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Jonas Jerebko will get some rest this summer

Detroit Bad Boys has a translation of a press release from the Swedish Basketball Federation that says Jonas Jerebko will not play in this summer’s European Championship qualifiers. From DBB:

“This hasn’t been easy for me. To tear of my achilles tendon was terrible, and it’s at this point I’m starting to see the result of all the work I’ve put in to come back at 100 percent. I’ve talked this through with the Pistons training and coaching staff as well as GM Joe Dumars. The more we’ve discussed it, the more I’ve realized that I need a thoroughly monitored training program this upcoming summer, something I could not do last summer because of the NBA lockout. This means, sadly, that I won’t be able to do what I normally do in the summertime, including playing for the Swedish national team in the qualifications for the European Championship” [...]

“I wish the team, the players and the coaching staff all the best in the qualifications. I look forward with pride to get the opportunity to play for Sweden again.”

I haven’t heard Jerebko confirm this or be asked about it in American media just yet, but we’ll certainly update if/when he does.


  • Apr 4, 20122:53 pm
    by Max


    Good to see someone showing some dedication to his NBA career with the Pistons.   Singler anyone?

  • Apr 5, 20125:49 am
    by ASwede


    Not a very popular move here in Sweden.
    A loose translation summary of a typical blog on the subject (http://per.cafe.se/svagt-att-tacka-nej/) argues that he does get some 2-3 months of rest anyway as the Pistons will not make the playoffs (or … :-). And he has been playing (very) well on the foot throughout this season, and the injury will be close to a year old at end of eason. So the rehab might be a bit uncalled for.
    Also a few people blaming the Pistons rather than Jonas for not letting him play, but we don’t really know the truth about that.
    Thing is that Sweden does not have that many good basketball players. One only ever in the NBA. He really would make a difference.

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