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Detroit Pistons #DraftDreams: Tornike Shengelia


  • Measurables: 6-foot-9, 220 pounds, 21-year-old F from Georgia (the country not the college)
  • Key Stats: 7.6 points, 3.8 rebounds per game, 47 percent from the field and 31 percent from 3-point range in Belgian League
  • Projected: Second round

Why I’m intrigued by this guy

I’ve mentioned it several times, but I think it’s a possibility the Pistons will look hard at an international with one of their second round picks, considering their roster is nearly full and it might be worth it for them to stash a prospect overseas for a year or so while they deal with maneuvering out of a few of their cumbersome contracts.

Pros for the Pistons

Obviously, I haven’t watched any games featuring Shengelia. But from scouting reports and highlight clips, he’s long, fairly athletic and seems to like to hang out around the basket. Scouts rave about his aggressiveness and long arms, and he’s still young enough to get significantly better.

Cons for the Pistons

He probably isn’t a player who could help Detroit immediately and, like many young bigs, could stand to get stronger if he’s going to be a full-time rotation player in a NBA frontcourt. Some scouts have called him a ‘tweener’ forward, so his suspect jumper could be a problem.

What others are saying

Chad Ford:

Long, active forward who plays hard and has solid athleticism for a European prospect. He’s a very good rebounder, but isn’t a great offensive player at the moment. He averaged a very solid 8.3 ppg in the Euroleague this year. A potential second round prospect.


Shengelia’s propensity for attacking defenses can get him in trouble at times, as occasionally he’ll look out of control running into brick walls and turning the ball over. He’s a somewhat of a bull in a china shop, so learning how to harness this energy is something that will benefit him as he gains experience.

The biggest question marks surrounding Shengelia’s offensive game revolves around his jumper, which remains streaky. He’s converted 10 of the 41 jump-shots he’s taken this season thus far, being exclusively a catch and shoot threat.

Defensively, Shengelia is mostly a mixed bag at this point, and may be considered a tweener by some. Considered a potential small forward earlier in his career, he lacks the lateral quickness to guard most perimeter players, but is also not overly effective inside the paint either. Euroleague teams have gone at him pretty regularly this season, and he’s been backed down fairly easily inside the paint, shown questionable awareness and been fairly foul prone.

What is the best thing Tornike Shengelia does for his team?

Sam Meyerkopf (follow him on Twitter) is the co-creator of Euroleague Adventures:

Forget stretch, Shengelia is about the slash. At 6’9” and a little bit slender you start thinking he’s a small forward, but with how he plays, he slides in better to the power spot. This might place him into the dreaded “tweener” category but don’t be so quick to label Toko Shengelia.

As a slashing four, the best thing the native Georgian does for his team is attack the basket fearlessly. He pretends the hoop is food and he’s always hungry. Shengelia has three ways he assaults the rim. Off of post ups, swift off ball cuts to the free throw area looking for entry passes, and taking defenders off the dribble from the wing. On the block he has a quick spin move he uses to catch his post defender off guard. Off of perimeter passes he works a lot in isolation, taking direct drives off just a couple dribbles. He’ll make opposing power forwards uncomfortable guarding him off the bounce with deceptively good ball handling for his size. He’s a quick mismatch at the four and even if he misses three straight at the rim, he’ll keep on attacking.

Off the bench Shengelia will provide his team with a guy who won’t give the defense a break and give your offense an interesting wrinkle. If he can get a little trickier and develop more moves heading to the rim, he’ll cut out the blocks, strips, and charges he occasionally garners as a young guy playing in the Euroleague and Belgian League. On defense he uses that aggressive play to his advantage as a rebounder instead of a scorer. He might not bring every skill to the table but Shengelia will always be relentless going to the cup.



  • Jun 6, 20125:32 pm
    by JT's Hoops Blog


    The kid has got pretty good handle.  Don’t know whether or not he’s exactly what the Pistons need, but picking him up in the second round and letting him develop overseas is not a bad idea.

  • Jun 6, 20128:33 pm
    by Vince


    Nope, stay away from this guy. Not worth a second round pick…

  • Jun 6, 201210:04 pm
    by Chris H


    Given that he is young and only a second round pick I’m not sure what Detroit would be willing to invest in checking on this kid rather than draft and hope.  He does look like he has a good handle, which is something nice to have, but unless he developes a jumper (read looks like he could develop a nice one at least), or is more athletic than what I am seeing in this tape I’d take a pass on him.  I mean he isn’t blowing by guys on the video, and aside from his handle I’m not really impressed by anything.

  • Jun 7, 201210:55 am
    by Dave


    If we like a 6’9″ project I’d take a look at Mike Morrison from George Mason. Guy was an incredible defensive player at Mason, freakishly athletic, great finisher and intense to a fault. His offensive game is limited, but if he develops just a little he could be a true sleeper.

    This guy seems like he wouldn’t get a glance if he was stateside, but for whatever reason we seem to buy in to these international guys.

  • Jun 7, 201211:02 am
    by steve battle creek, mi


    Two more players added to the US select team, not named Greg Monroe!   There must be some sort of consiparcy on this.

  • Jun 7, 201212:15 pm
    by Vic


    I heard the hornets were teying to trade their 10 pick. The Pistons need to trade to the hornets anyone not named Monroe Jerebko Stuckey or Knight and next year’s first rounder top 9 protected for Emeka Okafor and this years is 10 pick.

    Emeka is a solid defender, Arnie will get him healthy, and 2 top 10 picks this year are worth more than 1 next year.

    • Jun 7, 20126:09 pm
      by MrBlockedShot


      Wow! Two top-ten this year  plus Okafor ? Give them whoever they wish apart from Monroe, Night,Stuckey and Jerebko right now! If it’s true I’m all for it! Next year we hope to get better so our next draft pick is supossedly to be worse. Plus the fact that next year’s draft might be not so deep…The problem here might be how to equal Okafor’s salary for this year and next (more than 28,000,000$). It would take Gordon, Daye and Maxiell…and porobably some other player would be involved…Should they accept it would be good for us imho

    • Jun 7, 20128:01 pm
      by Talan


      Monroe, Knight, Stuckey, and Jerebko are our only players with any value. If you won’t trade them, why would the GM of New Orleans want anyone else on our team? Joe D will not be swindling anyone when all our players have low perceived value around the league. The Biedrins/Wright for Prince/Bynum trade on DBB is in the ballpark of what kind of trade might occur.

      • Jun 8, 20123:35 pm
        by vic


        i think their goal is to clear cap space. I think Emeka Okafor would be worth more to us than he would to them, especially if we are giving them next years first round pick. 
        Perhaps even the lesser players that we give them would be worth it if the numbers work, since their goal is to clear cap space. 

        Trading CV and Will Bynum for Emeka cuts 25% off of Emeka’s salary in 2 years, and cuts in half year 3. Plus they get a cheap round 1 draft pick next year. 

        We get a solid center defender to help rescue our team when Ben Wallace retires and while our rookies are growing up. 

        Seems like a Win Win to me.

  • Jun 7, 20124:32 pm
    by Quick Darshan


    OFF TOPIC: Draftexpress updated their player profiles with best/worst case player comparisons.  John Henson: Best Case – Marcus Camby, Worst Case – Larry Sanders.  It makes for an interesting read.

  • Jun 7, 201210:33 pm
    by Anthony


    I wish we could trade our 2 second round picks to trade up to late in the first round for Draymond Green…

  • Jun 12, 20129:01 am
    by John


    If we trade into the late first round, take Fab Melo!!!!

  • Jun 12, 20129:31 am
    by John


    Maxiell is a fa with a player option. Would macklin BG and daye work? BG cv and macklin???

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