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Kobe Bryant not ‘disappearing forever,’ like the team that reappeared from ‘the shadows’ to beat him in 2004

Via the Huffington Post, Kobe Bryant had this to say after his Lakers were lackadaisically bounced from the playoffs by Oklahoma City:

“I’m not fading into the shadows if that’s what you’re asking,” Bryant said. “I’m not going anywhere. We’re not going anywhere. It’s not like one of those things where the Bulls beat the Pistons and the Pistons disappear forever. I’m not going for that shit.”


  • May 22, 201210:21 pm
    by Faris


    This guy needs to watch out… He won’t be talking when Rodney stuckey shuts him down when they verse him next year

  • May 23, 20121:15 am
    by Josh


    Man, they could’ve won the series if he didn’t have to take 30 damn shots each night; and it wasn’t like he was making most of them. Kobe by far has blamed everybody but himself. The Lakers may have won ’09 and ’10 because of him, but they sure as hell lost ’cause of him too.

  • May 23, 20123:56 am
    by Ivar


    As if i did not dislike this guy enough, he needs to stop talking nonsense if it weren’t for our 04 pistons this clown would have 6 rings, Kobe show a little respect or did you forget we beat you again this season even after you had a chance to win the game. your a clown Kobe your getting old and that’s a sad truth your just going to have to face.

    • May 23, 20128:52 am
      by Jeremy


      I didn’t really take this as Kobe disrespecting the Pistons. Its a blatent fact: the Pistons were great in the 80′s, won 2 rings (could have been 3 if they beat Show Time in 88), and then faded fast into the sunlight – especially with a player in Grant Hill that was slated to be the heir apparent to MJ’s throne. I took it more as Kobe knowing the history of the league and saying it won’t happen to Lakers.

      Kobe still has a better chance to win a ring year in and year out than most. He is still far more talented than 98% of the league. I do believe it is his arrogance and selfishness that affects the way the players around him eventually play, but you can not tell me he still isn’t in the top 10 guys you’d want on your team.

      • May 23, 201210:46 am
        by gmehl


        Well here is 10 guys i would rather have on my team before i would consider Kobe in no particular order:

        Kevin Durant
        Russel Westbrook
        LaMarcus Aldridge
        Chris Paul
        Kevin Love
        Serge Ibaka
        Derrick Rose
        Rajon Rondo
        Kyrie Irving
        Josh Smith

        • May 23, 201212:17 pm
          by rick


          You can pretend like you dont want Kobe but I would take Kobe all day everyday and Durant and Westbrook shoot just as much as he does. With that in mind stop hating on Kobe with Piston colored glasses on. These guys lost because everyone besides Kobe and Artest is just soft and psychologically when the two bigs went on the block they checked out mentally a long time ago. If they had kept Odom they would be in Western Conference Finals. When your team is passing up shots what else are you gonna do? Kobe didnt disrespect the 04 team and I dont really get the premise. He is right when distinguishing the past as far as how Detroit, once they lost to Chicago  and how they did fade away. I took his analogy that although Durant and company may have won the battle this year but their is still a war to be fought and he aint going nowhere. Kobe may be old but like the one guy said he is better than 98% of the league and love him or hate you would love to have him on your team. I love Detroit unequivocaly but Im a realist and will say had he not been such a dick during the finals in 04 that had him and Shaq been  on the same page they would have made it a lot tougher on Detroit.

        • May 23, 20122:04 pm
          by Desolation Row


          No offense, but that’s a dumb list. Josh Smith.. did you not see the elimination game against the Celtics?? The guy took a wild shot with time on the clock instead of trying to get something closer to the basket. You’d take him over a 5 time NBA champion/the best SG in the league?

          Also, you left off LBJ and D-Wade. And Dwight Howard. Say what you want about their diva personalities, they are all guys who have led teams to the Finals. Serge Ibaka sits on the bench down the stretch of a lot of OKC games, Rondo has no range, and Kyrie Irving is still a rookie. Dude, what the fuck? 

          And Kobe was not dissing the Pistons — it took them literally 14 years to get back into the Finals. This is a fact, and that’s all he was stating. He didn’t say they never came back eventually. For this context, 14 years from now for Kobe would be disappearing, so I don’t follow the offense people are taking to this at all.

          • May 23, 20122:07 pm
            by Desolation Row

            I say this, and I’m a Kobe hater!

          • May 23, 20128:58 pm
            by gmehl

            Well Jeremy said name your top 10 guys you would want to start a team with and i did just that. I am not going to apologize because my list doesn’t include Kobe. My list doesn’t need Kobe due to a variety of reasons. Firstly i feel he would take too much away from other players on my team. Secondly he is on the decline and it won’t be long before he starts calling out players publicly like he just has with Bynum/Gasol. I don’t care what gets said behind closed doors but these things should not happen and definitely not get aired in the media. Personally I am not a Kobe hater i just wouldn’t want him my team if i could have 10 players to choose from. The key to question was ‘your team’….this is ‘my team’ and if you don’t like it then fine.

  • May 24, 20123:22 am
    by Max


    I heard the comment when he said it and took it as when Jordan beat the Bad Boys and only thought he was referring to the Bad Boys.  And that Bulls sweep did signal the end of the Bad Boys even though they got to one more conference finals so I didn’t really think he was dissing the Bad Boys.   His Gasol team, like the Bad Boys made it to three finals and won two of them so the comparison is apt and especially if he is aaying his group is still going to win.    Not a diss.

  • May 24, 20123:28 am
    by Max


    Oops, I almost forgot how they lost the nest year in the first round to the Knicks and didn’t sniff the conference finals and I actually attended that series in New York.

  • May 24, 20121:23 pm
    by apa8ren9


    Oh Kobe, how I love to hate you.  I dont think its a diss.
    As soon as I watch Kobe and he plays like a good teammate I start to think this is why is such a good player.  (the infamous stomach virus game that the media fell over themselves trying to compare to MJ) Then he just follows it up with selfish things like this on and off the court.
    He finally played well in games but just continued to jack up shots and shot them out of at least 2 games in the OKC series.  He does that and then calls out Pau publicly.  Now dont get me wrong when Pau doesn’t play like a punk they win championships.  I just dont know how much more selfish you can get as a player.  He wants Pau to ball out of his mind so that he can take all of those crazy shots and still be considered the hero because he played his game.   He can ball, I have to begrudgingly acknowledge his skills, but the rest of the package is just terrible.

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