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Could Pistons trade into late first round to draft Jared Sullinger?

Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press:

#Pistons workout: Henson solid and Sullinger off board for ninth pick. Possible they could trade back into late first round for Sullinger.

I’m not sure whether Ellis is operating on real info, or just suggesting a plan that could work, but I definitely hope it’s the latter. If the Pistons could somehow get Jared Sullinger and John Henson/Meyers Leonard/Terrence Jones in this draft, I’d be thrilled

Without getting into specific team needs, the Pistons’ two second-rounders (39 and 44) are probably worth a late first-round pick – especially to teams wary of adding the guaranteed contract of a first-round pick. The Pistons could use one player with Sullinger’s skills much more than they could use two second-round players.


  • Jun 26, 20125:07 pm
    by Jameson


    I think that would be a great move. Personally I was hoping the Pistons would draft Sullinger. I’m not an Ohio fan, but I had the chance to see him play a lot last year, and was very impressed. He was very dominate at all times, and Ohio looked like a much different team (far worse) when he was not on the court. I’d like to see him team up with Greg Monroe, and terrorize other teams front courts for years to come.

  • Jun 26, 20125:13 pm
    by Shane


    I would love this move.

  • Jun 26, 20127:01 pm
    by DoctorDaveT


    39 + 44 is probably not enough to trade up for Sullinger (probably have to get to 18 or so to get him). So – who do we throw in to make this kind of a trade happen?

  • Jun 26, 20127:43 pm
    by Moe


    throw in charlie v he’s been useless since he came

  • Jun 26, 20127:52 pm
    by Baxter E


    I would love to see this happen too. Henson will help a lot, but we could stand to have another big on the team. If Sullinger isn’t there (whatever spot we’d trade into) maybe another big slips like Moultrie, Fab Melo, or even Royce White. I’d be thrilled to have a crack at Terrence Jones but I’m just dreaming.

  • Jun 26, 20127:52 pm
    by DoctorDaveT


    @Moe – no one is taking Charlie V in a trade.
    So – what can we REALISTICALLY add to 39+44 to move into “Sullinger area”?

  • Jun 26, 20128:43 pm
    by zach


    Look at the rockets. We give them 9 and we get 14 16 and 18 out of the day and send over another player.. I could see this happening and then even get Drammond Green out of this too!

  • Jun 26, 20129:01 pm
    by az


    gordon got traded

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