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Tom Gores wants to see the Pistons in the playoffs next season, but he’s not making threats

Dave Pemberton of The Oakland Press:

Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores is pleased with the progress the team has made during his first year as owner. But he also made it clear the expectations raise next season. “We better make the playoffs. That’s realistic,” Gores said of next season.

Now, Pemberton did offer a caveat, that Gores did not appear to be saying that in a threatening manner. Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News tweeted those same sentiments. Gores just feels like the next logical step for this team, after finishing 21-21 over their last 42 games and probably adding at least a rotation player in the draft, is the playoffs.

I concur with those sentiments whether they were threatening or not. My personal belief, which I’ve stated previously on this site, is the Pistons (along with the Celtics, Lakers, Spurs and Bulls) have established themselves as one of the league’s five flagship franchises in the modern era. By the standards that those five teams have set, it’s unacceptable to go more than three consecutive seasons without making the playoffs. This was the Pistons’ third straight playoff-less season. Next season, it’s time to get back, simple as that.


  • Apr 27, 201211:42 am
    by brgulker


    The potential loss of Max and Big Ben is simply not being considered enough by the organization. Those guys have been huge for Detroit this year. I don’t think you can count on a lottery pick at #9 being able to replace both of those guys on his own. Of course, maybe we get a lucky bounce. 

    If Max stays, and we add another key piece via free agency as well, then the Playoffs might be possible.

    But then there’s the issue of roster spots to consider as well. We can only add as many guys as we can add, and unless Gores is willing to bite the bullet on a buyout/amnesty to make room for a new piece, we might be basically standing pat.

    I like where Gores’ head’s at, but there’s still a long way between A and B, IMHO.

    • Apr 27, 201212:25 pm
      by Reaction


      Agreed… also I don’t think that the Pistons are anywhere near a playoff team caliber (at least one that won’t consistently get knocked out in the first round). I haven’t missed many games this year and from what I have seen they seem to be beating either teams that are tanking or teams that have one of their best players injured

  • Apr 27, 20125:29 pm
    by frankie d


    the owner is clearly stating that he believes that the current roster is good enough to get into the playoffs.
    i agree with him.
    if the coach had not become so caught up in the weird habit of burying players – CV, daye, macklin, bynum – and had instead tried to find a system, or systems that could use the talents of those players, the team could have been much better.  this is a team, after all, that was horrible offensively, and all of those occupants of frank’s doghouse have shown an ability to contribute offensively.
    it is the coach’s job to find a way to exploit the talent of his players, while minimizing their weaknesses.
    frank did not do that with those players.
    instead, he simply buried them and the team, imho, suffered for it.
    gores is clearly telling frank that he expects him to take the talent on the team, as it is constituted now, and get it into the playoffs.
    good for him.

  • Apr 28, 20125:17 am
    by domnick


    the loss of MAX and BIGBEN can be filled up so easily..
    the only problem are the players who have been underperforming…
    AUS Daye, CV and BG…
    if they can be replaced by a player that can help us on Defense and Scoring then we will surely have a chance to make it on the playoffs next season…
    change is necessary! we don’t want to wait and waste more time!

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