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Lawrence Frank: Vernon Macklin was most committed Piston in only practice since return from D-League

David Mayo of MLive on Vernon Macklin:

He rejoined the Pistons early last week and has participated in one practice, last Tuesday in Orlando.

“You could make a fairly convincing argument he was the best player at practice, as far as his what he put into it, and his commitment to it,” Frank recalled.

I was more excited before I read past the first comma in Lawrence Frank’s quote. Unfortunately, he wasn’t quite saying Macklin was the best player at practice. But the most committed? Hey, I’ll take it, and I’m really looking forward to Macklin getting meaningful minutes tonight.


  • Apr 18, 20121:20 pm
    by labatts


    Dan, I think you are the best writer on Piston Powered, as far as what you put into it.

  • Apr 18, 20122:56 pm
    by Daye and Knight


    I wonder what would happen if Mack tears it up these last 5 games…do we still go after a big knowing that Davis, Thomason and Drummond will be gone by the time we get to them or do we go after a wing player like Jones and PJIII that can play both positions incase Macklin was just a flash in the pan?

    Too early to tell if Macklin will play THAT well to where it becomes a situation but if it did our lineup COULD look like:

    PG Knight
    SG Stuckey
    SF Jones
    PF Macklin
    C Monroe

    And our second unit could be:
    PG Bynum
    SG Gordon
    SF Jerebko
    PF Maxiell
    C (whatever big man we draft in second round after HOPEFULLY trading Tayshaun for a second round pick)

    • Apr 18, 20123:20 pm
      by tarsier


      I’m fairly certain Dumars will stick to the typical plan of drafting whoever he thinks is the best prospect available… even if that player is another guard.

      • Apr 18, 20125:58 pm
        by MNM


        ..and undersized…oh im sorry, I mean a “tweener”.

        • Apr 18, 201210:04 pm
          by tarsier


          I don’t believe Dumars has a particular tendency toward drafting undersized players. Every GM drafts some of them because that is only one factor among many in rating a prospect. But since when is Joe a big tweener guy?

        • Apr 18, 201210:12 pm
          by Patrick Hayes


          Yeah, agree with tarsier here … if by ‘tweener’ you mean guys who don’t have a clear position, then yeah, Dumars has drafted a lot of guys like that. But other than Maxiell, I don’t remember him drafting anyone who was clearly undersized.

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