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Lawrence Frank: Ben Wallace and Brandon Knight were Pistons’ hardest workers

Lawrence Frank in an interview with Jim Rome, via the Detroit Free Press:

"Brandon came in, his work ethic — I would say both he and Ben Wallace are consistently our two hardest workers.



  • May 27, 20126:50 pm
    by Bygdygod


    Excellent player to have in the locker room!

  • May 27, 20126:54 pm
    by Bygdygod


    Funny when there good about pistons or signs that the team is lookin better there are Hardly any Connents…. BUT a negative story! it will be 100 comments. Smh

    • May 27, 20127:20 pm
      by tarsier


      Given that people are much more likely to comment if they disagree with the material than if they agree with it, one would think that is a good thing.

      But this is hardly the post to comment on such a trend if it exists. When a post contains under 35 words, how much is there to comment on? How many comments would you seriously expect?

    • May 28, 20124:31 am
      by gmehl


      @Bygdygod Its probably because there is a shit load to be negative about. The main thing is that we all care about one thing and that is seeing things turn around. When you don’t see any negative comments or any comments at all that you start worrying cause you know by then that fans have stopped caring.

  • May 27, 20126:55 pm
    by Bygdygod



  • May 27, 20128:19 pm
    by Quick Darshan


    This is off-topic.  But, I just saw on Draft Express’s twitter feed that they heard the Pistons were thinking of signing Slava Kravtsov.  Thoughts?

  • May 27, 20128:23 pm
    by Talan


    In regards to Brandon Knight, this is great to hear. He showed flashes last year, but no consistency. Kid is super young, I hope he outplays my expectations of him being just an average starting point guard. Hopefully we hear details of what kind of things he’s working on. We know he can shoot, he can penetrate. He needs ball handling work. How do you practice things like decision making and seeing the floor better? I’m not a ball player or coach, I really have no idea. Is he training with a real trainer like Tim Grover or just marginal talent basketball buddies? Not to criticize his hard work, i’m just wondering.

    • May 27, 20129:55 pm
      by ldre


      you practice those things just by dong it/ experience

  • May 27, 201211:59 pm
    by gmehl


    Wow i seriously thought it would of been a toss up between Daye and CV on who is the hardest worker. Oh that’s right you mean’t in the gym and not on twitter…my bad

  • May 28, 20124:02 am
    by Max


    I think Knight had an excellent and underrated season in that he did at least contribute something consistently while playing starter’s minutes the entire season.
    Further, the Pistons had an unusual team in terms of everyone picking him apart in terms of being a pure point guard in that Stuckey, who has been the starting point guard and arguable best player and top scorer for years now, simply moved over and shared the back court with him.
    Even further, Prince took his turns acting like a point guard too so Knight probably wasn’t even being asked to play in the style of a ball dominant point guard you guys are looking for.
    Knight may well develop into that point guard and time will see but in the short term, I wouldn’t expect a healthy Stuckey and possibly offensive decision making hub in Monroe, who is going to grow as a passer, to allow Knight to be that guy next year.  Also, a lot of title teams don’t have that guy anyway.   If Knight can defend even decently while being a reliable shooter from the outside while being very hard working, it could well be enough if a healthy Stuckey and Monroe and another piece or two come together.  So far I am very happy with Knight.
    Look at Darren Collison.   When he was plugged into Paul’s role for the Hornets, he ran pick and rolls with David West to death and put up spectacular numbers he has not replicated in Indiana but the yet the Pacers were pretty good this year.   He has a very different role now and the Pistons are actually somewhat similar in that they have other players who make decisions and don’t allow him to command the ball all the time.
    Stuckey and Monroe showed some flash last season.

  • May 28, 20124:36 am
    by domnick


    how about Greg Monroe? was he not hard-working? hehe interesting to hear about Brandon Knight… but what about the Moose?

    • May 28, 20124:53 pm
      by tarsier


      Everyone can be hard working Not everyone can be the most hard working.

  • May 31, 20121:03 am
    by Milton Disanto


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