted on Detroit Bad Boys last night, I think even the most euphoric among Pistons fans realize this. So while most have praised the Pistons for having the good fortune to land someone once considered a top four talent in this draft with the ninth pick, there are also more pessimistic takes out there. Matt Moore of CBS Sports:

He’s so talented, so physically gifted, but Joe Dumars needed more of a sure thing. Drummond is a nice kid — too nice. He doesn’t play with much intensity, hasn’t developed any low-post moves and has a mediocre basketball IQ. I hate to kill this pick because, again, Drummond is a high-character kid. But this was a major risk, even at number nine.

Moore is also one of very few people praising Detroit’s first second round pick, Khris Middleton. He also liked the English pick:

Khris Middleton (39): Solid pick for Dumars; Middleton is a skilled wing who can shoot it from the perimeter.

Kim English (44): Has size and can shoot the ball from the perimeter. Quality selection in the middle of the second round.

I’ve obviously expressed my belief that Drummond was the pick the Pistons had to make, and I say that knowing very well what the risks are. It has similarities to the Brandon Knight pick last year. In back-to-back years, the Pistons have taken players who are incredibly physically gifted, but their actual skill level/basketball IQ has to catch up to where they’re at physically. If Knight’s work ethic and rub off on Drummond, I think he’ll be fine.



  • Jun 29, 20125:58 pm
    by Byron


    The “sure things” available at 9 were sure things to be top 8 type players, not even necessarily sure-thing starters. Getting one of those has the Pistons either getting swept in the first round or earning a bad lottery pick, every year, for the next 3 or 4 years. That is the worst possible position for an NBA team.

  • Jun 29, 20126:08 pm
    by 1298ty


    What’s up with the guys over at Detroit Bad Boys? They’re funny and intelligent, and I really want to like them, but they hate everything.

    • Jun 29, 20126:15 pm
      by TDP


      No, we love too much.

    • Jun 29, 20127:39 pm
      by brgulker



      Kevin and I don’t like the Drummond pick, but we collectively brainstormed all the reasons the Ben Gordon trade was a really good thing for the Pistons, which Sean ended up publishing here: http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=2&ved=0CFwQFjAB&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.detroitbadboys.com%2F2012%2F6%2F27%2F3121536%2Fwhy-the-ben-gordon-trade-was-good-for-the-pistons&ei=0jvuT9-lBoL49QSpu-CMDQ&usg=AFQjCNFbv1OR55aDyZwCG5sEd1aIhdBV0Q&sig2=_mfyJ0z_XHMyTg_Yf3__nA

      Things I also love:
      Jonas Jerebko
      Ben Wallace
      Jason Maxiell
      Rodney Stuckey’s good games
      Greg Mornoe
      Tom Gores’ tilted head

      And I don’t hate anything. I argue rationally and critically from the evidence as I understand it. Because the Pistons have been so foolish in the way they’ve managed things since 2009, I have levied much more criticism than praise, which has been deserved – their poor management has led to poor records.

      Since I only recently started writing about the Pistons, my writing has been mostly critical. But you wouldn’t have been able to find a much bigger fanatic than me when the Going to Work Pistons dominated the Eastern Conference.

      And should we find our way there again, I’ll be that same trash talking asshole, guaransheed. 

    • Jun 29, 20129:29 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      DBB guys are great.

      Just to echo what Ben said below, having a differing viewpoint than conventional wisdom is not ‘hating.’

      Ben, Mike, Brian, Kevin, Sean, Matt Watson whatever they did with him, those guys are all great, entertaining, intelligent writers, and also really nice people based on the interactions I’ve had with each. They have viewpoints, sure, but they all work very hard at what they do and provide data to support what they say. That’s not ‘hating,’ that’s having a strong opinion and supporting it.

  • Jun 29, 20126:15 pm
    by ray


    he is 7’0 260…..SICKNESS!
    I know this is older footage …but HE IS 7’0 260!!!!!!!!

  • Jun 29, 20126:18 pm
    by MrBlockedShot


    After draft was over I experienced mixed feelings at first. Drummond was a surprise at #9, too hard no to take him. He’s raw, he’s very young, he barely has experience but he seems to have a high ceiling and fits our most desperate needs on the inside. A perfect fit for Monroe, both complement each other. But, in the second round, I think nobody was expecting our two picks to be English and Middleton either… Frankly, don’t know both and beforehand I would have taken Machado and O’ Quinn, but…after some videos…well, Middleton might be a sleeper and English looks solid…so I guess we will have to wait and see. Anyway…it makes no sense to me to take so many SG/SF: Maggette, Prince, Singler, Middleton, English…I would have taken a PF like O’ Quinn to help on the inside instead of another SF or SG

    • Jun 29, 20129:17 pm
      by Shane


      There will be some trades in the offseason probably and CV has a good chance of being amnestied so other players get pt/roster spots

  • Jun 29, 20126:20 pm
    by ray


    • Jun 29, 20127:09 pm
      by RyanK


      The best part about this kid is because of him, I don’t have to come out of retirement…he’s got all my moves.  I can just talk about what he’s doing on those dunk instead of having to demonstrate them myself.

  • Jun 29, 20127:05 pm
    by Allen


    This was a great pick for the pistons. Would u rather have john henson? At the very least andre is will be a great rim protector, and help the pistons immensely. I think i remember the pistons having an all star center who had very little offensive skills that helped lead the pistons to a championship. The pistons are now solid at every position on the floor defensively.

    • Jun 29, 20129:32 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Alright, I love the Drummond pick, but let’s chill with the Ben Wallace whispers. Ben Wallace is maybe the hardest working player in NBA history. Let’s see if Drummond keeps the weight off that he didn’t start trying to lose until the college season ended first.

      Also, (and I am guilty of this too), Pistons fans tend to compare young guys so much early. Stuckey was the next Chauncey. Knight is the next Isiah. I can already see the ‘You know, Drummond is like a young Ben’ storyline creeping up. It doesn’t do the young players favors when they get compared to the greatest players in this team’s history.

      For now, I just want Drummond to be a hard worker and contributor for 20-25 minutes per game as a rookie. If he can do that, then we can raise the bar a little more.

  • Jun 29, 20127:10 pm
    by Allen


    And lets not forget that andre was supposed to be a senior in high school this year. Andre did pretty damn good for having one less year of experience than everyone else.

  • Jun 29, 20127:24 pm
    by Mark


    Whoever matt moore is he’s a retard. The Pistons needed a sure thing? Thats the last thing they needed, another sure thing mediocre player.

    If you want a superstar you have to draft them high, and you have to prepared to take that risk that goes with all high picks. Guess what? There’s no guarantee Anthony isn’t going to be a bust either, with his 220lb frame. If he can’t add weight = bust.

    Drummond will never really be a bust though, because he wasn’t picked #1, he’s was picked 9th, and big men with his size and shot-blocking ability will always be valuable. Davis has the shot-blocking ability down, but its still 50/50 whether he can add the size. You don’t have to worry about that Drummond ever.

    I can only guess that matt moore is a Cavs fan, or Raps, or some team above us, and he wanted Drummond bad, so now he’s salty about us getting him.

    • Jun 29, 20128:57 pm
      by Byron


      If Anthony Davis doesn’t develop, he’d still be a starting-quality center who averages 10/12 while leading the league in blocks. If Drummond doesn’t develop, he’ll be a starting-quality center who averages 10/12 and leads the Euroleague in blocks.

    • Jun 29, 20128:58 pm
      by Byron


      I mean, I love the Drummond pick, but it’s insane to act like he has ANY advantages over Davis.

    • Jun 29, 20129:34 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Matt Moore is a great writer.

      Again, not to belabor this point, but there has been a lot of ‘so and so doesn’t agree with me, so he’s stupid’ stuff the last few days.

      Honestly, I don’t agree with Matt’s take above. But I do think it is important to realize and understand that there are smart analysts out there who have a wide range of opinions on this pick. Yes, I hope Drummond is a star and makes everyone who had even minor questions about him look foolish. But it doesn’t mean it’s unfair at this point to discuss that he’s a big unknown.

  • Jun 29, 20127:28 pm
    by Mark


    imo, worse case scenario from Drummond is 10 pts, 8 rebs, and 2 blks a game with solid D.

    Basically exactly what we needed next to Monroe, even at his floor.

    Anything extra is icing. And you cant even expect to get much more than that from a big man at 9 in any draft. So for those reason, he will never be a bust. He’s either going to just be a solid Center or a superstar. Its a can’t lose situation, imo.

    • Jun 29, 20129:35 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      I don’t think that’s out of the realm if he’s in shape, although I expect his scoring/offensive output to lag.

  • Jun 29, 20128:10 pm
    by DG


    I’m glad Matt Moore didn’t draft for the Pistons.

  • Jun 29, 20128:17 pm
    by 777BADBOYz


    Drummond is a great pick and he should help the PISTONS achieve a playoff birth this next season.
    GOPISTONSGO….come back BEN…please

  • Jun 29, 20129:28 pm
    by RalphHau


    For all of those who are complaining about this pick, let me remind you, THERE IS NO SURE THING IN THE DRAFT”!  So let the kid show what he can do.  You guys complain even if you had LeBron James in your squad.  Get over it.

    • Jun 29, 20129:37 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Of all the reaction I’ve read, very few people are actually full-out complaining about the pick. It’s not complaining to say that there are significant questions about Drummond’s work ethic and conditioning. You can point out those things and still believe he was a good pick.

      • Jun 29, 201210:42 pm
        by reggieki2006


        Didnt this kid measure 6’11, 280 pounds with 7 percent body fat. At 19 years old this is the kind of potential that a team in our situation can afford to take a risk on, even though i dont believe it’s that much of a risk. A young, talented, athletic big is a nice to throw your chips in on.

  • Jun 29, 201210:32 pm
    by Josh B


    I can understand feeling like Drummond is a really big risk, but I think that’s exactly what Dumars had to do with this pick was take a risk. I don’t believe that Dumars is in a position where he needs to produce, and that doesn’t happen without taking some risk. The organization did they’re homework on this kid, and right now they appear to have all the right ideas about slowly developing him. There is a considerable chance for him to not achieve his potential, but with those physical gifts I don’t see where the Pistons have the luxury to pass up on it. How bad would the blogs beat up Dumars if he’d passed on this kid and he turned out to be an all out superstar

  • Jun 29, 201210:39 pm
    by Bugsygod


    If we had drafted Davis people would say he would be a bust..!

    • Jun 29, 201210:53 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      There are always people who make outlandish statements just to be pessimists. Davis was the best player and prospect in this draft. Anyone who watches basketball with any amount of seriousness knows that. At the beginning of the college season, most people looked at Davis and Drummond as the two best prospects in college basketball. By the end of the season, Davis had so thoroughly separated himself from not only Drummond, but the rest of the field, by a huge margin. If Detroit had landed Davis, they’d most likely be contending for a title within two seasons.

      Drummond is also a great prospect, but Davis is light years ahead in his development right now. That’s not a knock on Drummond either. Davis is just that good.

  • Jun 29, 201210:50 pm
    by ray


    Ben does NOT need to comback he can be a mentor or assistant coach for drummond….

    • Jun 29, 201211:13 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      I’ve said it on numerous threads, but:

      1. The Pistons already have a coach on staff devoted to coaching big men in Roy Rogers. He has a great reputation and did great work with Monroe last season.

      2. Ben Wallace has never, to my knowledge, expressed an interest in coaching. In fact, the reason he’s considering retiring is to be at home with his family and to pursue a law degree.

      3. He’s still a rotation caliber big man for 15-20 minutes per game. That gig pays much better than holding a clipboard.

      • Jun 30, 20123:05 am
        by Byron


        Ben Wallace wants to be a lawyer? That’s awesome. I love when these guys have ambition and brains. Nothing makes me sadder than the guys whose lives end at 40, and nothing makes me happier than people who wind up with a second career that lasts three times as long as their basketball career.

      • Jun 30, 201211:28 am
        by wmrobinson717


        Ben Wallace, Attorney at Law.
        The Defense NEVER Rests!

  • Jun 29, 201210:52 pm
    by ray


    he tested as the most athletic big man in 10 years….thats right more athletic than dwight

  • Jun 30, 20122:43 am
    by anotherchris


    Drummond with the 2012 (and beyond) Pistons has a better chance to develop into a good player than he would have on the 2010-11 Pistons (the year of the revolt?).
    He also has a better chance to develop here than he would have with teams like the Bobcats, Kings, or any of the recent knuckle head Wizards teams.
    As an organisation- the Pistons seem to be moving forward and gaining stability and a core. Although Drummond is young and does represent risk- I think the circumstances are right. I doubt Andre’s rookie season will be able to compare to Greg’s (maybe similar to D. Favors though?). Monroe was older and had more college expereince. It should be fair to expect gradual improvement throughout the season though.

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