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I think fans will approve of Austin Daye’s latest workout partner choice

Say what you will about Austin Daye‘s disappointing on-court performance since he became a Piston, the man knows how to win the offseason. After spending last summer working with Kevin Durant, check out this tweet Daye sent earlier today:

Just had a crazy lift wit @claymatthews52 that dudes inhuman in the weight room SMH

Matthews, if you don’t follow the NFL, is the beastly linebacker for the Green Bay Packers. Matthews later replied to Daye:

Same time tomorrow.

OK, so the working with Durant thing didn’t translate to a good season for Daye. But I don’t think anyone would object to Daye routinely lifting weights with this dude.


  • May 24, 20124:52 pm
    by sebastian


    Great! Austin Daye will transform into a 6’11″ linebacker.

  • May 24, 20127:22 pm
    by gmehl


    Hopefully Daye got some steroids off of Clay. He could get away with taking some because surely the NBA wouldn’t waste its money testing him. Curiously asking does anyone know if Daye has got a thyroid disorder?? For those of you that don’t know your thyroid controls your metabolism and the rate at which your body produces and uses energy. The thyroid produces hormones which does two important things:

    Helps the necessary enzymes and electrolytes pass into the cell
    Helps the actual processes of energy production in the mitochondria.

    If you have a thyroid disorder your thyroid can become either over-active or under-active. By memory if it is under-active you can become overweight but if is is over-active you lose weight easily. There is medication to control this disorder so if he suffered from it then i am sure he would be taking it…you would assume.

    • May 24, 201210:53 pm
      by tarsier


      Seriously? You’re rooting for Daye to cheat? Or are you joking again? It is always hard to tell through text only.

      • May 24, 201211:23 pm
        by gmehl


        tasier yeah of coarse i was joking :-)

  • May 24, 20128:15 pm
    by Mark


    Damn Daye is friends with everybody.

  • May 25, 20126:07 am
    by vic


    looks like Clay was physically a late bloomer too. hopefully daye is the same way

  • May 25, 201210:51 am
    by Marvin Jones


    I,m just glad to see that he’s lifting, hopefully he continues through out the summer and comes to camp with a brand new body.

  • May 25, 20123:40 pm
    by Gurman


    Man if Daye can come back next season which more muscle and do what he did during his rookie season he could be the missing piece.

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