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Andre Drummond will apparently clear Trail Blazers, just two hurdles remain for Pistons-Drummond pairing

Dwight Jaynes of CSNNW.com:

Two separate sources have confirmed that point guard Damian Lillard won the hearts of Trail Blazer officials with a solo workout for the team earlier this month that was sensational.

Lillard was said to be near flawless in the session, during which he was put through shooting drills and drills that tested his skills as a pick-and-roll point guard.

Jonathan Givony of Draft Express uses that same information to predict the Pistons will draft Andre Drummond:

In a strange twist of fate, the Pistons see arguably the second most talented player in the draft, at their biggest position of need, fall right into their laps. Drummond brings the size, length, frame, athleticism and defensive prowess they lack next to the more offensively minded Greg Monroe, making this as easy a pick to call as we’ve seen since Anthony Davis went off the board.

But there’s still a strong chance the Warriors (No. 7) or Raptors (No. 8) will draft Drummond. There’s also a chance they’ll trade their pick to a team wanting Drummond. More concerning is not only could Drummond go seventh or eighth, but John Henson, apparently the apple of Detroit’s eye, might too. Gery Woelfel of the Racine Journal-Times:

The Milwaukee Bucks are trying to move up in the NBA draft.

And what would the Bucks do if they possessed the seventh pick? Some NBA officials contend the Bucks, in desperate need a center and legit power forward, especially if Ersan Ilyasova bolts in free agency, would likely look at two players: Connecticut center Andre Drummond and North Carolina power forward John Henson.


  • Jun 27, 20121:49 pm
    by Faris


    do you know who the bucks like better?

  • Jun 27, 20122:18 pm
    by Daye and Knight


    Henson had a great work out with the Bucks and they really like him a lot. I think Bucks would go for Henson but could easily go for Drummond. We’re gonna end up with Henson more than likely and in the great words of Chad Ford “Pistons are screwed.” while I have lightened up on Henson, I still believe we should go for Perry Jones III if Drummond is off the board, I don’t have too much faith in Zeller, Henson, Lenoard….mediocracy

  • Jun 27, 20122:53 pm
    by Guus


    David Aldridge has Drummond slipping all the way to sixteenth, to Houston, saying he is too big of a risk to go higher and too talented to slip further. I usually feel that David is well-informed (even though he admits to having only 3 out of 30 picks correct last year, as creating a mock draft is obviously a crapshoot): Dan, Patrick, what do you guys think? Would Drummond slip and if so, should and would the Pistons draft Drummond over Henson?


    • Jun 27, 20123:45 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      I think Aldridge is as good a NBA reporter as there is working today, but I think he’s wrong here. I can’t imagine Drummond slipping that far.

      And yes, at 9, I would take Drummond over Henson. It’s a definite risk, but the Pistons potentially don’t have a draft pick next season and thought their financial situation is certainly much better than it was pre-Gordon trade, they still have dead money on the team for a while and young players who will need to be extended. Potentially hitting on Drummond and being right is too big a chance to land an impact player to pass.

      • Jun 27, 20125:19 pm
        by Byron


        Drafting anything between a below average and an above average player at 9 insures the Pistons they’re going to alternate between 8th and 9th in the East for the next 5 years. Drafting Drummond, if he hits, can put them in the upper echelon of teams, and if he misses, the failure will drive them to better draft picks. He’s the perfect player for us. I’m not interested in getting swept in the first round every year, nor am I interested in seeing how many times the Pistons can be in the lottery with a lower than 5% chance of getting the top pick.

  • Jun 27, 20123:00 pm
    by Coach_Ackley


    I could see the Bucks moving up but as for GSW taking Drummond if they do take him they will be a laughing stock.. They took Tyler last year and really like him so they don’t need Drummond…. What the need to a SF and if Barnes or Kidd-Gilkrist aren’t there the best thing for them to do is trade back a get Quincy Miller or draft PJIII..

  • Jun 27, 20123:03 pm
    by MarkS


    If Dumars decides Drummond is worth the risk he should trade up and get him instead of sitting back and hoping the falls.  He might be able to use Maggette’s expiring contract to move up a couple spots for Golden State’s pick.  At least that could explain why he pulled the trigger on the BG trade.  The Warriors are actively trying to trade the pick.  Is this scenario realistic?
    Andris Biedrins (2 yrs approx 18 mil left) and the #5
    Golden State:
    Corey Maggette (exp contract) and the #9, #39, #44
    If Drummond is going to slide past Portland, why not offer this?  We get a developmental big which makes sense for us now considering we will lose a 1st rounder at some point.  This scenario is probably just wishful thinking.

  • Jun 27, 20123:17 pm
    by MarkS


    *by the #5 i obviously meant the #7 above

  • Jun 27, 20123:17 pm
    by Jeremy


    Assuming everything stays the same and no trades are made, I see it playing out like this:

    1) N.O: Davis
    2) Charlotte: Robinsom
    3) Washington: Beal
    4) Cleveland: Barnes
    5) Sacramento: Kidd-Gilchrist
    6) Portland: Lillard
    7) Golden State: Waiters
    8) Toronto: Rivers
    9) Detroit: Drummond

    However, you’ve got Cleveland rumored to want to move up, Charlotte rumored to be open to trading the 2nd pick, Washington rumored to want to screw Charlotte if they trade their pick and trade the 3rd, Houston rumored to want to move into the top 10, Milwaukee wanting to move up…the order probably won’t look the same this time tomorrow. I am all for Joe moving up in the draft if he can. If not, maybe trying to pull all 3 of Houston’s picks away with the 9th and players not named Knight, Stuckey, or Monroe would be just as exciting of a move. Could end up snagging Lamb, Leonard, and PJIII – just one of those crazy, if the stars aligned at the same time there was a solar eclipse type scenarios.

  • Jun 27, 20123:18 pm
    by jake


    i think the warriors, assuming they keep their pick, are the only team that present a threat to draft drummond before the pistons. to me, the raptors wouldn’t draft him because they just used their pick last year on valanciunas. this is gonna be a fun draft day.

    • Jun 27, 20123:30 pm
      by Coach_Ackley


      Jake I agree but I believe when it’s all said and done the GSW will take Waiters they need a SG in the worst way along with a SF and I do believe that the Raptors are sold on Rivers and that will lead to a Pistons-Drummond marriage..

  • Jun 27, 20123:46 pm
    by Vic


    Yeah I think Gsw is the main threat.
    Hopefully I get me draft dream of Drummond
    My final answer:

    1. Drummond/Henson/Leonard
    (I did have Leonard before Henson but the stats blogs won me over. Hensons defensive awareness and foot speed are to good to pass up)

    2. Jae Crowder/ J. Crowder / Scott Machado
    (I did have machado over crowder, but Crowder is just too good defensively, and he shoots and passes well, and can play shooting guard now that BG is gone). I know we have 16 sfs

    3. Machado/Jesse Sanders/ Doron Lamb
    ( we still need a pass first Pg. I like Sanders ever since I saw him on wagesofwins, but D Lamb or Marcus Denmon would be acceptable now that BG is gone)

  • Jun 27, 20123:47 pm
    by Alan


    I can see G State trading the pick to someone who selects Drummond but Drummond on G State?  Hmmm…they have a lot of coin tied up into Andrew Bogut.

  • Jun 27, 20124:00 pm
    by Marvin Jones


    Well the Bucks just traded their 12th pick to Hou for their 14th pick and Dalembert, I wonder what that means.

  • Jun 27, 20124:09 pm
    by John V


    Houston want to move into the top 10 and the 12th and 16th for #7 is better than the 14th and 16th. And if Houston moves up, either for a trade to Orlando or for themselves, Drummond is probably going to be the pick.

  • Jun 27, 20124:24 pm
    by ray


    I read the pistons would look at Dion Waiters if he falls

  • Jun 27, 20124:51 pm
    by MrCarter


    I still can’t believe Aldridge had Drummond going #16 to Houston. No f’n way!!! No lower than #9 imo

  • Jun 27, 20125:14 pm
    by @GPMasters


    This is just getting my hopes up… :(

  • Jun 27, 20126:20 pm
    by Coach_Ackley


    A little off topic here but why are ppl so pissed about the Gordon trade.. Hey we all wanted him out and now he’s gone but no they wanna cry cuz Joe D gave up a 1st rd pick to trade him but how fast we forget than when we had a deal to send Rip to the Cav’s and a lottery protected pick everyone loved the trade then so what is so different now????

  • Jun 27, 20126:34 pm
    by rick


    Same thing im trying to figure out Coach. It is not like the Pistons cannot turn around and parlay that expiring Magette deal into something such a draft pick by the trading deadline. It just goes to show ” Damed if you do, Damned if you dont”. You cant please everybody and I think it is because everyone thought once Rip was gone that BG would turn into the old BG, with Rips minutes going to him. Not! I say wait til all the chips fall then determine who got the better deal.

    • Jun 27, 20126:38 pm
      by Byron


      Dan Feldman argued persuasively on twitter that no one is going to trade a first for Maggette at the deadline.

  • Jun 27, 20128:20 pm
    by ray


    I read somewhere that Dumars has hint to looking at SG….
    Guys all im saying he we had a below average perimeter game with Gordon…now we have nothing….Other than knight…hate to sat it but Drafting a Scorer at 9 is not out of the question especially if Drummond doesnt fall to us….

  • Jun 27, 20128:35 pm
    by MarkS


    I just dont agree with trading 1st rounders when you are rebuilding.  I know the pick is protected and the team has room for internal growth.  We even played decent basketball after the terrible start last year.  But if detroit isnt making the playoffs sooner rather than later this trade will set us back.  If we are winning 30 some games a year then this could be a disaster.  I wonder if New Jersey regrets trading their lotto pick for Gerald Wallace right now.  But Dan said all this already.  I would’ve been perfectly fine watching BG underperform for yet another year before shipping his expiring contract out of town in 2013-14.  Unless you have a competitive playoff caliber team, and the Pistons are far from that, you shouldn’t be trading your 1st rounders.

  • Jun 27, 20129:27 pm
    by Josh L


    Mark….settle the heck down. The pick is protected. If the pistons win 20 games they will have a high lotto pick. Any lotto pick is protected next year…and top 8 the year after. If we happen to win and are out of the lottery then they get our pick. Is it really that huge of a deal to lose a 20th pick on the draft?

  • Jun 28, 20123:20 am
    by Gregoire


    David Aldridge has Droomond dropping to 16 and Perry Jones 3 dropping to 20…to get both of them would be huge. Only Problem…we would have to trade with Houston who would propably turn the dice itself on Drummond…but even with Leonard and Perry Jones Detroit would have a bright future.

  • Jun 28, 20124:57 am
    by Kaneda


    this is going to be a weird draft. i’ve been big on Sullinger, but with the latest red flags i’m guessing it would be too much of a risk picking him at 9. Maybe it would be worth dealing our #9 to Houston for the 12th and 16th pick and possibly snapping up Sullinger and Henson. Drummond has the potential but I’m also really worried of a possible Darko outcome…

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