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Isiah Thomas would like to work in basketball again

ESPN Chicago’s Scott Powers recently caught up with Zeke:

“I definitely want to be in basketball again whether it be coaching or as a general manager,” Thomas said by phone. “My gift is basketball. I would love working with the kids. If it’s the right college program, I would consider it. If it’s the right GM job or coaching job in the NBA, I would consider it. I love the game. I just want to be in the game.”

This sentiment probably isn’t common outside of Detroit, where Isiah is still pretty universally loved, but I hope he gets another opportunity. A general manager job is probably out of the question — there’s not much defense I can muster for his tenure with the Knicks. But coaching or scouting would be up his alley and, although his record wasn’t good at Florida International, he was highly successful at motivating his players in the classroom. Perhaps he could get a shot at another small college. He’s truly one of the game’s legends and it would be a shame not to have him involved in basketball in some capacity.


  • May 26, 201210:18 am
    by labatts


    That’s great.  Best of luck to him — so long as it is nowhere near here.

  • May 26, 201211:59 am
    by Daye and Knight


    Isiah Thomas wants back in? Don’t we need another back up PG to mentor Knight? Forget coaching go grab a jersey so we can make some noise in the league!

  • May 26, 20122:36 pm
    by Max


    The biggest defense I can make of Thomas’ job as GM in NY is that the newspapers the day he was hired said that he taken up on the worst and most impossible roster situation in the entire league and that it would take him several years just to remove the bad contracts from the team.   Thomas traded nearly everyone within one year and did turn them around in the short term with the Marbury trade which people forget went very well for about a year and a half.   Also, the Knicks might have done better than otherwise to stick with what Thomas was building when they fired him since Zach Randolph was very prematurely shipped out of town for nearly nothing and the Knicks didn’t get anything but cap space for David Lee and Jamal Crawford either.  So far, the Carmelo Knicks haven’t done well enough to justify the change in direction and trading Randoph since, in my belief, they would have made the playoffs sooner with Randolph.

  • May 27, 20127:56 pm
    by TheDude


    He suffered a bad rep for his coaching even tho his 3 years in Indiana were great, u all know the story. Bird came in and fired him. (I say jealousy?) I wouldn’t mind Isaiah being involved in our team, he actually has a very good eye for talent.

  • May 28, 20124:06 am
    by Max


    Exactly, Isiah always gets a bad rap.   I wouldn’t mind the Pistons hiring him at all.  Actually, I’d fucking love it.

  • May 28, 201210:17 am
    by C-Foe


    @Max, @Dude – It would be nice for him to come back home.  If it’s no more than a special assistant on the coaching staff to help mentor Knight I think that would be great.
    I remember reading Dan’s blog on Isiah and the FIU graduation rate a while back and it was really good.  The minute Isiah does something bad, the media and the internet are all over it like ants but when he does something good you rarely hear about it.

    • May 28, 20125:58 pm
      by Max


      The Pistons should wrap their arms around him where he can stand on the floor with pride and Detroit can thumb their nose at anyone who thinks there is anything wrong with Isiah.  Davidson obviously had some grudge but Gores is the owner now.

      • May 28, 20128:28 pm
        by C-Foe


        Well said, Max. Well said.

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