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Associated Press: Kyle Singler will sign with Pistons July 11

Larry Lage of the Associated Press gets confirmation on what has long been rumored:

Detroit Pistons president of basketball operations Joe Dumars says the team expects to sign Kyle Singler on July 11.

As I said, no real surprise. This was expected. The not so easy part? Figuring out what to do with an abundance of potential small forwards who will be under contract for next season.


  • Jun 29, 201210:26 pm
    by Faris


    TRADES are going to happen.

  • Jun 29, 201210:42 pm
    by Shane


    Yup hopefully they trade the expiring contracts for picks next year

  • Jun 29, 201211:25 pm
    by George


    Dangle Daye for a second rounder. Start Jerebko at PF. Give Maggette backup SG minutes. Poof! The SF glut is gone.

    • Jun 29, 201211:36 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      So you don’t think Drummond starts?

      • Jun 30, 201212:07 am
        by George


        I wouldn’t start him, but I wouldn’t have started Maxiell last season, either, and I don’t consider Monroe’s ideal primary position to be anything but center. Drummond is the youngest player in the league, unless I’m mistaken, and at the moment we have no other centers on the roster, barring contracts with Wallace or Macklin. I’m not inclined to throw him into the fire immediately or risk him hitting a rookie wall, but would rather let him focus on his strengths and work out his weaknesses against second units.

        Jerebko/Monroe and Maxiell

        • Jun 30, 201212:13 am
          by Vince


          I can see what you mean, but I think that starting him would be a better option, he’ll have good mentors in Rogers, Monroe and Wallace. It also gives him a confidence boost to know the organization and coaching staff have faith in his abilities, I think he’ll work hard not to disappoint and play to the best of his ability, what more could you ask for? It’ll be beneficial in the long run.

        • Jun 30, 201212:36 am
          by Mark


          Whether they decide to throw him in or not, I think Drummond could win the starting spot just by outplaying the competition. The Pistons already spent a year proving to themselves that Jerebko is not a starting big man in this league. I doubt they waste any more time revisiting that experiment. And is Maxiell really better than even an 19 yr old Drummond?

          I know Drummond had games where he was totally lost at UCONN, but lets not forget all Maxiell’s terrible games too. I know he had that great stretch of consistency to finish the year, but that was the exception not the rule. The odds of him re-producing that and keeping up that level for a whole season are slim.

          I really don’t think we have anyone better than a 19 yr old rookie Drummond. THATS how bad our frontcourt depth was last year.

      • Jun 30, 20121:38 am
        by Bugsygod


        I don’t think Drummond starts. Think either Maxiel or trade/FA player. He will be brought along slowly.

      • Jun 30, 201211:20 am
        by Tyrone


        Drummond will not start, he will have to prove to the coaching staff that he has earned his minutes by shutting down the lane in practice, rebounding, and blocking shots just like Monroe and Knight had to earn there playing time.  

        I do believe that the ball is in Drummond’s court and he can earn the starting spot by the end of his first season (Just like Monroe did) as long as he will willing to put in the hard work and go get it…Nothing is given, it must be earned…

  • Jun 29, 201211:42 pm
    by damian


    i feel drummond should start if he shows the effort in camp;  it would create an aura of confidence that a “project” big man needs. a center with no confidence, or an excess of being passive sucks.
    i wish had an understanding to why,  but i have this gut feeling that kyle singler will be successful in the nba. i could see him hitting shots when needed, and getting those lucky bounces of the ball throughout his career.

    • Jun 29, 201211:47 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Feel the same way on Singler. He’ll be one of those guys who is not particularly good at anything, but he’ll hang around on a bench, take charges and hit open jumpers for 10 years or so.

  • Jun 30, 201212:06 am
    by Vince


    Amnesty CV, bring back Big Ben on a mentoring role for Drummond, waive Daye or trade him along with Maxiell for what assets we can get . Bring back Macklin, leave Wilkins and Russel Jr find themselves a new home. I reckon the starting lineup should like:

    C – Drummond
    PF – Monroe
    SF – Prince
    SG – Stuckey
    PG – Knight

    Second Unit of:

    C - Macklin
    PF – Jerebko
    SF – Singler
    SG – English
    PG – Bynum

    Which leaves spot minutes for Middleton and whoever we can get in that Maxiell/Daye trade or anyone we get in FA. The first unit in my opinion can compete with most of the teams in the League, the second unit would provide a spark and good bench scoring. Well thats just me.

    • Jun 30, 201212:18 am
      by Vince


      Damn it forgot Corey Maggette…. I’m reluctant to take away Singler’s minutes. CM can share the backup two-guard position minutes with English.

      • Jun 30, 20125:10 am
        by Mark


        I like what Maggette’s going to bring to this team. We need a proven vet scorer like that off the bench at SF.

        I like Singler, but if he wanted minutes he shouldn’t have went to Spain last year. Now he will have to fight for them. Besides, a 4 yr Dukie who’s now played a year professionally doesn’t exactly need PT to develop.

  • Jun 30, 201212:11 am
    by Faris


    i just have a feeling that austin daye or will bynum are going to be traded this summer

    • Jun 30, 201212:15 am
      by Vince


      My money is on Bynum. Daye is a hard contract to move considering his shocking 2011 season. Keep an eye out for Maxiell as well, those two have the highest chances of being traded.

      • Jun 30, 201211:37 am
        by Tyrone


        I agree w/Daye….He is going to be a challenge to move but I will not give up HOPE.  

        Bynum, Max and Maggette are going to be the trade bate, I just hope that Daye can be added to what ever deal we can get to improve the team.

        IMO, CV31 is not going to be traded or waived.  This year will be his chance to prove that he can stretch the floor and allow his team mates room to work (Monroe in the paint, Stuckey & Knight driving the lane, etc).  I think that CV will avg 14 PPG off the bench and be a scoring option in the second unit.

  • Jun 30, 20121:03 am
    by ryan


    I like Vince’s plan a lot. Though I’d take the time to explore ways to get a little something back for CV before waiving him. Maybe some second round pics in 2016?

    I also have the feeling that Kyle Singler will succeed in the NBA. I think he’s kind of in that Jared Dudley mold or even similar to Detlef Schrempf (sp). Like those guys he’s got decent height, solid overall skills, good brains and understanding of the game it doesn’t add up to an all star maybe not even a starter but I think it equals a guy who can contribute to winning teams.
    I’m really excited about making a move with Austin Daye. I think first we play him at back up two guard and see if he can use his length and shot to contribute. He needs to play defense well and be an extra rebounder in that role and if his shot is falling that has value. Then I would start to shop him hoping to make a move at the trade deadline. If we can’t move him he’ll at least have a role and not be fucking things up at the three.

  • Jun 30, 20121:49 am
    by MrCarter


    How much you wanna bet Dumars is getting the amnesty papers ready for Villanueva as we speak?

  • Jun 30, 20121:49 am
    by Vince


    Scratch that, Drummond starting is unlikely, per Goodwill

  • Jun 30, 20127:16 am
    by Eric


    Plan:  If it were me I would amnesty Prince.  Sign Kaman to be our backup C. I don’t see what role Prince is going to play for this team and he is getting up there in age.  Play the young core of Knight, Stuckey, aging Maggette, Monroe, and Drummond.  Let them go through the bumps togeather and start building the necessary chemistry.

    Next summer go all in for Josh Smith with Maggette, Bynum, Maxiel coming off the books.  We may have a lottery pick as well with playing a lot of younger players.

    2013: PG Brandon Knight, SG Rodney Stuckey, SF Josh Smith, PF Greg Monroe C Andre Drummond
    Bench PG: TBD SG: Daye, maybe Kim English Forwards: Singler, Jerebko, Villanueva C: Kaman.

    Best Defensive team in the leauge with a versitile bench.  Whats wrong with that?  I would start buying tickets again, which is the Pistons major problem, no one is going to the games.

  • Jun 30, 20127:42 am
    by MarkS


    Charlie V amnesty?  I’d be shocked if Drummond starts.  I think detroit is better served paying the midlevel on an experienced 5.  When does summer league start?  Cant’ wait to see Drummond in action

    • Jun 30, 201210:53 am
      by MrBlockedShot


      The Pistons in the Orlando Summer League:

      July 9, vs Utah
      July 10, vs Orlando
      July 11, vs OKC
      July 12, vs Boston
      July 13, vs Philadelphia

  • Jun 30, 20128:43 am
    by acr


    I don’t think that we are going to amnesty anyone. It’s not really worth it for capspace this year. Also, just because we amnesty a player doesn’t mean that he doesn’t get paid. Gores would still need to pay the remainder of his contract, or at least a portion of it if he gets picked up by another team. I don’t see Gores paying a player to play for another team again (like Hamilton). I think trades are more likely, if not now, then at deadline.

  • Jun 30, 201212:38 pm
    by DoctorDaveT


    Based on the BG trade, the Pistons must lose now, not later – because the pick protection weakens every year. That means a 2012-13 youth movement.
    Expect a lot of youth playing through growing pains – and a lot of development of Knight, Drummond, and even Monroe.
    Losing now – as long as the youth are driving the team – will produce big gains in 2013-2014.

  • Jun 30, 20123:35 pm
    by RICK


    Why would you amnesty Prince? Do you really think Gores is gonna let him walk for that amount of money? Lets be a bit realistic here. If you look at all playoff teams they have at least one or two vets playing, so in myopinion it would be dumb to get rid of your expereinced championship veteran player. I would not amnesty anyone unless we really needed to an according to reports we have cap space available to grab a player or two, hell maybe even three depending on who gets traded. Detroit will be a improved team especially if they work on defending. This team could become one of the better zone teams in the league with all the length they will have in frontcourt. If it were me Id go grab Daniel Orton from Orlando, who is young and out of Kentucky or figure out what type of offense we are running and grab either Jason Thompson orJJ Hickson, both of whom are free agents. Does anyone even know what the Nuggets are going to do with McGee as qualifying offers end today? I like the uncertainty surrounding things concerning the team because it reminds me of when Dumars started making changes back in 2001 and 2002. This summer should be a doozy cannot wait for the chips to fall.

    • Jun 30, 201210:02 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Amnestying Prince is a moot point anyway. Only contracts that were signed before the lockout are eligible to be amnestied. Prince re-signed after the lockout ended when the new CBA is in effect. The only realistic person on Detroit’s roster who they would use it on at this point is Villanueva. They aren’t using it on any of the guys still on their pre-lockout rookie contracts. They wouldn’t use it on any of the guys with expiring contracts. Not that they’d use it on any of these guys, but Prince, Stuckey and Jerebko are all ineligible since they signed post-lockout. Maggette is ineligible since you can’t amnesty players you traded for, plus he’s an expiring contract anyway.

      So now that Gordon is gone, that eliminates virtually everyone on the roster as a ppossibility for it except Villanueva.

  • Jun 30, 20123:39 pm
    by Jason


    We should sign Mehmet Okur

  • Jun 30, 20125:13 pm
    by Anthony


    This team is loaded with talent, what are they going to do with it?… Who knows. But, if they can come together and figure it out, we have a pretty good looking team. Im excited to see what happens! Needless to say is that we have to trade or let some guys go

  • Jun 30, 20127:33 pm
    by Venice


    We need to trade some of our guys. We have a logjam for both our forward positions. Remember what happened the last time we had a logjam ?Thats a pretty ugly season and I dont want ever to see it again….

  • Jun 30, 201210:43 pm
    by Anthony


    How good does Joe look now, choosing to win after the all-star break rather then tanking? Either way we still got the guy we wanted in the draft weather we picked 2-9 but now were going in the new season with a little bit more confidence… If Drummond is a bust, atleast he’s not the second overall pick! lol

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