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Lawrence Frank: Pistons missed playoffs due to lack of defensive commitment

Lawrence Frank, in an interview with Terry Foster of The Detroit News:

Q. But unless you show signs of playing better defense everything else is fake.

A. That is how we are going to get back to being a winning team and a winning organization and a team that can sustain winning is that commitment. To me, because we did not always make that commitment every night, that is one of the reasons why we are not in the playoffs.

Before the season, I hoped Frank could fix the Pistons’ defense in a single year. He didn’t, and not only will getting that done next year be key for Detroit making the playoffs, I think it will largely determine whether Frank is on track to keep or lose his job.


  • Apr 27, 20126:10 pm
    by djunak


    He has a team full of players that are not very good at defense. So how much better did you expect.No real shot blocker in the middle. They drafted a guard instead of K Faried who would have greatly help[ the rebounding and Defense, exactly what they needed.

  • Apr 28, 20127:44 am
    by Max


    I personally wanted them to pick Faried and thought he would be a great player but he wasn’t even really on their radar or considered a serious option by any of the team’s picking in the Pistons’ range.   I don’t know why but it is true.
    I’m not the biggest college fan but I’ve almost never been wrong about a player I saw in college who I thought would be great.   The wrongest I ever was regarded Richard Jefferson who I though had Pippen like potential when I saw him in college.  That said, I rarely have much of an opinion and there is barely 1 player a year who I am sure about but I was convinced about Faried.  This year, I’m only sure about Davis and Robinson.
    This is all a lot to say that Prince was a player I was sure would be good and Kentucky is actually my college team, if I have one, going way back which reminds me that I certainly thought Mashburn would be a bit better than he was in the NBA.  When the Pistons drafted Prince, I probably cheered the most I had ever over any draft pick other than Grant Hill and if anything, Prince hasn’t quite lived up to my expectations even though he is my second favorite player ever behind Lindsey Hunter   I’d round my top ten with 3.  Isiah, 4. Laimbeer, 5. Rodman, 6. Dumars, 7. Ben Wallace 8. Manu Ginobili, 9. Magic Johnson, 10. Patrick Ewing

  • Apr 29, 201211:32 am
    by Daye and Knight


    Lack of defense…lack of offense…better yet Frank stop sugar coating it and just say lack of talent we all know that’s what you meant lol

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