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Isiah Thomas will see you on the high road

Isiah Thomas released a statement after his name has been brought up a lot in regards to his exclusion from the 1992 Dream Team:

“Today, like all Americans, I congratulate the Dream Team on their anniversary. I am proud of my career in the NBA and have fond memories of going head-to-head with all the members of the team. I can’t speak to the selection process as I wasn’t involved. But 20 years later, their gold medal is still a momentous achievement.”

Classy move by Thomas. In all honesty here, debates aside, my hunch is that the marketing around the documentary saw the Thomas exclusion simply as an opportunity to generate buzz about the movie, and it certainly worked. Get Jordan and Pippen to take a few shots at their old rival, and suddenly, interested in your movie is going to be ratcheted up. Glad to see Thomas staying above the fray.


  • Jun 14, 20123:24 pm
    by JT's Hoops Blog


    Thomas was a prick anyways.  If he wasn’t such a jerk, perhaps he would of gotten on the team.

  • Jun 14, 20124:16 pm
    by Max


    Eff you JT….Jordan and Pippen were pricks if anyone was.
    Isiah is being politic.
    Barkley is best buds with his airness and defends him on every topic.   He even consistently defended MJ’s spearheading of the small market’s owner’s move to crush the players.
    I think Drexler is the only principle speaking his mind plainly and honestly on the subject and it’s largely because he is a class act with no dog in the fight.

  • Jun 14, 20124:48 pm
    by Darrell


    I remember when this happened and Isiah took it in stride then.  He handled it remarkably well in public and supported the guys on the team.  Its a shame he has to go through this again and even when he does take the high road, people throw buckets of sick at him.

  • Jun 14, 20125:54 pm
    by Adam Biggers


    Have to respect the way Thomas addressed the topic. However, he likely gave the PC version to avoid controversy. He’s being talked about, so that’s good enough, I suppose. He was more worthy than a couple guys, actually. Not that Laettner wasn’t good, or Mullin, but let’s be honest here — Thomas had two rings and was a superstar in the league. Behind-the-scenes relationships kept him off the team, I think.
    Nice post, PH.

  • Jun 14, 20126:19 pm
    by Trent


    Off topic, but I have something on my mind. Festus Ezeli. His stock is rising and I would love to snag this guy. He stuck it to Anthony Davis and showed great progress, work ethic and something the pistons need which is “coachability”. Imagine this guy working with Big Ben for a year? He could become the banger which would free Moose to float between the high and low post.

    Would teams in the late first round positions consider trading down for the pistons 2 2nd rounders and maybe Will or Austin? We dont have roster space for 2 picks and stashing picks seems like a hail mary. This guy gives us what we need and would free us up to use our no. 9 on a wing or just the best available. As much as I love Tay resigning him has become a massive burden on our cap situation. although he is no CV31.

  • Jun 14, 201211:11 pm
    by Mark


    I think in this draft the pistons have the opportunity to trade their 2 2s for a higher pick.  I agree with you I think Ezeli could carve out a role as a solid 5 off the bench.  If the pistons can pull off a trade to move up a couple spots they should do it to grab this guy.  I like Drew Gordon also.  I think theres a few quality bigs that should be there in the 2nd round.  Theres no debating we could use 1

  • Jun 14, 201211:29 pm
    by MNM


    Generally, the majority doesn’t care about the Olympics.. Isiah, who played his entire 14 year career for the Detroit Pistons, led the organization that represented the city, region, and state to 2 NBA championships (should have been 3). THAT is what really matters. The Olympics are boring.. Simple as that. Nobody talks about this if this documentary wasn’t being put together and airing. A number of guys on that “Dream Team” never achieved that ONCE with what ever number of teams they played for throughout that persons respected career. What people DO talk about, is the Lakers, Celtics, the “Bad Boys”‘ Pistons, Bulls, the 1980s hey-day of the league, etc…And I think Isiah believes this as well. THOSE are the championships that really matter to a NBA player and fan..not blowing out a bunch of gumpy/boring euro-players who would never amount to much in the NBA, (whether those euro players were lucky enough to make it to the NBA or not). Sure, when thats your competition for the most part, then its great for guys like Magic and Larry Bird, who were well past their respected primes anyway, and for guys like Malone, Stockton, Barkley (who I love watching on TNT..I wish they would broadcast all the playoff games), Christian L., eic, who are some of the guys who didn’t win NBA championships.. This is good for THEM… So I hope we can finally put this topic back to bed, or back in the coffin where it belongs and get back to topics such as, the draft, and HOPEFULLY using the amnesty.

  • Aug 13, 20128:13 pm
    by Drew


    This IS and ALWAYS WILL BE a relevant topic until Jordan is exposed as the low-down, arrogant, dirty, conniving asshole, that his IS and ALWAYS WILL BE!

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