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Alonzo Gee interests Pistons

John Telich of Fox 8 Cleveland:

Heard of at least three teams interested in Alonzo Gee of #Cavs Phoenix, Minnesota, and Detroit. He is a RFA in 2012

You might remember Gee from such posts as “Pistons can’t keep Alonzo Gee off the offensive glass in loss to Cleveland.” He’s a nice young player, and although small forward isn’t the Pistons’ greatest need, he’d be a fine addition at the right price.

Brendan Bowers of Stepien Rules:

Heard Phoenix Suns are looking to offer RFA Alonzo Gee a multi-year deal in $4 million per season range & are in lead for his services #Cavs

That should be more than the Pistons are willing to spend for Gee when they have more pressing big-man needs. “Interested in” is a low bar, and Detroit is probably interested in hundreds of players. I like Gee, but if I were the Pistons, I wouldn’t best that offer.


  • May 14, 20121:20 pm
    by Daye and Knight


    I wouldn’t mind Gee, he would be an upgrade over Prince and is young. He’s good at getting rebounds too, something we need help in. For the right price, I could see him as our SF. Him, Knight, Monroe and Stuckey would be a nice young core along with our future draft picks

  • May 14, 20122:05 pm
    by MrBlockedShot


    I think we will have to address more important issues than having to bet for a small forward. I liked Gee the past games against the Pistons. He was so active and was a pain in the zone for us, but not a good idea to waste our limited resources on him. Maybe once we are done with draft and trades there’s something to put on the table for him but I think draft is so deep this year we can find somebody interesting in that possition, not to mention we already have Prince/Jerebko and likely Singler to play that spot.
    Only 16 days more for the lottery day…

  • May 14, 20126:31 pm
    by Tiko


    Im glad we’re interested in other teams scrubs

  • May 14, 201210:30 pm
    by frankie d


    pure insanity.
    the same thing that has been going on for the last 5 years or so.
    overcrowding the 2 and 3 position and somehow, someway ignoring the positions of need.
    if anyone needs any proof that joe d has lost his mind, the indication that he’s looking at free agent SFs is sign enough that he’s lost it.
    wow.  incredibly crazy.  tay…daye…jj…singler…stuckey, at times…
    and he is trying to bring in another guy?
    i actually like gee, though he is nothing special.  but the idea of bringing him in under the circumstances that exist today is just freakin crazy.

    • May 16, 201212:48 pm
      by apa8ren9


      I agree with you on that Frankie, the only way you even think about this is if you already have another move ready to go as soon as you get Gee.  If not this is not a move that improves your team.  And I like Gee as well for the right price.

  • May 14, 201211:21 pm
    by Max


    Why does everyone act like the Pistons have the worst payroll in the league or something?   Almost every team in the league have players they pay more than the Pistons do and the Pistons can still amnesty one player.   Further, their emerging young core and best three players in  Monroe. Knight and Stuckey make absurdly less than most team’s top three players.   Look at their whole starting lineup of Knight, Stuckey, Prince, Maxiell and Monroe and find me the starting lineups that cost less.  Some individual players on other teams cost more than that lineup collectively.

    • May 15, 20126:13 am
      by MrHappyMushroom


      C’mon, man.  The problem ain’t the starting five in terms of payroll.  The issue is the $25 million or so they’re paying to CV, Gordon, and Rip next year.
      The Pistons’ starting five may not be all that pricey. But it’s also not all that good.  Monroe could settle in as a top five at his position, or close to there.  Stuckey is a useful player, but viciously inconsistent and very injury prone.  Top ten to fifteen.  Max and Prince are bottom half 3s and 4s.  And Knight could be good, but currently isn’t great and could go either way.
      Barring some major changes, I see 35-47 for 2012-2013.

      • May 15, 20123:02 pm
        by Max


        Sure, but can they use their exception which is all I’ve ever want them to do anyway in terms of a signing.   They need to replace Maxiell in the starting five but they aren’t more than the right big away from being very good.

        • May 15, 20125:34 pm
          by tarsier


          Either the right big is Dwight Howard or very good is 46-36 with at best a shot at making the second round.

          Well, one of those two or you are just wrong.

  • May 14, 201211:41 pm
    by Max


    Personally, I’d like to see the Pistons draft a big in the first round, sign a big with the exception and draft a swing forward/guard in the second round.   That could be enough to get them back to the playoffs.

  • May 14, 201211:43 pm
    by Max


    And if the right player is available, they could amnesty Gordon or Chalie V instead of using the exception.

    • May 14, 201211:50 pm
      by frankie d


      it is abou5 priorities.

    • May 15, 20125:46 pm
      by tarsier


      absolutely, but I have no idea who that right guy would be. also, it would probably necessitate another move beyond just an amnesty (like trading prince for cap space).

  • May 14, 201211:51 pm
    by frankie d


    about…it should read…

  • May 15, 201212:10 am
    by Max


    Well, I wouldn’t want to add Gee either unless they go big, big in the draft and split the exception with Gee and another player or amnesty Charlie V or Gordon so that Gee is just one of a few they are signing.

  • May 15, 20129:38 am
    by Scott Free


    Maybe Dumars is looking for a Tayshaun replacement in case he trades his starting SF?

  • May 15, 20123:13 pm
    by Horace Bowers


    If Gee was MJ would people think but we need a bigger/taller man on the court.  Probably they would.

  • May 15, 20123:58 pm
    by Vin Santoro


    The Pistons Need Someone To Consistently Put The Ball In The Back Of The Net! And I’m Not Sure About Knight Long Term.Personally I Think The Pistons Should Have Taken Kemba..But Thats Water Under The Bridge.Gordon Can Score..He Needs To Stay Healthy!
    TheyAlso Need A Consistent Scorer At The 3 And A True 5 .Slide Monroe To The 4..Stuckey/Gordon/Knight At Guards SlotsFor Now.Bring Prince/Jerebko Off The Bench.Dump CV .
    I Hear Sullinger Could Come. I’m Ok With Him As Monroe Can StAy@5. Can They PRy Away Gerald Wallace Or Stephen Jackson? This Team Needs Help..And A Bad Boys Attitude On D As Well

    • May 15, 20125:49 pm
      by tarsier


      The back of the net? Which sport do you think the Pistons play? Hockey (no, wait, you did say ball)? Soccer? Handball? Lacrosse? I’m running out of ideas for sports for which that term makes any sense.

      • May 16, 20122:04 am
        by MeowMix


        put the ball in the back of the net = consistently score. It’s easy to understand, really. you just need to use a tiny bit of your brain to understand stuff.

  • May 16, 20128:29 pm
    by John


    That or we can follow the U of M 3 guard format, and pass the ball. 
    Starting 5: Knight, Stuckey, Gordon,Monroe, Greg Oden or Knight,Stuckey, Barnes or Prince,Monroe or Davis, or Robinson, Drummond or Oden

  • May 17, 201210:12 am
    by B


    honestly i would love to go 3 guard but we cant match up with teams like the heat or anybody else with a big SF

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