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Rodney Stuckey adds Austin Daye to his offseason workout partners

Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

After Monday’s shootaround in Washington, he was lamenting his lockout experience in Russia, where the already-slightly built Daye lost weight during his two-month stint. He told Stuckey he’d lost 10 pounds and just now, he’s getting back to his playing weight of 200.

"After the season, you’re working out with me," Stuckey said. "You’re not going back to California."

Daye was asked if he would take Stuckey up on his offer.

"Yeah, I’m not going to take too much time off," Daye said.

"He’s gonna be all right, he’s going to get his work in this summer. I’m gonna get him right," Stuckey said.

It’s been a pleasure to watch Rodney Stuckey, who’s already made plans to work in the offseason with Brandon Knight, grow as a leader. Honestly, I’ve enjoyed that more than his on-court development, which has been pretty awesome itself.


  • Apr 2, 20129:50 am
    by labatts


    Last year I would have laughed at the suggestion that Stuckey could become a leader.  What a turnaround a year makes.

  • Apr 2, 201210:31 am
    by Reaction


    I think Knight is a big part of the Stuckey development. It’s amazing how 1 guy + a new coach can change an atmosphere in the locker room completely

    • Apr 2, 201212:41 pm
      by vic


      I agree. Knight has really upped the character in the locker room by example. (Not that I’ve ever been in the locker room) 

      just guessing.

  • Apr 2, 201211:22 am
    by domnick


    i hope he does what he says.. and not just in front of the camera or press…. we certainly need Stuckey to grow as a leader and watching him play so well is really what kind of a Leader does!

  • Apr 2, 20121:00 pm
    by rick77


    Im trying to figure out why anyone is amazed? This young man needed direction like a lot of us at that age. He sees the light at the end of the tunnel and before I judge a man I try to look at the situation from a distance before I start calling him out. Its more than just basketball, its about learning how to become a man and a leader of men. The thing about it is you can never judge a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes. I look at him stepping up like its the right time because the team will have faded from the glory days/old regime and he will have established himself after going through what he went through previously and the team will respect him for it. Im not gonna sit and pretend like he is not genuine because things have not been the best but I will consider that he had to learn like everyone else what it takes to be a NBA player. Stuckey knows in order for his team to get better that he needs to step up and take on leadership responsibilities. To me this is the real beginning of the Stuckey era. What happens from here on out remains to be seen but I like that he is headed in the right direction.

    • Apr 2, 20125:29 pm
      by jayg108


      I like how you put it by saying that he’s “a young man needed direction like a lot of us at that age..”  Thanks for reminding me about that.
      Watching the Pistons go from the “Hard at Work” era to this new faze has been a bit painful like pus being squeezed.

      • Apr 2, 20128:19 pm
        by rick77


        Imagine spending a year Behind a top flight point guard only to be thrust into that starting position by game four of the follwoing year behind a rookie coach. Then on top of that go through three coaching changes before realizing your potential.  

  • Apr 2, 20122:14 pm
    by Aruna


    A therapist helped Ron-Ron contribute to a championship team, guided Stuckey from a malcontent to a leader.  Perhaps the Pistons ought to have a team therapist?  Maybe they’d help Daye build some confidence, Gordon be more effective in his limited minutes, get Charlie V to play defense.

    Who knows, maybe all those mental lapses and issues need can’t be addressed on the court, but rather need to be dealt with on a therapist’s couch.

    • Apr 2, 20126:48 pm
      by Guus


      I’m studying psychology: where do I apply for the job? LOL
      That would be awesome! A dream come true..

  • Apr 2, 20122:30 pm
    by Mark


    I’m lovin’ me some Stuckey leadership

  • Apr 2, 20129:42 pm
    by apa8ren9


    I also hope that Stuckey leadership includes a nutritionist and a cook so that Daye can gain at least 15 and start to fill out a bit.  I’ve been very upset with his progress this year and his inability to beat out Wilkens, but  hopefully he can get it together because it will be a contract year for him so time is running out at least in a Pistons Uniform.  He has the talent, we’ve seen it in flashes and he can hit big shots.  Get it done dude.

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