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Jason Maxiell not opting out

Vincent Goodwill of the Detroit News:

#Pistons forward Jason Maxiell will not opt-out the final year of his contract, will stay in Detroit for $5 million next season

This isn’t surprising and probably a good move by Maxiell. He definitely wasn’t going to make $5 million next season on the open market, and more likely than not, he can still get a get contract in 2013 that’s similar to the multi-year deal he likely would receive as a free agent this offseason.

It’s a credit to Maxiell, who got into better shape last year, that opting out was even a consideration.


  • Jun 27, 20128:13 pm
    by labatts


    Good.  We’ll need him when Dumars drafts a shooting guard.

  • Jun 27, 20128:53 pm
    by Lorenzo


    Really no big news….was expected for the most part.

  • Jun 27, 20128:58 pm
    by John


    We need Drummond whether we trade up or not. He averaged 2.7 blocks per game. Everyones like OMG he only had 7.6 rpg. if he had 0 bpg, he’d have 10 ppg, and 10.3 rpg. If Drummond had the same stats as he did over the span of a 34 game college season in an 82 game colleges season, he’d have 221.4 blocks, 623 rebounds,32 assists, and 820 points.

    • Jun 27, 20129:04 pm
      by labatts


      I think you posted to the wrong article.

  • Jun 27, 20129:19 pm
    by John


    i meant to post it here.

  • Jun 27, 20129:24 pm
    by Bugsygod


    Expiring contracts. Maggette 10mil. Max 5mil. Bynum 3.5mil. All tradable assets.

  • Jun 27, 20129:49 pm
    by Ballboar


    You can put Daye on that list too

    • Jun 28, 201212:01 am
      by gmehl


      I think you should posted this in UPPERCASE and bold cause it deserved it. I am thinking unless Daye somehow manages to add 80lbs over the offseason then his NBA days are numbered. Maybe Joe should of employed Eddy Curry as his eating coach or even just had Daye move in with him to learn the fine art of eating.

  • Jun 28, 201212:02 am
    by Vince


    “That makes me wonder if we could see a trade like this: Detroit deals Tayshaun Prince (expires 2015) and the no. 9 pick to Sacramento for the no. 5 pick and Salmons’s contract (expires 2015). Sacramento stays in the top nine and adds an unselfish veteran swingman who won’t really help them because it’s not like they can compete for a title; Detroit sneaks into the top five and rolls the dice with a Drummond/Monroe tandem that will eventually fail. Everyone loses!” Simmons v Ford on the mock draft… I can’t help but wonder if this is what Joe D has in mind, I surely hope not, getting Drummond won’t be worth having Maggette and Salmons at the 3.

    • Jun 28, 201212:14 am
      by Shane


      Actually might be a decent deal except Sacramento probably will deal to Houston or someone.. WE MUST GET DRUMMOND. If we don’t god help our bigs >.<

      • Jun 28, 201212:47 am
        by Vince


        You’re kidding me right? On what earth is that a good trade? Salmons and Maggette by themselves are alright backups, both of them together would be terrible. In the rest of the article they have Golden State taking Drummond because no one else is available for them. They go on to say that they wouldn’t be surprised to see Joe D select Rivers at 9 which would be a joke, however both Simmons and Ford agree that Henson is a terrible choice for the Pistons, he’s 216 pounds and Leonard is a much better athlete and player. They concede Henson at 9 because they’re sure Drummond will be gone by then and that Leonard hasn’t had the best workouts. Unless we move up to get Drummond or trade down and receive a good center, this draft is looking thoroughly bad, Henson at 9 is a bad decision.

        • Jun 28, 20129:37 am
          by Scott Free


          Assuming you’re right that Drummond would be off the board; And if Henson isn’t really the best fit; and Leonard is too big of a reach… why not Zeller?  I’d much rather have a reliable bigman playing to the utmost of his ability than Rivers.

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