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Jonas Jerebko has been asking to play small forward

Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

Jerebko, who played at the three spot before arriving in the NBA in 2009, has been asking Frank to use him there as opposed to going against bigger players every night. He feels like he’s quick enough on the perimeter defensively and that it would give the Pistons an advantage on the glass. Jerebko also likes to remind folks he played every perimeter position during his international days, which he did quite well, according to evaluators.

"I think I’m better suited at the three," Jerebko said. "I’ve asked for it, but at the same time it doesn’t really matter. It’s what I’ve done my whole career, where I feel comfortable."

Jonas Jerebko and I agree. To restate my position: Jerebko’s best long-term position is small forward, but on this particular team that lacks quality big men, power forward might be his best position.


  • Apr 18, 20127:07 pm
    by frankie d


    play Jj at the 3?
    are you kidding?
    coach frank has to find some way to get damien wilkins on the court.  jj can’t believe, can he, that he’d be able to take damien wilkins’ minutes?
    how ludicrous of him to imagine that!
    and of course, it’s absolutely insane to have imagined tfrat frank would have found someway to utilize a big guy like CV during the season.  that’s just nuts.  everyone knows that the best way to exploit 7 million dollars worth of talent is to stick him in the doghouse and make sure he never has a chance to show that he might be capable of getting out of the doghouse.
    gotta show those nba players who’s boss…and the only way to do that is to sit their a@@es on the bench and glue them there.
    lacking quality big man?
    why they have so many quality big men in the rotation they don’t even need to see if a guy who looks like he might be able to play a little, can actually play.  their depth is so awesome, they can afford to glue a 6’10″, 240 lb 25 year old rookie to the bench, with no chance to get in the rotation.
    lacking big men?
    they aren’t lacking any big men…
    obviously, they aren’t or else they would have been trying to find solutions that might have been sitting there on their bench, all season long.

    • Apr 18, 201210:00 pm
      by tarsier


      CV is 7 million dollars worth of talent? Are you really trying to suggest that he is worth his contract?

  • Apr 18, 20127:24 pm
    by frankie d


    let’s review…
    one of your core young players wants to play what many believe to be his natural position.
    but instead of allowing him to play that position, if only on a part time basis, so that you can see how he does, the coach decides to give those minutes to a scrub player who is lucky to be in the league.
    and folks wonder why i say these guys have no clue.
    absolutely clueless!

    • Apr 19, 20127:11 pm
      by Desolation Row


      What. The. Fuck. What exactly do we stand to lose by playing JJ at the 3? Games? Yes, it may be too late to do better by losing more, but it doesn’t matter if we win or lose at this point so why not play him at the 3?

      I agree with Frankie D: These guys are morons.

  • Apr 18, 20128:22 pm
    by d junak


    You guys are nuts D Wilkins is an all star sf and Jonas Is a washed up second year player with his best days behind him.  After all D Wilkins has done so much. I bet we could LeBron for D Wilkins in  a trade well if Miami wants to give up a first round….

  • Apr 18, 201210:04 pm
    by moe


    your an idiot d wilkins is far from an all star

  • Apr 19, 20124:10 am
    by domnick


    i am really happy about Swede being assigned at 3 spot… and i have been into it on the previous post that made him play 4…
    he really fits at 3 spot… as long as he gets better with the ball then he will fit on that spot

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