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Mike Scott and Miles Plumlee to Pistons in second round of latest ESPN mock draft

Chad Ford of ESPN:

39. Detroit Pistons

Mike Scott | PF | Virginia

Scott is another player who has been moving up draft boards with excellent workouts. Several teams said he has outplayed several higher-ranked prospects in their workouts, and it’s clear Scott is getting some looks late in the first round.

44. Detroit Pistons (via Houston)

Miles Plumlee | PF | Duke Plumlee’s stock also has risen dramatically over the past month. Despite his pedestrian numbers at Duke, teams are intrigued with his elite athletic abilities and rebounding. Could be the next Jeff Foster.

Simply, I’d be thrilled with this outcome.

I really like Mike Scott. He might not possess ideal size and athleticism, but he plays hard, smart, and most importantly, well.

I don’t expect Plumlee, who has great athleticism and size but lacks skills, to be around for the 39th pick, but I’d like him even there. If he accepts a dirty-work role, he could be very valuable.


  • Jun 28, 20129:28 am
    by Shane


    It looks like we will have to trade up if we want to get Drummond. Rumor has it that Sactown is keeping their pick in case Drummond or Barnes falls and wants to either use them as trade bait or pair with Cousins. If that doesn’t happen then GSW is thinking about trading if either MKG or Drummond falls to them with Houston for multiple picks. Also there is the Raptors who are listening to trade offers for the 8th pick.

  • Jun 28, 20129:29 am
    by MrCarter


    Not bad, but I still would want us to get at least one center out of this draft.

  • Jun 28, 201210:20 am
    by ryan


    Miles Plumlee could be a really nice addition in the second round given his size and athletic ability. I don’t think he’ll ever be a natural, fluid type player but if he can grab boards, block shots, foul people hard and run the floor he’ll be useful.

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