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Creating a PistonPowered draft board

I’m shamelessly stealing this idea from Akis Yerocostas of Sactown Royalty. Here’s how it will work:

When a choice comes up, pick who you’d want the Kings Pistons to pick given all the players remaining. Note: THIS IS NOT A MOCK DRAFT. This is draft board, a list with the order of prospects you’d like to see the Kings Pistons pick. In other words, if we were the Kings Pistons front office, when our pick came up, we’d take the top name left on our board. So pick your choice, not who you think Geoff Petrie Joe Dumars or anyone else would choose in a slot.

Also note: This has nothing to with who will or won’t be available at No. 9. We’re starting at the top and working our way down the board.


  • Jun 18, 20121:40 pm
    by Daye and Knight


    If it was up to me we would take Jones III just because at this point we’re looking at mediocre players like Henson, Zeller ect…Jones III will be either really good or really bad but likely not mediocre. He has star potential at least while everyone else we are projected to get would be back ups on 80% of other teams

  • Jun 18, 20122:04 pm
    by John Thompson


    Andre Drummord,Perry Jones, Jeremy lamb,John Henson,Jared Sullinger

  • Jun 18, 20122:27 pm



  • Jun 18, 20122:50 pm
    by Pete


    Drummond if he drops,Henson, Leonard, Moultrie, PJ3, Sullinger, then Zeller

  • Jun 18, 20123:25 pm
    by Nick


    I agree with Daye and Kight Perry Jones III is who we should pick. He has star potential and his only issue is his motor.They also said Monroe had an issue with his motor and look how that turned out for us. We got the right coach and players that will light the fire in PJ3. Henson,Leonard, and Zeller are no better then the bigs we can get with the 2nd round picks. Check out this Travis Hyman kid that came to work out for Detroit last week. This kid is a perfect fit to play next to Monroe. A second round steal http://youtu.be/6omVy-Kxv5s

    • Jun 18, 20124:01 pm
      by vic


      I love the Travis Hyman find. He’s old, but he’s big and it looks like he can block and rebound and dunk… fun project for round 2 if Kyle Oquinn and Machado are gone.

      I feel you on the upside of PJ3, but I don’t know if I could justify it unless Drummond, Leonard, Henson, and Sullinger were gone.

      We already have Prince, Jerebko, with Daye and Singler waiting. Taking PJ3 who plays like an SF, when we have 4 potential SFs plus Jae Crowder – who’s probably better, and a better fit than all of them – available in round 2… i just don’t know.

    • Jun 18, 20126:59 pm
      by Jay


      Well Its not really true that his motor is his only question mark. There is the issue that he has a body that is bigger than Anthony Davis. Meaning he should probably project at C/PF (6’11″ 235, also bigger than Greg Monroe). Is being labeled as a “Face up 4″ by draftniks because of his size, skills, lack of defensive intensity, and lack of a post game. Despite all that, he considers himself to be a 3 and is trying to sell teams on that in workouts, he doesn’t like physical contact, doesn’t block shots, doesn’t rebound at a high rate, and loves his perimeter jump shot. 

      Jones III is a small forward in a center’s body and has potential bust written all over him. Yes, he may turn into a Dirk Nowitzki type star, but its just as likely that he turns out to be a Darko-like bust.

      • Jun 18, 20128:08 pm
        by tarsier


        True, but better a boom-or-bust type than a guaranteed solid but unspectacular player. You can pick those up as FAs.

  • Jun 18, 20123:26 pm
    by sop


    Here’s my tiered top 30 from a Pistons perspective
    tier 1
    1. Davis
    tier 2
    2. Drummond
    3. Robinson
    4. Barnes
    5. MKG
    6. Beal
    tier 3
    7. PJIII
    8. Meyers Leonard
    9. Terrence Jones
    10. Sullinger
    11. Henson
    tier 4
    12. Zeller
    13. Lamb
    14. Arnett Moultrie
    15. Terrence Ross
    16. Damian Lillard
    17. Royce White
    tier 5
    18. Kendal Marshall
    19. Dion Waiters
    20. Moe Harkless
    21. Austin Rivers
    22. Andrew Nicolson
    tier 6
    23. Quincy Miller
    24. Jeffery Taylor
    25. Will Barton
    26. Draymond Green
    27. Fab Melo
    tier 7
    28. Marquis Teague
    29. Festus Ezeli
    30. Tony Wroten Jr.

    • Jun 18, 20128:10 pm
      by tarsier


      I would drop Terrence Jones to tier 4 and Nicolson to 6. And I would probably put Ezeli and Melo in the same tier. But otherwise, it looks pretty decent.

    • Jun 18, 20129:07 pm
      by acr


      Pretty good sop, though I’d drop Sullinger down a bit now after the medical-red-flag about his back.  I’ve actually been feelin’ Terrance Jones lately and wouldn’t mind if we picked him.  At 6-10, 250 he’s a bit bigger than Robinson – athletic, can score, defend, rebound. block shots.  His stats went down a bit as a sophomore, but that’s with Davis and MKG on the team.  I bet if Jones’ and Robinson’s situations were reversed (Jones @Kansas and Robinson @Kentucky), we’d be talking Jones as #2-4 pick instead of Robinson.

  • Jun 18, 20126:50 pm
    by Jay


    Drummond or Robinson if either drops is an absolute no-brainer.

    After that based on what the Pistons NEED:

    1. Meyers Leonard
    2. John Henson
    3. Tyler Zeller
    4. Leonard Moultrie
    5. Festus Ezeli
    6. Fab Melo 

    Sullinger wouldn’t even be on my board if I were Joe D, Perry Jones III just has way too much Lamar Odom/Darko/Antwaan Jamison/Antoine Walker to him for the Pistons to risk that pick on him, None of the perimeter players should be a consideration unless they trade down for multiple picks or someone like MKG or Beal slips (not gonna happen).

    • Jun 18, 20128:14 pm
      by tarsier


      You would seriously take Ezeli or Melo over Jones? Jones definitely has bust potential. But getting a Lamar Odom wouldn’t be so bad. Odom has had a pretty solid career. Certainly a better one than the average prediction for Ezeli/Melo.

  • Jun 18, 20128:50 pm
    by Jodi Jezz


    Mark my words, Drummond will fall to the Pistons…

    • Jun 19, 20128:50 am
      by tarsier


      I will, and I intend to make fun of you after the draft.

  • Jun 19, 20121:58 am
    by Gregoire


    Drummond, Leonard, Barnes, Perry Jones, Henson…

  • Jun 19, 20125:08 pm
    by TheDude


    Draft Board people. Not who we’re taking at 9.

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