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ESPN’s Chad Ford on each of Detroit’s picks

Chad Ford has posted his reaction to every pick in the draft. Here are his takes on each player the Pistons picked. Ford on Drummond:

I think this is where the reward starts to outweigh the risk for the Pistons in terms of taking Drummond. And he winds up in a perfect situation in Detroit. The Pistons need a shot-blocker and rebounder in the paint to pair with Greg Monroe. Drummond is a project, but he has as much upside as anyone else in the draft other than Anthony Davis. The question, and it’s a real one, is whether he’ll reach it.

Ford on Middleton:

I really like Middleton. He’s a smooth scorer with a great midrange game. He was projected as a first-round pick last year but injuries hurt his stock. A nice pick for Detroit here.

Ford on English:

The Pistons traded away Ben Gordon and felt they needed scoring. English shot the lights out from 3 as a senior and was incredibly efficient for Missouri. He really started coming on in workouts. He’s skinny, but English will fill a big need for the Pistons.

Honestly, I was a little surprised that Ford seemed so high on the Middleton pick, considering he had Middleton ranked 48th among his top 100 prospects. As I said last night, my issue with Middleton is not so much that I don’t think he’ll be good. It’s just that the Pistons have about 37 small forwards on their roster right now.


  • Jun 29, 20124:50 pm
    by Byron


    Chad Ford’s Top 100 is a reported piece, as in not his personal ranking, but the sense he gets from the league, isn’t it? That differs from Keith Law’s MLB draft Top 100, which is based more off first-hand scouting. So it’s possible Middleton is higher on Chad Ford’s internal, unpublished rank list.

  • Jun 29, 20125:15 pm
    by Super J


    Looks like some of those small forwards might not be on the roster when the season rolls around. I’m guessing more trades might be in the works?

  • Jun 29, 20125:15 pm
    by djunak


    Drummond can go from a bunt to home run to grand slam, that is how wide his range is. I hope in a few years he is that grand slam. I think it was a risk┬áJoD had to take and if it fails you really can’t fault him to develope prolect players has. In the past there ability not gone very well. I also think his ceiling is as high as Anthony Davis.

  • Jun 29, 20126:03 pm
    by PistonsFan22


    Middleton keeps getting slammed by the Pistons faithful. I caught a few of his games in college, he is a good player. I think you will all be pleasantly surprised. He’s a very versatile wing player who can rebound very well for his position and uses his length on defense well. The games I watched were before his knee injury so maybe he has changed drastically but he was easily a pro, no doubt about it. One thing I didn’t like was that he rarely took the ball to the basket despite the defense playing him for his jump shot. I’m not thrilled with players who fall in love with their jumper so that scares me a bit.

    English can shoot it, think he will at least make a solid role player. Pistons are going to need some shooting this year. Thank God Ben Gordon is gone, never wanted him on the team but he did stretch the defense so hopefully someone can step up and fill that role.

    • Jun 29, 20129:43 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      I think the complaints about Middleton aren’t specific to Middleton himself. It’s just the fact that he’s a small forward on a team that currently has Prince, Maggette, Daye, Jerebko and Singler in line to get minutes at that position, so even if the Pistons like him, it was a weird pick considering the roster makeup. Maybe, and hopefully, a trade is on the way that will clear room for him. I actually think Middleton is pretty skilled, I just don’t see how he’s going to get on the court.

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