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John Henson to the Pistons becoming vogue in mock drafts

In his first mock draft after the lottery, Chad Ford of ESPN has the Pistons taking John Henson at No. 9:

Greg Monroe has been a revelation in the middle for the Pistons, but they really need to pair him alongside an athletic shot-blocker. Although Henson is painfully thin, he rebounds, blocks shots and defends multiple positions. It wouldn’t be a perfect solution in Detroit, but the Pistons don’t have a lot of other options here.

Jonathan Givony of DraftExpress also has the Pistons drafting Henson:

The Pistons struggled on both ends of the floor last season, ranking 29 th in offensive efficiency and 24 th on defense, meaning this lone pick will surely not solve all their problems. Pairing Greg Monroe with a long and athletic shot-blocker/rebounder like Henson could be a good start, though. The two seem to complement each other fairly well. Finding a long-term solution at small forward will also be a priority, which could mean Harrison Barnes if he’s available.

As I wrote last night, Henson at No. 9 would be fine with me. His lack of bulk is concerning, but his rotational defense, shot-blocking and athleticism fits exactly what the Pistons need.


  • May 31, 201211:49 am
    by Marvin Jones


    Leonard would be my ideal pick, everywhere you read they say he’s a freak athlete with a mean streak and a rim protector that just needs to mature, just what the Pistons need. I suspect he might be moving up on draft boards as his workouts continue. Either way we need a center so him or Zeller would be better than Henson. Just think, with a true center when we play the Bulls, Monroe will be checked by Boozer instead of Noah, or with Indiana he will be guarded by West instead of Hibbert and on and on, he will  see less length and would be able to use his size advantage in the post to score more easily.  It just seems to me that a true center solves more issues than just a shot blocking PF.

    • May 31, 20121:09 pm
      by Jeremy


      Monroe would more than likely be guarded by the opposing team’s best defending big irregardless of their position. Why would Chicago put Boozer on Monroe when Noah is the far superior defender? Teams often do this, especially when you can have your far superior offensive player – Boozer in this case – conserve energy while on the defensive side guarding the opposing team’s weaker offensive big and use their conserved energy putting the ball in the basket on the offensive side.  

      • May 31, 20122:42 pm
        by Marvin Jones


        That would be fine, then you put Leonard in the post and have a little high low action, either way Boozer would be guarding a taller and more mobile player. Now Leonard might not be strong enough to fully take advantage of it but I would go to that match up since Boozer is no great defender. Either way it’s a win-win for the Pistons.

    • May 31, 20126:15 pm
      by Dharve


      Did you just call Meyers Leonard a freak athlete?

      • Jun 1, 201211:24 am
        by Marvin Jones


        That’s what the mock draft people have been saying, go check some of them out

  • May 31, 20121:58 pm
    by Vic


    Does anyone think that Houston will trade 14 and 16 for nine?

    That way we can get Hensen and Leonard or Henson and Harkless or Leonard and Ross.

    Or Leonard and royce white

  • May 31, 20124:26 pm
    by markbutter


    I am a bit confused.  Davis is an extraodinary athlete and looks to have broad shoulders to add weight.  While Henson is called skinny, both guys are ~6’11″ and listed at 220 (as per the “Henson would be fine with me at #9 link above).

    It has Sacramento taking Drummond.  That gives them Cousins, Thompson (RFA I believe), Hassan Whitside, Chuck Hayes with a little Tyler Honeycutt thrown in.  Not enough time for anyone of those guys to get some real burn.  Perhaps they don’t resign Thompson.

  • May 31, 20125:31 pm
    by sebastian


    Joe better not draft Henson, Zeller either!!!

  • May 31, 20125:43 pm
    by Coach_Ackley


    I still say draft Leonard… I’d teade the 9th pick of the Rockets 14th and 16th picks in a heart beat and grab Leonard at 14 and then BPA at 16……..

  • May 31, 20126:29 pm
    by MrBlockedShot


    Weren’t we going to get a big? Picking Henson doesn’t make much sense then…Please pick Zeller or Leonard, no question. I think we’ll get a good player as well with our second rounder. Most likely a SF/PF.Maybe trading down with Houston is a good idea but I can’t see why would they accept, as apart from Davis, Robinson, MKG and maybe Drummond there’s no big star that can contribute right now and make a team much better (keeping in mind we’re talking about NO, TOR, WAS, etc etc)

  • Jun 1, 201212:57 am
    by Jodi Jezz


    We need to draft Drummond!!!

  • Jun 1, 20127:47 am
    by KRIS


    Drummond is most risky pick, as he has not accomplished anything on the college level. Neither team wise, nor individually. I hope he works his way for his own sake, but I also hope his gone by 9. Leonard obviously has no mean streak, while lack of confidence is still big factor for him. He shows some promise though and is tall. Henson suits best skill wise, but is as skinny as it gets. Zeller is most accomplished of those. I wonder where Sullinger goes. So much talk about his limitations, while he was stud on the college level and his footwork and fundamentals are better than much of the NBA big men. Really hard to pick one definitely. I wonder to what extent Pistons front office has its options already prioritized.

    • Jun 1, 201211:30 am
      by Marvin Jones


      Most of the reports on Leonard say he does have a little nasty in him, so how he “obviously” to you have no mean streak must mean you know him personally. Since I don’t I simply pass on what I’ve read about him.

      • Jun 1, 201210:17 pm
        by Chris H


        I think that comes from people with a nasty streak don’t usually seem to have a lack of confidence.  I do think that Leonard is probably the way to go, esp because 7′ and 250+ seem to work fairly well in the NBA.  The biggest thing, aside from some sort of mental checks, I’d really look into is his ability to catch and finish.  We know we have an excellent passer in Monroe (who will eventually develop a nice 15-18 ft jumper and force people to play him close and closeout hard), so having a guy who can catch and finish right away would be nice.

  • Jun 1, 20128:05 am
    by Corey


    Leonard won’t be there at the 14th pick. He’s going to climb for sure. I want Leonard because Henson will be good enough to help vs average teams, but always get pushed around by quality size. Leonard will take longer to develop but be a better player- able to physically match or dominate anyone in the league. Henson is a ticket to the mediocrity treadmill.

  • Jun 1, 20126:03 pm
    by mike


    I like the idea of trading down to get the rockets 14 and 16 pick. If we do this i bieleve we could get 2 out of these four. zeller, leonard, henson, moultrie. Also if we did that we could try and trade away charlie v to get rid of hes contract. then if the pistons could find a back up shooting guard in the 2nd roud or a free agent they could use the nba amnesty clause on ben gordon to free up alot of cap room.

  • Jun 2, 20122:25 am
    by Will


    Trade #9 to Houston for #14 and #16. We can draft Arnett Moultrie and Moe Harkless then over John Henson.

  • Jun 4, 20121:02 am
    by MrCarter


    I’ve been leaning towards Henson for a couple months now. Perfect fit for us!!

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