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Greg Monroe left off USA Select team

Greg Monroe went from being under consideration for the U.S. Olympic men’s basketball team to not even making the USA Select team, according to Matt Steinmetz of CSN Bay Area.

DeMarcus Cousins, DeJuan Blair, Taj Gibson and Derrick Favors were the interior bigs who made the select team. In many ways, Monroe compares favorably to those four, but the USA Select team’s primary goal is to prepare the Olympic team. Who knows whether – because of their style and/or ability to imitate potential opponents – those four made the team even if Jerry Colangelo believes Monroe is better?

For that matter, who knows whether Monroe was invited an declined?

I would’ve like to see Monroe make the team, but without more information, it’s difficult to summon any outrage and cry snub.


  • May 14, 201211:15 pm
    by Max


    I’d rather him not make the team so he can concentrate on being a Piston, NBA style basketball and, perhaps, have a chip on his shoulder in general and against the players who do make the team in particular.

  • May 15, 20121:02 am
    by Daye and Knight


    I can see Cousins and maybe Favors (just off of potential) making it over Monroe but Taj Gibson and DeJuan Blair?? Monroe more than likely turned team USA down there’s just no other way anyone with common sense would pick either Blair or Gibson over him.

  • May 15, 20127:44 am
    by Steve K


    I like DeJuan Blair and Taj Gibson, but neither are the caliber of Monroe. And Favors is still just potential. This is pretty bizarre, unless Monroe opted out.

    Still, Max is right. Let Monroe concentrate on playing for the Pistons. We know what Monroe is capable of… and eventually the rest of the league will too.

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