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Vyacheslav Kravtsov reportedly on Pistons’ radar

Jonathan Givony? of DraftExpress:

Yes. Heard they might sign Slava Kravtov too. RT @Hermaphro: Is Henson enough of a shot blocker to pair with monroe in Detroit? ?#dxchat?

Kravtsov, a 7-foot Ukrainian center, went undrafted in 2009 and played for the 2010 Celtics summer league team. I figure the Pistons are also looking at him for the summer league. Mark Deeks of ShamSports.com analyzed Kravtsov in 2010:

Last year in the Ukranian Superleague, Kravstof averaged 14.3 points, 6.2 rebounds and a league leading 2.7 blocks in 29 minutes per game; to put that into some context, the league’s second best shotblocker was former NBA draft pick and serial Ethiopian adopter, Dan McClintock, at 1.9bpg.

Unfortunately, Kravtsov’s offensive game is not as nice. He scores highly in the Ukraine, but it’s born through size advantage alone. Kravs cannot post, shoot or hit foul shots, and while he can pass the ball and make shots around the basket, someone else has to get him the look. (And even then, he might drop the pass.) He shot 70% from the field, but he also turned it over 2.6 times a game, and it wasn’t as an offensive creator. Kravtsov is intriguing because of his size, defensive presence and decent athleticism


  • May 28, 20129:16 am
    by ozmania


    Hello PistonPowered and all Pistons fan. I’m from Turkey.

    Kravtsov is a really high-energic and powerful stalwart defender. He has long arms.

    NBA Comprasion: Omer Asik

    • Jul 2, 201210:21 am
      by 1298ty


      I’m sure we’d all love to have our own, cheaper version of Asik

  • May 28, 201210:02 am
    by ryan


    Thanks for the insight ozmania. He sounds like a decent prospect for us on the defensive end so if it’s me I’d bring him in for a look.

  • May 28, 201212:55 pm
    by ozmania


    Here is the Kravtsov’s full season Ukraine Super League stats (game by game).


    And the Eurocup stats (In Europe, the first class international organisation of clubs is Euroleague. Eurocup is the second.)


    This link is Eurobasket 2011 stats with Ukraine national team last summer at Lithuania. 


    And this page is his official agency informations.


    I was focus on him. Coach Frank can use for defense. I think he is raw for NBA, but Omer Asik was too before playing for Bulls or Semih Erden for Celtics and Cavs.

  • May 29, 20121:08 pm
    by Dave


    Sound like another Darko!!!!!!!

  • May 29, 20127:57 pm
    by Korey


    We don’t want another Darko situation. Draft a solid college player who’s proven that they can get it done. The Pistons need a guarantee not another risky gamble.

  • May 29, 20129:59 pm
    by Alan Feldman


    Number 1 fire Dumars–should he have his job forever? 2 –draft the best player available! Finally—There is a certain player on the Heat who should be the coach!!!! Hint he went to Detroit Country Day

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    May 30, 20129:28 am
    by Pick and Roll


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