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Pistons’ lottery odds

The Pistons’ biggest day of the season is tomorrow, and accordingly, we’re going to give the lottery the wall-to-wall coverage it deserves. To start, here are Detroit’s lottery odds:

The Pistons have a 0.00235 percent of landing the No. 12 pick, which rounds to 0.0 percent.


  • May 29, 20129:19 am
    by Mr BlockedShot


    Welcome to Detroit Anthony Davis :-)

  • May 29, 20129:24 am
    by labatts


    I am looking forward to meeting the newest combo guard.

  • May 29, 201210:54 am
    by Gregoire


    Since No.1 is a no-brainer in Davis, I think the Pistons would clearly take Robinson at 2, but what if they land at 3 and Davis and Robinson are gone? Are the Pistons the ones who will take the risk and take Drummond or will they take MKG, a Small Forward who doesnt really fit their needs at the 3?

    • May 29, 201212:41 pm
      by Jeremy


      Would they look to trade down 2, 3 spots where Drummond wouldn’t be such a risk and pick up a future first or two?

      I honestly feel as though the team has 2 needs based off of their current roster: a center or power foward and a small forward. I personally feel as though Tay’s best days were behind him at the start of the 2005 season and Daye’s best days were behind him the day before he got drafted. This team needs a young, athletic SF in addition to a big.

      If the guy they want isn’t there where ever they end up picking, I honestly don’t see them reaching for the next best at that position. They will go best player available and look to unload the old like they did after this past draft.

  • May 29, 20121:38 pm
    by Portuguese Piston


    Braces yourselves for the 9th Pick in the Draft…

  • May 29, 20123:22 pm
    by MrBlockedShot


    Imho these should be our moves after the lottery takes place:
    -Pick Anthony Davis if we get #1
    -Pick Robinson if we get #2
    -Trade down and try to get Portland’s two first rounds if we pick #3 ( Leonard-Zeller, and a forward like PJ3 or Barnes or TWilliams)
    Pick Leonard-Zeller if we get our likely 9th or 10th selection
    So remember guys: keep your fingers crossed

  • May 29, 20126:36 pm
    by Biff Tannen



    Detroit will likely pick 10th. Someone with even less odds, but plays in a “more important” market will jump into the top 3. Just my guess.

    If Detroit picked 9th or 10th and came away with Zeller, I would be okay with that. He would be a great energy/rebounder guy to play the center and let Monroe slide down into the PF position, where he could likely overpower a lot of the PF’s in the NBA and get easy buckets.

    I know I’ll be watching tomorrow night. We’re all hoping Detroit finally gets a lucky bounce for once.

  • May 29, 20129:00 pm
    by Josh


    I just wish we move into the top 3 so that GS loses their pick, just to prove that tankers never win. On a side note, I’ll take Kidd-Gilchrist if both Robinson and Davis are gone. No way I take Drummond unless he falls down hard.

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