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Kyle Singler reportedly wants to join NBA next season

HoopsHype linked a TuBasket.com article with this translation:

Kyle Singler wants to leave for the NBA next season.


  • Apr 23, 201211:42 am
    by Andrew


    This is exciting news, I hope he comes in and fights for a rotation spot right away. I think if Tayshaun is still around he can learn a lot from him on defense.

  • Apr 23, 201212:07 pm
    by vic


    our logjam at SF just got longer.

    I was hoping to get a defensive SF like Jae Crowder to replace Tayshaun, and move JJ to SF.
    Now Singler complicates things. But at least he can shoot!

    • Apr 23, 20122:41 pm
      by Mark


      Singler is a defensive SF. He was regarded as one of the best defenders in college during his time at duke.

      Glad to hear him coming over. I don’t think it makes any logjam, even with Tay staying. Jerebko playing 1 game at SF doesnt suddenly make him a SF next year.

      IMO, its Tay starting and Singler will come and take Wilkins spot as the main backup SF in the rotation. After 4 yrs at Duke and 1 yr playing professional in one of the best euroleagues, he should definitely be ready to come in and contribute right away.

      I’m looking at a rotation like:

      #1 pick(ie Sullinger)/JJ
      Monroe/MLE signing

  • Apr 23, 201212:33 pm
    by labatts


    Vic, forgive me, but who are we talking about with this logjam.  Tayshaun (you are replacing him? how?), JJ splitting forward spots, and who else?  You can’t possibly be referring to Daye, right?

  • Apr 23, 20121:22 pm
    by MrBlockedShot


    Hope we get rid of Daye and Wilkins, and get something in return, mostly by Daye. Tayshaun would be good for us playing a secondary role and teaching the youngsters, but not taking that many shots on the court. Singler has played many minutes this year and will be ready to fight for a spot in the rotation.

  • Apr 23, 20121:41 pm
    by Corey


    Let’s dream… Maybe in a year we can trade Tay and have JJ and Singler play SF.

  • Apr 23, 20123:16 pm
    by Jeremy


    I actually think this helps the “log jam” at SF – it was the same “log jam” they had at guard this year before drafting BK7 and forced Joe into doing something about the Rip situation. Wilkins’ contract is up in 2 games and Joe has expressed interest in retaining his services, but we heard that before (TMac). So that leaves Daye, Tay and JJ who could play the 3 spot. This should force Joe’s hand into moving Daye and Tay out of town and retaining JJ and Singler. Could probably get a late first round pick for Tay to a playoff team with cap space and a future 2nd for Daye.  

    • Apr 23, 20126:15 pm
      by MrBlockedShot


      Yes, I think you’re right. Two second rounders would be great for us. But I hope Dumars changes his mind about retaining Wilkins…

  • Apr 24, 20127:13 am
    by KaBa


    Let’s not forget that Jerebeko actually NEEDS to play SF rather than PF, but I would still love to see Singler playing for the Pistons.

  • Apr 24, 201210:30 pm
    by Max


    I notice Singler didn’t say he wanted to leave Europe to join the Pistons but rather the NBA.   What is his problem with the team anyway?

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