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It’s looking more and more like Kyle Singler will be a Piston next season

Most of the beat writers covering the team have already reported that 2011 Pistons draft pick Kyle Singler is probably a good bet to sign with the team next season and leave Spain. ESPN’s Fran Fraschilla, whose specialty is international basketball and prospects, added this in response to a question he received on Singler:

As much as I defended Singler’s decision to say in Spain — and I still do — the timing is probably right for him to come to the NBA now. According to all the reports about how well he’s played, staying overseas for an entire season worked for him. He played a lot in one of the top league’s in Europe and he got better. Now he comes to the NBA as an established NBA player rather than a second rounder fighting for a roster spot in an abbreviated training camp. Plus, the Pistons roster situation could be much better for him this year anyway. If Ben Wallace retires as expected and if Jason Maxiell opts out of his contract (less expected, but still possible) and if Charlie Villanueva is traded, bought out or amnestied (pretty unlikely, but you never know), there are potentially minutes up for grabs at the four spot. And, since Singler projects as kind of a 3-4 hybrid forward, he is looking at a small forward battle where Damien Wilkins is a free agent and probably unlikely to be retained and Austin Daye‘s bad season certainly made his path to earning a rotation spot a more difficult one. Overall, that’s just a much better opportunity for Singler to be walking into this year than it was last season.

And for the Pistons, they win here too. Singler turned heads in Spain. He played better than most expected him to there, he played significant minutes (something he probably wouldn’t have done as a rookie in Detroit), he developed some and he should be more NBA-ready coming into this season. The Pistons still should be looking to solidify their forward spots and I don’t think Singler is any kind of savior, but if he can give good backup minutes providing toughness, hustle and 3-point shooting, he’ll be a major upgrade over what they had last year in the backup small forward spot.


  • Jun 8, 201212:10 pm
    by zach


    I’ll be happy with Singler signing this year. Like you said he isn’t a savior for this team, but with open minutes available and this team in dyer need of some young talent, Kyle Singler will be a solid player in a couple years. I was sad to see him go overseas last year but hearing how he improved makes me glad he chose to do it. 

    I think that John Henson is a dud, I would rather see them pick up a guy like Dion Waiters who looks a lot like D Wade to me. Ben Gordon isn’t the answer right now and will most likely be shipped somewhere else. We need another G that can play behind Knight and Stuckey and still see valuable minutes. I liked him all throughout the NCAA Tourny and think he would be a help to the team. Singler replaces Prince, Greg Monroe down low with Draymond Green and i believe if Green slips we have a chance to get him. #wishfullthinking

    • Jun 8, 201211:13 pm
      by Anthony


      I think we should trade both our second rounders for a chance to move up into late first round and get this guy! A team like Miami needs more picks so theres a possibility?.. We need someone who’s capable of becoming a leader and i think green could be that guy not to mention hes tough but just a bit undersized… who cares!

  • Jun 8, 201212:14 pm
    by labatts


    ” If Ben Wallaceretires as expected and if Jason Maxiell opts out of his contract (less expected, but still possible) and if Charlie Villanueva is traded, bought out or amnestied (pretty unlikely, but you never know), there are potentially minutes up for grabs at the four spot. ”

    Go ahead and add “If Tayshaun gets traded / retires” to the list of possible scenarios to open up minutes.  

    Actually, SIngler can take over Daye’s minutes, right?  (I am pretty sure Daye played 11 minutes last season.)

    Don’t forget to factor whatever rookie swingman Joe drafts into the minutes equation.

  • Jun 8, 201212:59 pm
    by RyanK


    Has Singler’s stock risen enough to make him a tradeable asset?  If so, maybe someone would take CV if they get the Singler kicker with the deal.
    Or maybe we can trade Singler for a mid to late first round pick this year?  If Joe sees a guy in there that he wants.  We have two second round pick this season…maybe Singler pair with one of them gets us a first rounder.

    • Jun 8, 20121:15 pm
      by Jeremy


      I’m not fully sure I would want Joe exploring including Singler in any trades. From what I saw of him while he was at Duke, he has all the stuff that makes in a “Detroit Pistons Basketball” type of guy. At least to me, he seems to have a Ben Wallace type work ethic and a Ben Wallace/Dennis Rodman/Jonas Jerebko type attitude for doing the things that no one else is willing to do, even if that is diving on the ground for a basketball and getting a few knicks and dings. Not to mention, much like Sheed (http://youtu.be/8aVPKQi09DQ) Singler gets buckets (http://youtu.be/gBSQf0wWiKw)….

  • Jun 8, 20121:45 pm
    by DG


    I think that the Pistons could use a hustler / three point shooter off the bench.  That’s what Singler always seemed to be at Duke.  I see no reason he can’t do the same in the NBA.  He’s an instant upgrade with no asset cost this year.

    BTW, Kyle Singlers page looks a lot like Charlie Villanueva!

  • Jun 8, 20124:15 pm
    by steve battle creek, mi


    More talent in a Detroit Pistons uniform next year!  Cant wait for next season!!

  • Jun 8, 20128:36 pm
    by Mark


    Initially I hated the idea that Singler chose to play overseas than with the Pistons but in the end it worked out well.  He played good minutes for a good team in a strong European league and will no doubt be a better player because of it.  I think he give us good minutes next year off the bench with his hustle and shooting.  I know his value isn’t exactly at an all time high but moving Austin Daye for whatever you can get, maybe a big body, wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

  • Jun 10, 201212:40 pm
    by john


    We can always get Patric Young next year

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